Christmas Morning Routine!

Everybody does Christmas Morning a little bit differently so I thought I’d talk through what my family and I do on Christmas Morning.

First, of course, you have to wake up but I always have a glimpse of my presents that ‘Father Christmas’ left in a sack bedside my bed. I’ll then get out and feel the ones on top, trying to guess what they might be.IMG_3246

Usually, I creep downstairs with my sister and we check the fireplace to see if Father Christmas has eaten his snack (whatever we baked him on Christmas Eve). Rudolph always nibbles his carrot too.😉img_4085-1

Mum and Dad like a bit more sleep (no 5am starts) so I’ll put the kettle on and my sister and I will exchange presents.IMG_3249

Taking up their tea, we go to my Mum and Dad’s room with our stockings and pile onto their bed to open them, the cats usually come on too to be nosy and see what’s happening. We like to all be together to open presents and we have a fancy tin of Christmas biscuits too.img_8919

Last year, we got dressed in our new Christmas clothes after doing our stockings because Christmas was at our house and it made preparing easier but sometimes we just stay in our pjs for a bit. Then we take our sack of main presents downstairs. We take a few pictures with the tree behind and us with our sacks. Then we get opening! It’s so much fun and we make a bit of a mess with the wrapping paper, but that’s all part of it.

img_4087-1img_4095That’s my Christmas Morning Routine and this is the last proper blogmas so I hope you enjoyed – I will still post a quick blogmas tomorrow to end properly. Also, what’s the first thing you do on Christmas morning? Like, comment and follow,

Love Jasmine xx
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