Annual Christmas Shop! Follow me around!

It’s become a tradition that my Mum and I go on a huge shopping trip to Bluewater on the first Saturday in December. We spend the whole day there and get seriously down to business.  It’s so much fun and I thought I could talk you through bits of the day.img_3472

We always set off really early so we can be there when the shops are just opening. This means it’s much less busy.img_3473

Marks and Spencers have a huge store there where my mum always finds loads of gifts for people and we always start by going to M&S first. As the bags are usually quite heavy after, we drop them off at the car before carrying on shopping.img_3498

A pit stop is always made at Crispy Kreme. Crispy Kreme is my absolutely fave brand of doughnuts – I can’t get enough of them! We always get way too many doughnuts because we can’t resist the getting the Christmas box and they have great offers the more you buy!img_3381

I loved looking in all the cute shops like Boux Avenue, Skinny Dip and Victoria’s Secret because they were all so pink and pretty. I was really excited to see there was a Missguided shop and I ended up buying my Christmas day dress in there.img_3368img_3370img_3374

We went to shops that my mum liked like White Stuff. I love the gorgeous stairs leading up the middle of the shop and I always get a picture.img_3506

I also went into Boots and bought some products but I’m going to be posting my haul tomorrow so you can find out what I got if you keep updated. The makeup in House of Fraser was beautiful and I fell in love with all the Charlotte Tilbury products.img_3510

My Outfit-

I thought I could share my outfit and what I would wear going for a long shop. I decided on this comfy jersey dress from ‘Boohoo’. This was still stylish but I was comfortable throughout the whole day. I paired it with a leather jacket with fur around the collar from ‘New Look’ and some knee-high black suede boots. I also took my ‘Ness’ bag as I can fit lots in it.img_3492img_3488

This blog post felt a bit all over the place but I hope you enjoyed anyway. Remember to like, follow and share,

Love Jasmine xx

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