What I Got for My 16th Birthday!

My Birthday was on Wednesday last week, so this is getting a bit late but it’s been pretty hectic since my birthday so I haven’t had a chance to write this. Anyway, I’m officially 16 now, it’s very exciting but also quite scary how quickly life is passing by, next year I can drive! I’d like to say thank you so much to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday and anyone who got me a gift, I’m so grateful for it all!

From my Mum and Dad:

• The Tiffany & Co bracelet that matches the necklace I already have and they look so pretty together!

• A ‘16’ Pandora charm that I can keep to remember my 16th Birthday forever

• Ted Baker Frill trainers in pink (They’re so stunning, I love them!)

• Ted Baker Lunch Box (It’s so cute and will make lunch just that bit better!😂)

• River Island Jumper with puff sleeves and a pretty neckline

• H&M turtle neck with a gorgeous pattern on it

• Paddle Wet Brush because I was constantly stealing my mums before

• 2 books which I’m excited to read

My sister:

• My sister got me a gorgeous pink Christmas Nutcracker so be prepared to be spammed with pictures of him when it’s Christmas!

Nan & Grandad, Aunt:

• My Nan and grandad got me the beautiful heart earrings on my list

• Gel Nail polish set which has lots of lovely colours in

• Chocolate Orange

• My aunt got me a little side table that I put on my birthday list to put it the corner of my room

• They both gave me some money which was very lovely of them

Best Friend:

My best friend Eleni got me 16 things for my 16th Birthday which I thought was such a sweet idea!

• cinema voucher

• Pjs

• 2 Face masks

• Lush bath bomb

• A really good book

• A hair clip

• Strawberry Tea bags

• Fake nails

• Shower gel

• Polaroid film

• Scratch card

• Lots of yummy snacks!

Friends at school:

All my friends were so generous and got me such lovely gifts!

Elise –

• Warren James earrings (stunning!)

• Revolution Eyeshadow palette

• Bath bomb

• And a helium balloon!

Jasmine –

• Pink Velvet hangers (she knows my obsession for velvet hangers😂)

• A candle and a really nice air freshener

Elisha –

• Warren James heart earrings (I got these twice for my birthday but I love them so much, I’m actually so glad I have 2 pairs!)

• Face mask

• Chocolate Orange

Chloe –

• Rose gold Warren James heart earrings (so pretty!)

• Sweets!

Mollie –

• Mario Badescu Facial Spray

• Lipstick

• Face mask

• Fake eyelashes

Lily –

• Mini perfumes

• Body Spray

• Nail Polish

• Chocolate!

Georgia –

• Caterpillar cake (which was hugely enjoyed at our lunch table at school between all of us😂)

Tierney –

• Big Peony Yankee Candle (smells delicious!)

• Lindt Chocolate!

As you can see, I have been thoroughly spoilt this year and I am so grateful! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got for my birthday, I choose to bullet point the items because it would have taken far too long otherwise plus I think it’s easier to read that way. Thanks for reading,

Love Jasmine xx

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Pinterest: @justjasmineella

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