Lockdown Lookbook! (aka. Loungewear Outfit Inspo!)

Since being ‘stay safe stay home’ , I’ve had to adjust my clothing choices to pick something suitable for an outing to the living room. No word of a lie, before this situation, I had never owned or worn a pair of jogging bottoms in my life. This loungewear world is new to me but I’m kind of loving it, I definitely want to invest in some more very adorable but extremely comfy clothes for the future.

Look 1

This is definitely my favourite because it’s so basic and comfy but it still looks pretty cute.   I got the light grey joggers from Primark (right before it closed) for only £5 and the little pink strappy crop top also came from Primark. I thought they paired together quite nicely and still managed to create a girly look.

Look 2

Okay, let’s just clear up the fact that the colour of these jogging bottoms isn’t my absolute favourite (my mum keeps describing the colour as ‘poo brown!’) but I decided to pick them up in Primark because they were reduced to £2. You can’t argue you with that price and they’re still so comfy! I paired them with a white lacy bralette to add some femininity to the look.

Look 3

This outfit is so adorable. The cropped hoodie is actually from somewhere different to the pink shorts but they matched so perfectly. I think it creates such a cute, sporty (but not actually sporty if you get what I mean) look and it’s super comfy to relax around the house in.

Look 4

So, I wouldn’t call this loungewear but I decided to chuck in a casual but slightly more dressed up outfit because sometimes you can just feel more productive or better about yourself when you’re wearing ‘proper’ clothes. This is one of my favourite easy weekend outfits where I’ve paired some high waisted jeans with a puff-sleeve, white cardigan.

Some Ideas: (This is just some links to some items I think would create adorable loungewear outfits!)

I hope you enjoyed and I managed to provide some kind of entertainment for you during this time! Keep safe and well and don’t hesitate to leave a like or a comment🙂 Thanks for reading,

Love Jasmine Xx

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