Wrapping Tips!

Wrapping can be a bit tricky but hopefully, some of these tips will make it slightly easier this year.

One of my personal favourite things to do to make my presents look neat, mysterious and easy to wrap is putting the gifts in a box. It’s much harder to guess presents in a box and it’s an even object that looks nice under your tree.  Cubes and cuboids are the easiest shapes to wrap.IMG_2637

Choose the correct size of paper for your gift – this avoids chunky edges or corners where you have too much excess paper to fold in.IMG_2663

Smooth your fingers along the edges and folds of the paper on hard-edged gifts to make a crisp, clean line.IMG_2648

Don’t use too much sellotape to keep the gifts looking tidy. If you really want a great finish, consider double-sided tape for a hidden seal.IMG_2649

If you have lots of presents to wrap and label consider buying sticker style stick on gift tags – these are tidy and easy to use.IMG_2643

If you are wrapping a larger item and realise you are running low on wrapping paper – try folding opposite diagonal corners, this often covers more of the present than folding edge to edge.IMG_2674

These are some of my handy tips so I hope this makes it easier. Don’t forget to follow and Like,

Love Jasmine xx

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