A Relaxing, Festive Bath!

During the Christmas period, you really have to cosy up sometimes and pamper yourself a little. I like to have a hot bubble bath and feel super festive.img_3521

Candles around the bath really set the mood with the orange glow and flickering. I like to place these around the bathroom and bath.IMG_2363

Add some really bubbly bubble bath while it’s running because who doesn’t love a bath with bubbles? For a sweet-smelling bath, I love to add some of the Lush snow fairy shower gel.IMG_2357

I would definitely recommend a trip to Lush where you’ll find some amazing festive products. Grab yourself a bath bomb which will make your bath the most amazing scent! My favourites are the Candy Mountain and The Magic of Christmas for a festive bath.img_3496img_3498-1

You could do a quick face mask while in the tub which I like to do sometimes and it’s much easier because you worry less about making a mess.IMG_2369

I like to put Netflix on and watch a movie. You could watch something Christmassy or just a series you’re currently loving.

I hope you try this and have a really lovely bath. Like and Follow x

Love Jasmine xx

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