My Most Reached For Sunglasses!

The sun is finally shining and I’m getting ready for it with all my favourite sunglasses at hand. I just bought a really fab pair which inspired me to do this blog post. I don’t tend to spend loads on really fancy sunglasses, in fact, all ones that I love are actually under £10.img_8484-1

First, let’s begin with my two pairs of optical sunglasses. I’m not a massive fan of the shape of them or style but they’re the best I could get at the time from the opticians and are comfy. I just reach for these lots because I can see everything so nice and clear. I like to leave a pair in my Mum’s car as in summer she often likes to drive around with the roof down and I like to see the clear views.


My newer pair.



My older pair.



These are just some old, comfy sunglasses from Debenham’s about 5 years ago. I keep them around just because they’re handy and go with nearly every outfit. My sister ends up wearing these a lot as well when she can’t find her sunglasses.img_7908

This pair is a bit funky but I got them from Accessorize in a sale once. I like the RayBan style shape of them and the black on white pattern reminds me of a Dalmatian.img_7905img_8485Oh,  now these ones are just lush. They might even be my favourite pair. They have big circle shades wide with a matte nude plastic frame and rose gold metal. Not only do they look fab on but they’re really comfy too. (They were from New Look – last year’s.)img_7887img_7895

My last pair are my newest pair and they are so trendy. I’ve seen these on different pictures and I was looking online to buy some but I stumbled across them for only £3 in Primark – I was so happy. I love them so much but they can slip off of your face quite easily … or maybe I’ve just got a small head?!img_8045img_8486

I’m really getting into the summer vibe now and everything is so colourful and happy. I’ve made my mind up that summer is my favourite time of the year!

Love Jasmine xx



Primark Haul!

I’ve combined what My Sister, my Mum and I bought to give a wider range of things to show. I absolutely love Primark hauls and I hope to do more different haul blogposts.  Let’s get straight into what we’re interested in…

In stock this time were these gorgeous cold shoulder striped tops. One blue with little flamingos on and the other a peachy colour with little pineapples on. I went for the peach one although I did absolutely love the blue one too! I wanted both! This top was £10. IMG_9692IMG_9693

My mum also got a couple of cold shoulder tops – the first being a cute flowery one that is stunning for only £6. It’s got a small crochet detailing on the arms and it’s black with vibrant flowers all over.IMG_9724

The other is this yellow and white gingham one. It reminds me of a picnic which I like. It has also got a small crochet detailing on arms in yellow.IMG_9727

The last cold shoulder top I bought for myself was only £3 which I thought was a great bargain! It’s a bright orangey red colour and its ruffled all over. It’s quite a body hugging and it’s perfect to slip on with some jeans. Also, they sell the exact same one in New Look for £8.99!img_7722

For my sister (who wasn’t with me and my mum when we were in Primark) we picked up an adorable playsuit. It’s black with little pink flowers all over and has an elastic waistband. She loves how comfy it is to lounge about in.IMG_9678

We also got my sister some beautiful little sandals with cute charms going up the middle. She loves them, however be aware that they come up slightly big.IMG_9684
Lastly, I bought this candle for only 80p! I picked it up because not only does it have a lovely fresh scent but it reminded me of the Dipytique candles which are so cute.IMG_9661
I could have bought everything in Primark but obviously, my bank card doesn’t quite cover that😂 Hope you enjoyed.

Love Jasmine xx

Top 5 Spring Nail polishes!

I’m not great at doing my nails, in fact, I’m awful but I gave it my best try for this blog post. I picked out a couple of my favorite shades that I would wear in Spring so enjoy…

I really love a simple French manicure and I think it suits the spring vibe. I got a Boutique nail polish french manicure set in Sainsbury’s however I don’t think they sell this one anymore, but there are loads of sets if you look around (for example this kit from boots: If you want it to look super neat then I would reccomend fake nails. IMG_9536IMG_9541


I found this beautiful coral colour and I’m actually really digging it. It’s a subtle colour and I think I could probably even get away with it at school but don’t hold me to that 🙂 I got this from a big technic set of 16 polishes and some other bits included.IMG_9571IMG_9560


I absolutely love this pop of pink which looks so cute with the spring blossoms. I also like to add a gel top coat to finish it with a glossy look. This is probably my favourite becuase it applies nicely and looks really pretty, especially with some pink accesessories.



If you’re not really into all the light colours but still want something springy, this is a nice blue colour that looks really cool with a sparkly ring and some flowers. This nail polish was only 99p and it’s so adorable, don’t you think? I can’t find it on online so I asume it’s not being sold anymore which is a shame but there are some similar colours like this in stores such as Boots and Superdrug.IMG_9573

Last, but not least, is a pretty pale blue. Like before this was a bargain at £1 from Poundland. This was made for spring and looks so dainty. Out of all my nail polishes this is my favourite blue colour.IMG_9592

I hope this puts you in the mood to do your nails or find some new pretty polishes. I would also really like to invest in some Essie nail polishes as they have some really lovely colours and I can’t help taking some interest when seeing them all over Instagram! Any good suggestions? x

That’s all from me xx



My Pandora wishlist!

Pandora has really been a hit lately. I’ve had a Pandora bangle and ring since September. I really love them but my bangle is looking slightly bare. So I have a few charms I’ve got my eye on.20170418_190737787_iOS

The one I really like is the Midnight Blue Radiant Hearts Charm. I love how classy it looks and it would match my September heart charm.20170414_201312000_iOS

I spotted the Shimmering sentiments Charm in rose gold online the other day and I love it because it would match my rose gold bow ring!20170414_201459000_iOS

Another beauty is the Filled with Romance Charm in rose gold. My mum has it in silver and I love hers but then I saw it in rose gold and loved it even more!20170414_201151000_iOS

I have had a couple of incidents where my bangle has got caught and come undone. I want to keep my charms safer with a safety chain and I really like the Pandora logo safety chain. There are other safety chains I like as this is a bit pricey but this is probably my favourite.20170418_185632000_iOS

Also to keep my charms in place, I was looking at the clips and this Shining elegance clip is stunning in rose gold.20170418_185613000_iOS

Last off and a bit plain is this Pandora logo clip in rose gold. It’s not very detailed but I was drawn to its simple elegance.20170418_185702000_iOS

Do you have a Pandora bracelet? I’d love to know which things you like in Pandora. As always,

That’s all from me xx




What I wore in Paris…

I have just been on a mini break in Paris. It was amazing and the weather was just beautiful. Seeing as Paris is a huge fashion capitol I thought I’d share what I wore in Paris. I packed things that didn’t take up too much space so it was all easy to fit in a small cabin suitcase. Hopefully, this could give you some outfit ideas if you’re going away or just looking for some fashion inspo.img_6633

First of all, I chose a really comfy outfit as we decided to drive to Paris from Calais after crossing on the shuttle. I wore a cotton jersey tunic top with my comfiest leggings. It’s perfectly suited for travelling in the car.IMG_6909

When we reached Paris and got into our hotel for a freshen up, I changed into a pale blue, cross neck top from New Look with my tan button up skirt and flesh coloured tights. I wore my brown chelsea boots for comfort and my Zara trench with my pastel scarf. See my next blog post for my reactions to seeing the sights!img_9769

On the second day, I wore a pink pin-striped, scoop-necked top from Select with my white jeans. I love this outfit and I matched it with my iridescent Adidas superstars.fullsizerender 2img_9944

For an evening trip into the city centre, I wore the same style top as the day before except this one was blue with pelicans on it. I absolutely adore these tops and love how light weight and comfy they are. I put this top with black skinny jeans and my trusty superstars.img_9990

On the last day, we spent a lot of time in the car but stopped at CityEurope for a quick shopping sesh so I opted for a comfy but pretty outfit. I ended up wearing a navy lace dress with pink flower patterns. It’s comfy because it’s lined with a silky material. I also wore this with my superstars as my boots were easier to pack.fullsizerender 3

Well, those were my outfits – I hope you enjoyed. I’d love to hear what you would wear to Paris x

That’s all from me xx


What I Bought My Sister for Her 11th Birthday!

I love when it’s my sisters’ birthday because I get to enjoy picking cute things for her. I’m one of those people who enjoys buying presents as much as I do receiving them.

Firstly I found these stunning heels from New Look. They are just little ones but I think she’ll love some grown up shoes to prance about in now and then. I was worried that she might grow out of these fast but I decided to still get them as they were the only pair and were reduced right down to £5. I would have loved these at her age!20170403_171317000_iOS

Next, I found this little fountain in B and M bargains. It’s a bit of an odd present but I think my sister will enjoy the novelty of having a mini fountain in her room (and the cats should too!). This was another little bargain at only £4.99.20170403_171926000_iOS

In Asda, I found the perfect little succulent in a rose gold pot which was on my sisters’ list. I’m slightly jealous and I think I might go back and get myself one because it’s just so cute and only £4.20170403_171739000_iOS

Lastly, I got her a tiara ring from Amazon that looks very much like the one from Pandora. My mum found this and I think it’s a good idea because my sister can wear it happily without having to be really worried about losing an expensive ring. (She is known for losing things.)  The one I got was £11.99 but there are cheaper ones and they are sterling silver in the ‘style of’ Pandora.20170403_165419000_iOS

I hope this gives you some good ideas if you’ve got a sister, niece, daughter etc. to buy for and I hope you enjoyed reading.

That’s all from me xx

March Favourites…

I love writing up monthly favourites blogs and the time has come again… Yay! Instead of boring you with a long introduction I’ll get right on with the blog…20170506_062115535_iOS

My mum got me a gorgeous trench coat from Zara and I love it!  I like to wear it with my pastel tartan scarf and some brown boots. It’s the perfect weight for Spring.

I also recently purchased my first pair of Adidas Superstars. I love the holographic ones I got and I think they look so cool. As you can probably tell I don’t always judge shoes on comfort (I get drawn in by whether they are beautiful shoes first!) but these are also really comfortable for longer wear, unless you wear them with thin footsies for a whole day – then it starts to feel a bit itchy.20170331_153010000_iOS

My mum gave me this Barry M Satin Superslick Lip Paint as it was a bit dark for her – It’s in the shade 174 and I like to apply it with a brush if I’m wearing it to school so it’s not too dark. It stays on for ages and leaves a slight matte lip stain which is really nice.20170331_151514000_iOS

The book I’ve been reading this month is ‘The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic’. This book is so relatable and funny. I would definitely recommend it! It’s been around a while so I can binge read the whole series if I want to.20170506_062313000_iOS

Also, I have been obsessed with getting home and putting on silky pyjamas. I featured them in my Top 5 Pyjama Picks blog post because they are just so comfy. I can’t tell you how nice it is to get out of my school uniform and wander around in some free flowing pj’s.  20170325_095926000_iOS

I’m so excited for April as I have lots planned. It’s my sister’s birthday, Easter and I’m going on an exciting trip for a few days as well as having some friends to stay,  I am also planning to fit in some shopping trips so it’s a busy month and my holidays are jam packed but that’s just how I like it!

That’s all from me xx

Top 5 Pyjama Picks!

I love pyjamas! 💖 I crave pyjamas, especially after a day stuck in itchy school uniform. Anyway, I was looking through my pyjama drawer and thinking: ‘I love these pyjamas…..and these. Oh and these are defo my faves!’ And from that, the blog idea started writing itself. Let’s start….20170506_064635442_iOS

1. Shortie Pyjamas – I love my little shorts PJs, mostly for stylishness. They’re so cute and I always feel so happy when I’m wearing pyjamas that look pretty, plus it’s nice when it’s warm to get your legs out in the air.IMG_9299

2.Blue Stripe Night Shirt – I recently included this in a mini haul and I still absolutely adore it! It’s comfy and perfect to lounge in. It’s also been featured in My Relaxed Morning Routine img_9106

3.Brushed cotton Pyjamas – I like to wear my thick cotton pyjamas around winter because they are so cosy. I love tartan PJs and usually get some for Christmas although this year I got a lovely pair of robin pyjamas and they’re so soft that it feels like they’re giving you a cuddle each time you put them on – I put a picture of them up called Weekend Wake-ups.img_8728

4.Mash Up – It sounds odd but what I mean by this is a random fleece or cosy top paired with a random pair of pyjama bottoms or soft shorts. It looks terrible but feels lovely. for those days when it’s all about the snuggle factor.20170325_095640000_iOS

5.Satin pyjamas – I’ve only just started wearing satin pyjamas a bit more and they’re so silky and gorgeous. My cousin actually passed these down to me because she grows all the time whereas I’m still having to turn up the bottoms (bearing in mind I’m a year older than her!) These are a new find, but a good one!20170325_095926000_iOS

Hopefully, this gives you some good ideas when you’re next buying pyjamas I’d love to know what your favourite pyjamas are but for now,

That’s all from me xx

February favourites…

It doesn’t feel that long ago since I wrote my January favourites but here we are again. Not much has changed from January but I have noticed a few things I have been reaching for frequently, or enjoying lots this month, so read on and find out more…20170214_105336693_ios
First my white bedding. I’ve been lusting over pictures of things displayed on crisp, hotel style bedding and so I bought myself some. I love how the fresh cotton reflects the light in my room and yet feels so cosy at the same time. I have already used my new sheets as a background on my ‘What’s in My Sleepover Bag?’ blog post.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been wearing my thinner, cropped, long-sleeved tops from Newlook a lot. I like that they still fit in with a winter look but also feel a little lighter as we are nearing Spring.(Ever hopeful…!)20170506_065513620_iOS

Lately, I have started using a BB cream as I had been suffering from drier skin and slight redness in the drier weather. My face feels a lot healthier but it also has a gentle coverage so I’ve been using it as a light foundation.20170506_065748308_iOS

A new book this month – ‘Flawed’ by Cecilia Ahern. I can’t recommend this enough. It’s a brilliant read and one that put a lump in my throat and made me tear up slightly. I can’t wait for the next one in the series, as this book had me gripped.20160119_183331000_iOS 1

I didn’t use my honey queen blusher much in January but I have been loving it as a highlighter this month. I like how it gives a lovely golden glow under the light.20170506_062624000_iOS

These are the most noticeable changes in what I’ve been loving or using more this month. What have you been using more this February? As per usual…

That’s all from me xx

Valentines outfit wish list…

Well I haven’t exactly got a Valentine right now, but if I did have, and if I was asked out on a romantic date (day dreaming here a little…) I’d like some beautiful options for what to wear. I’ve been having fun looking at what outfits are online for Valentines and wanted to show you some of the outfits that would be on my wish list.20170506_063118430_iOS

Outfit 1. This is quite a casual one, not too much skin on show. I loved these rose gold metallic heels to go with it. I found 2 pairs in different designs, one has one strap over the toes and the other has five slim straps in Roman sandal style – either way they are both gorgeous. I matched this with a red lip and red nails.20170506_063118450_iOS

Dress –

Shoes one strap –

Shoes 5 strap –

Outfit 2. I like that this is simple but really stunning at the same time. This is probably my favourite. I love the lace detail, especially on the back. I styled it with pinky nude lips and suede pinky nude heels. I also think a lovely french manicure would look good with this.20170506_063118466_iOS

Dress –

Shoes –

Lips –

Outfit 3. This is quite risqué but a very iconic Valentine’s look. It has old school Hollywood starlet charm. The dress is divine and I thought it looked lovely with silver sparkly shoes and matching silver sparkly nails. As for lips I think it looks good with matching burgundy colour like the dress.20170506_063118399_iOS

Dress –

Shoes –

Lips –

Hope you liked these ideas and have an amazing Valentines  experience. If you are currently a single pringle like me then have fun too, I’m spending the night before with my bestie having a little spa session together so we’ll feel extra gorgeous on the day. (Just in case Prince Charming does pop up!).

That’s all from me xx