Christmas Fireplace Tour!

Every year we decorate our fireplace to make our living room feel really festive. I thought I would share it with you for some inspiration.IMG_2562.jpg

The first thing you see are the garlands along the top. There are actually two, one is quite realistic looking and the other has gold-edged holly and decorations on it. The green and red theme is really festive and goes really well with the other decorations.IMG_2539IMG_2540

I love the bunting my mum puts on the fireplace. It almost looks as if could be homemade but was a Next find a few years ago. The bright red lettering just looks so classic.IMG_2561

There are four long red candles in pretty candle holders. They look very perfectly even on each side and give the mantelpiece some height.IMG_2547.jpg

We always put out these novelty Santa candles around our glass clock which we keep on the fireplace all year round. We also have a little ceramic house that you can put a candle in and light up.IMG_2546.jpgIMG_2543.jpg

Along the bottom of the fireplace, we have some candles. I love the Candycane Lane one and the Peppermint Martini one because they remind me of Christmas. There is also a little candle dish from CathKidston and a Tealight holder from Disneyland Paris.IMG_2550IMG_2553

That’s the end of this blogmas for today but tomorrow I’m posting my Calendar Weekly Round-Up so keep an eye out. Remember to like and follow,

Love Jasmine xx

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