DIY: Painted Pumpkin!

I don’t know if this is a bit silly because painting a pumpkin seems like quite an easy thing to do but I thought I’d share some tips or whatever. I had so much fun painting my little pumpkin and it turned out so cute! It’s way easier than carving it all out and it looks just as adorable.img_1634

You must remember a base coat (preferably white). This will make the colour you’re painting your pumpkin stand out better rather than not being opaque enough. I found some little tester pots of paints at Wilkinson’s. They were £1 each and there’s more than enough paint so we still have some leftover. I bought 3 colours which were a pastel pink, blue and obviously the base colour, white.img_2153

You have to be really patient while letting each layer dry. The paint doesn’t take too long to dry unless you’ve used a thick layer of it. Don’t try and paint on top of a wet layer – It’s headed for disaster. I painted mine all pink then once that had dried I painted ‘Boo!’ on the front to give it a better Halloween vibe.img_1583

The bottom of it will take ages to dry if you don’t find a way of propping the pumpkin on its side or any way that the bottom isn’t touching a surface. Once I had mine propped I fully painted the painted the underneath pink too, however you need to do this as long as you can’t see any pumpkin when it’s standing.img_1580

If you want ideas on colours, phrases, patterns etc. have a look on Pinterest and Instagram – that’s where I got the idea to do this from! Please give a like if you enjoyed x And follow…

Love Jasmine xx



Autumn Look Book!

I’ve had a couple of outfits this autumn that I’m completely obsessed with. AAnd basically this blog post is to share them with you, let’s go…

You may have seen this in my birthday haul but I’m in love with this blouse from ‘Lipsy’. It ties beautifully at the neck and has lovely frills on it. It’s quite sheer but once it’s on you can’t tell. I like to pair it with these bright blue jeans from ‘Next’. And my lovely nude/pink boots.

To carry on with the frill trend, I’ve been obsessed with this jumper from ‘Next’. It almost has an American Christmas vibe about it. I like its red piped edges and detail along the front. I wear it tucked into some dark blue jeans that have a lace-up detail at the side. from ‘Next’. And once again I pair this with my pink boots.

This is another ‘Lipsy’ blouse that I love. It feels really autumnal with its orange floral print. The sleeves are slightly puffy and it has a lovely high neck. I also put this blouse with my dark blue Next jeans with the lace up detail. To dress this up a bit I wore some heels from ‘New Look‘. They’re a burgundy velvet material which matches the autumn theme. I also paired it with A floral bag from ‘New Look’.

If you want to keep updated with my autumn look follow my Instagram xx I hope this inspires you to create a few new looks. Don’t forget to like (and follow).

Love Jasmine xx



September Favourites!

One of my favourite months of the year is over but autumn is here and I can’t wait for the huge piles of many coloured leaves and plenty of movie nights! Anyway, onto my September favourites… (some of these items may be things that I got for my birthday but I have used them so much already, so I’ve included them).
I have had many compliments on my new ‘Rosie for Autograph’ Lipstick in the shade Silk Cami. It’s the perfect slightly darker shade for autumn/winter.IMG_1449
I’ve dug this product out that used to be a bit harsh on my skin – It’s the ‘Witch Daily Primer & Clearing Serum’ I use this before putting on my makeup and it can treat my problem areas throughout the day. Now my skin is a little more prone to teen breakouts this product keeps it fresh.IMG_1459
I love my new unicorn brushes so much! I almost didn’t want to use them and get them spoiled but I couldn’t hold myself back and they’re so lovely and soft. IMG_1444
I always like to have a certain cup I take to bed and have around at home and now it’s my ‘Prosecco Princess’ cup. I just think it’s sooo pretty! IMG_1443

I’ve been craving Pop Tarts for a while and now I’ve got some! I wouldn’t recommend having these too often (they are so sugary!) but I’ve had a sneaky one for breakfast every now and then. These s’more ones taste delicious!😋IMG_1451

This felt like a short favourites blog post but I hope you still enjoyed reading. Also, who else likes Pop Tarts? I know it’s a random question but I’d still love to know!

Love Jasmine xx

What I Got For My Birthdayyyy!

A quick disclaimer: I am so very grateful for everything I received and I know how incredibly lucky I am. I personally just love watching and reading these type videos and blog posts and have always wanted to do one myself as seems like fun. I’m just skimming through and only including some things as I don’t want this to become boring, but I wanted to share a few of the gifts I am enjoying using.IMG_1457


I was so overjoyed to get three ‘Pandora’ things! I’ve been after the perfume charm and the cascading glamour spacer that I thought went so well together and I got them! Yay 🙂 My mum also got me a little surprise which was a gorgeous flower ring – It’s so sparkly!  Another surprise was my ‘Warren James’  silver pendant necklace. My mum noticed I needed a simple but pretty necklace and she found the perfect one!



I’m completely in love with my super soft dressing gown. I love the slogan on it: “I need room service please” It’s so pretty! Another fave is my ‘Lipsy’ blouse – It’s frilly and light and I see myself wearing this all the time. I also got a beautiful frilly, knit jumper and some comfy jeans. From Boux Avenue I received a brilliant pink jumper to lounge about in and some really plush pjs. My nan found me the perfect autumn pink boots and a very pretty scarf!  Lastly, I got some Jack Wills socks – this purchase may have been more to get the lovely bag they came packaged in!


I thought I’d lost my fave felt pen eyeliner so I put eyeliner on my birthday list. Long story short I found my eyeliner but still received some stunning eyeliners, one being the ‘Elf’ liner and the ‘Revolution’ Dual Eyeliner. My sister got me the ‘Revolution’ unicorn highlighter and it’s so stunning. I was also thrilled to get the ‘Rosie for Autograph’ Lipstick. It’s such a lush shade (silk cami) and suits me so well.IMG_1427

Homey/random stuff-

My sister treated me to this gold, white and grey swirly patterned pillow and I think it will look so pretty on some crisp white sheets. She also got me the cutest notebook.  For displaying my polaroids, I got this adorable frame to hang a few favourites in. Also the day before my birthday we went to the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells where my mum bought me a lovely olive colour, waffle blanket. My aunt gave me a stunning rose gold speaker that I have literally used all the time since I’ve had it.IMG_1438

From Friends:

I’m am lucky enough to have some amazing friends who also gave me lovely gifts.

My bestie boo, Eleni found me some marvellous new brushes. They’re unicorn brushes! She also got me a little album made for polaroids and it is so cute. I can’t wait to get into the new book she got me too called ‘Finding Audury’ by Sophie Kinsella.IMG_1368

My lovely friend Elise got me this chic cup and I adore it! (by the way, I don’t actually drink prosecco – I hate the taste of alcohol) She also got me this stunning nightgown that matches both the cup and my new dressing gown perfectly! Lastly, she got me a cute crop top and little cat figure she found whilst on holiday in Spain.

Another gorgeous friend also called Jasmine, got me some peg string lights. I think these will look especially good at Christmas with fave pics and cards displayed on them! I love a relaxing bath and Jasmine also got me some luscious bath salts. To keep my hands looking lovely, she got me a hand cream that smells scrumptious.IMG_1356

Lots of my friends at school also spoilt me with sweets and chocolate gifts but I’ve pretty much eaten it all so no pictures 😉

There are a few other lovely things that I’ve missed out but I didn’t want to make a list that might be boring to my readers! I really wasn’t trying to show off in any way, but hope this could be good inspiration for choosing teenage girl gifts. I LOVE everything I got soooo much!

Love Jasmine xx


Autumn Skincare Switch-Up!

Now we’ve stepped into autumn I’ve naturally got into a new skincare routine. My skin often gets a bit worse, as in prone to breakouts, or dry patches when it starts to get colder so I’m using more products than I usually do in summer.

It’s always best to start fresh. I wash off any make-up and cleanse my face with face wash. Personally, I love the Neutrogena Visibly Clear‘ face wash which helps with spots and blackheads. This face wash has really helped keep my skin breakouts under control.

If there’s any kind of leftover makeup like liquid liner that won’t come off with my face wash, I use some makeup remover and currently I’m pleased with the Garnier Micellar Water’.IMG_0661

A couple of times a week, I use ‘Liquid Gold’ which helps with blackheads, blemishes and really helps revitalize your skin overnight.IMG_1303

As a kind of base, I apply the ‘Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser‘  This doesn’t irritate your skin and It keeps you hydrated. It’s also very non-oily and leaves you with a matte finish.IMG_7414

My favourite product Is the Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream. I absolutely love this! I wake up with much clearer and brighter looking skin. You can see a big difference after you use it.

IMG_1273Under my eyes, I use Clinique All About Eyes cream. It has more of a serum consistency and is quite thick.  I feel like it brightens up under your eyes on those long autumn days.IMG_1279

To finish up, I apply my ‘Witch Blemish Stick‘ if I have any breakouts or blemishes.

Has Your skincare routine changed much? I’d love to know! Hope you enjoyed,

Love Jasmine xx

Camping Essentials!

Recently, I have been on a lovely weekend away to Warminster (Botany Glamping). It was gorgeous and we stayed in the most instagrammable tent ever! Whilst this was more glamping, we still had NO electricity and NO wifi! You’re probably wondering how I coped and the answer is……….. in the blog post, so keep reading 😉

First and foremost, portable chargers! We actually were fine without electricity and lasted on a few battery packs. My mum borrowed her friends big, hardcore one that can be recharged with solar power and it can plug in two phones at once. This charger was brilliant and never ran out!img_1182img_1049-1

To answer how I coped with no wifi, I lived off of mobile data for the time I was there and that was pretty much it. Added to the fact I was busy doing, and not really having screen time it all worked out.


(Me enjoying myself at the zoo and putting down the phone for a while)

If you’re planning on going on a camping a camping trip during the colder weather I would seriously recommend blankets. Luckily for us, the camping site provided us with some but without them, I think I might have completely frozen! My thermal sleeping bag liner was a blessing too – nice and snuggly.img_1156

The shower wasn’t great and kept turning off after every 5 seconds so we didn’t bother trying to wash our hair. I wash mine about every three days anyway so it wasn’t that bad but to keep your hair in check I would suggest the ‘Aussie Wash+Blow in a can’. It’s alcohol rather than starch-based dry shampoo so no white bits left in your hair. It smelt good too.img_1181

I personally found that a pack of cleansing wipes was handy to have around. I could take off my makeup with them and use them if I had sticky hands or spilled anything. They were the perfect item to keep things clean and tidy in the tent.img_1177

Waterproof bags are handy in a tent in the cold weather because everything tends to get damp. However, if I left my things in a sealed bag I was able to protect my belongings from getting too dewey.  (By waterproof bag I don’t mean some plain, uninviting plastic item, by all means, go all out with patterns and prettiness; just having a plastic material that covers it is perfect.)img_1201img_1207

Cute camping mugs and marshmallows! You have to brighten up your camping trip with some adorable mugs. I loved drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows in them to make myself feel cozy (and warmer).img_2516

After going camping I’ve got into using hot water bottles again. Hot water bottles are so toasty and it feels like you’re cuddling a warm teddy bear.img_1220

I really had lots of fun camping although it was actually glamping:) I would definitely recommend Botany Glamping for a fun weekend x I hope you enjoyed this blog post…

Love Jasmine xx





My Birthday List!

Okay so my birthday is on the 25th and I’m one of those people who like to have their birthday lists ready about a month before the event. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share a few things from my list on here, so here we go…IMG_0823

Primark pink lace up boots:

I would really like these for autumn and spring. They are so cute and go with so many outfits.20170820_171231000_iOS

A wet brush:

I’ve heard such amazing things about the wet brush and I would love to try it out myself.20170903_095536698_iOS

Pandora Charms:

I’ve spotted two that I like and they are the Signature Scent charm and the Cascading Glamour spacer. I’ve started to create a glamorous vibe on my bangle and I think these fit in perfectly with the theme.20170903_095752729_iOS20170903_095822836_iOS

Cropped Barbie Hoodie:

On eBay, I found an adorable cropped hoodie with the bright pink word ‘Barbie’ on the front. I love it and think it would go nicely with some skinny jeans in spring.20170903_095924000_iOS

Vera Wang Princess perfume:

I’ve had this before and absolutely loved it and I’m so sad that I ran out so I thought I’d put on my list in the hope of maybe getting another one.20170903_100012630_iOS

Rosie for Autograph lipstick:

In Marks and Spencers, they do a gorgeous range (Rosie for Autograph) and I have tried their products before and loved them. Anyway, my Mac lipstick is running out and I saw a similar shade lipstick from the Rosie range called Silk Cami.20170903_100327242_iOS

Anastasia Brow Pomade:

I love my eyebrows 🙂 and this product has such great reviews that I’ve been really interested in it ever since.20170903_100358837_iOS

Lancome Grandiose eyeliner:

Eyeliner is probably my favourite part of makeup. This eyeliner looks so good! It has an adjustable brush to get the perfect angle and It’s a lovely jet black.20170903_100419507_iOS

Bluetooth Speaker:

Like a normal teenager, I enjoy my music and now and then like to play it on a speaker. I love playing music in while in our hot tub (layZspa) It makes it so relaxing and enjoyable.

Boux Avenue:

I was having a little look on the Boux Avenue website and I really liked a couple of the sale bits. Everything is so cute in Boux Avenue and their packaging is fab! I put the ‘messy hair don’t care’ slogan top and Boyfriend Stripe Cami and shorts on my birthday list but to be honest I love it all!20170903_100456000_iOS20170903_100525000_iOS

Okay, so that was a few things from my birthday list and of course, I don’t expect anything. I am so grateful for anything I do receive but I do have lots of fun making a birthday list 🙂 I hope you enjoyed…

Love Jasmine xx


Holiday Outfits!

This is quite a random blog post but I was looking through my holiday pictures and thought I could share some of these great holiday outfits, perfect for a hot day but still comfortable to wear. I’ve included a couple of my sister’s outfits too because they are also so cute.img_0670

Shorts and a top were our holiday staples. I went for some light and dark denim ones with bright or patterned tops whereas my sister went for bright shorts with plainer tops. All these outfits were comfortable for relaxing or going out for the day. We both paired our shorts and tops outfits with some simple sandals.


These are our fancier outfits for going out in the evennig or eating out. I love my blue lace dress. It’s blue ombré and is absolutely gorgeous. My sister is wearing an adorable pink pinstriped play suit. It’s perfect for her exploring self because it’s comfy and loose. img_0442img_0430-1img_0455-1

We wore these for going out for dinner and along the seafront. My dress is a burnt orange colour with beautiful floral detail along the bottom. My nan got me this dress in Thailand and it’s perfect for hot weather. My sister wore a floaty pink dress with a floral design. This goes so well with a tan.


That’s all the outfits I have pictures of as a lot of the holiday we spent relaxing and opted to put down devices, cameras and just enjoy the moment. I loved looking through these and I hope you liked it too.

Love Jasmine xx


Back to School Haul!

One thing that I do love about going back to school is investing in some new stationery and school things. It makes going back after the hols feel a little bit better.img_0690

The first thing I bought was my gorgeous bag. I got it on holiday and I love it. I am only slightly worried that it is a little small but I will make it work because I love it so much.


In Primark, I managed to get some good school shoes.They are simple with a bar across and have a nice thick sole which should last a bit longer. While I was in Primark I also picked up some black hair bands as you can never enough hair bands for school.IMG_0708

I really wanted some basic trainers that were light and easy to squeeze into my bag. These Nike trainers were perfect and not too expensive.IMG_0702

I ALWAYS have hand gel in my school bag and my favourite brand for hand gel is Body Shop. They have a reallyyyy strong scent and it lasts for ages. It also doesn’t leave a sticky residue.IMG_0731

I managed to find a couple of good finds in Poundland. I got a three pack of lip balms which are always handy to have in your bag. I also found a five pack of glues as I prefer having my own clean glue to use at school. Lastly, I bought some A5 folders – these are great because they fit nicely into my bag and I can stop paper getting all screwed up.IMG_0687IMG_0698

You may have seen in my August Favourites I mentioned a Playboy body spritz. I got this for school and it has a lovely fruity scent.IMG_0653

My pencil case is from Superdrug and it’s actually a cosmetics case but it’s small and thin which was just what I was looking for. I got a few Uniball coloured pens that write beautifully and are lovely to use. To do my basic work with I have a black Vball pen which also writes smoothly. A handy extra is a green pen as we mark our work at school in green.IMG_0689

A bit of a random one – I bought this adorable pen with the fluffy end for my sister who is just started secondary school this year. I thought it was a lovely ‘going to big school’ present.IMG_0746

I wrote this in a bit of a random order but I loved writing it. It’s so much fun doing a bit of back to school shopping.

Love Jasmine xx



August Favourites!

I’m almost reluctant to write this as it means back to school for me. I’ve had such a blast during these summer holidays and you can probably tell because I haven’t uploaded a thing since my July Favourites. I have been a bit too busy having fun and relaxing.20170829_104731139_iOS

I have been reading ‘Everything Everything’ by Nicola Yoon and I wanted to finish it before I watch the movie. It’s a lovely book and such an easy read that I finished it in 2 days. IMG_0635

I’ve been looking for a body mist for ages and in Sports Direct of all places I found this gorgeous smelling Playboy one. The scent is blackberry, juicy pear & cherry baby orchid accords. It smells absolutely divine.IMG_0653

For ages I’ve heard great things about micellur water so I bought a travel sized bottle to give it a  go and I have to say it is very good and worth the money.IMG_0661

In Dobbies, I bought a gorgeous new watch. I haven’t worn a watch in ages and I want to get used to wearing one more. I love this as it’s simple and small but still glamourous which is perfect for school.IMG_0670

This flamingo playsuit is one of my favourite summer outfits I’ve got. It’s bright and out there and I love it. It’s also got a  very vintage feel which makes it so different to my other outfits in my wardrobe.

I hope you enjoyed…

Love Jasmine xx