July Favourites! 

I know this is late but I completely forgot about my monthly favourites blog post! This has been a busy month filled with fun and it meant blogging slipped to the back of my mind as I did more enjoying the moment without pics or writing, but anyway…. July  Favourites here we are now😂img_0384

I have been loving this Boohoo bikini. It’s comfy and absolutely gorgeous. It goes really nicely with a good tan as well! It stood up well to the pool and sea and the colours have stayed fresh.img_9979

If you follow my Instagram you would have seen I got a new Pandora charm on holiday. It’s a really summery one and has sunglasses, a cocktail and a pineapple on it. I also love the engraved quote on the side which says ‘live in the sunshine’img_0526

Recently my favourite Netflix show has been Gilmore girls. I know it’s a bit of an old one but I love it. img_0382

On holiday we were given a unicorn inflatable by the people in the villa next to us who were going home. It was so great! And the unicorn definitely deserves to be in my July Favourites, it joined the Flamingo we already had. img_0182

Last year my friend got me this cute pineapple necklace as she knows how much I love pineapples and I’ve been wearing it loads. It just accessorises a summer outfit perfectly.img_0381

I hope this wasn’t too late and you enjoyed anyway. Happy August! (By the way – if you know who stole the UK sun, can we have it back now please?!)

Love Jasmine xx

Holiday Essentials!

If you follow my Instagram you may have seen that I’m on holiday. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share some great products to have on a swim, sun, sand and beach type of holiday.FullSizeRender

I have talked about Aussie in my “How I Care For My Long Hair” blog post and they just brought out a range called Beach Mate. This is perfect for hair that’s been in the sea, sand and pools. It completely rejuvenates your hair.img_0090

On a market stall in Lanzarote, we found some gorgeous micro fibre towels. These are great because they are light weight to pack but also dry you very fast. I found some lovely designs on Amazon in a circular shape.IMG_0118

If you’re  a blogger or you just prefer using a laptop but you can’t take it because it’s too heavy, you can get keyboards for your iPad. It’s light weight and easy to connect and use. If you don’t have an iPad this probably still doesn’t help you.IMG_0104

Often on hols, you find you are constantly in and out of the pool or sea, a grabber clip is perfect for you. You can easily clip your hair into a bun or quick up-do. These are really cheap and you can find them anywhere.IMG_0108

The Malibu Dry Oil Spray is so nice at not leaving you with sticky, uncomfortable skin. It feels lovely and moisturising but if you burn very easily it may not be for you because it only has medium protection.IMG_0079

Travel size versions of your favourite products are so good for weight limits and liquid limits. You can always buy a set of travel containers and put smaller amounts of product into them.FullSizeRender

A multi port plug is a saving grace on holidays where you have a restricted amount of travel plugs. You can charge multiple things at once and not have to worry about there not being enough plug sockets or travel plugs.IMG_0157

Well, that’s everything I can think of. Thank you for reading x I hope you enjoyed this holiday special!


Love Jasmine xx

Summer Must Haves!!

Since the summer holidays are around the corner and everyone’s excited about finishing school then relaxing in the sunshine I had to do a blog post dedicated to summer…my favourite season of the year. I’ve decided to share some summer items that you cannot miss out on! Sorry if half of it’s from Primark – I’ve just been loving everything in there recently.

First and favourite. This amazing hot pink flamingo pool inflatable. This was only £10 in Primark. They also sell unicorn and doughnut inflatables. How amazingly instagrammable?!img_1003-1img_1012-1Last inflatable item – I promise is the cute floating cup holders. Last year I bought a pack of three for me and my friends for about £1.69 on Amazon. Even though these are terrible at actually holding drinks they look adorable floating about.img_9048-1Next, you may have seen in my June favourites and my Instagram and that is this pineapple cup. It just sends out the perfect summer vibes. This was £5 in John Lewis.img_9076-1

You may have seen like EVERYWHERE these cute sports shorts. I completely recommend them. They are so comfy to lounge about in and in Primark they do a huge range of adorable prints, colours and styles. Check out their Instagram for pictures and their store for the shorts!

These totally glam sunglasses are perfect to match with any outfit. I got these in Primark for about £2-£3.  I love that they are rose gold and so trendy. Primark does a great selection of sunglasses and all are really affordable.img_9803img_9800img_9802

Britney Spears new perfume is perfect for summer. It has a citrusy, summery smell and looks gorgeous on the dressing table.img_9858

Lidl is a very odd place to be mentioned in a Summer Must Haves blog post but they have some really cute bedding in there. I have just put on a bright tropical bed set and my sister has a mint green set with flamingos all over. They’re not the best quality but they’re  nice and airy for when it’s hot. Ps: you can also buy inflatables in Lidl too!img_9878

Primark’s fruity candles are amazing. I bought one for my friends birthday. The pineapple one fills the room with such a strong scent just by opening the tin! And they’re only £2.50!img_9808
In Body Shop there is a range of Pinita Colada products on sale. It smells amazing! The shower gel is sooo good and only £3.30 for a big bottle.img_9881Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while but it’s nearly the summer hols so I should be more active. Hope you enjoyed xx

Love Jasmine xx

Big Hong Kong Haul! 🇭🇰🛍

So in case you didn’t know I’m half Chinese. My Dad’s from Hong Kong and my Mum’s from England. Anyway, my Chinese Auntie has just come back from Hong Kong (where she lives) and has brought back a lot of goodies! So I thought it would be interesting to share it with you.

First and my favourite is this Tony Moly Alluring Beauty set. It has a lipstick, nail varnish, eyeshadow and eyeliner. The eyeliner is amazing! It’s made to look like a quill pen in an ink pot, but the ‘feather’ is the brush and a bit at the bottom unscrews to reveal a gorgeous rose gold eyeliner. IMG_0054
I thought this Gold 24k mask was really cool. The box is like a gold bar and the face mask has real gold in it! IMG_0082
My Chinese family know I love trying different face masks, so they often bring these back and we’ve managed to build up quite a selection. Well, we’ve got some more which include: Soo Beauté Aloe Vera masks, Tony Moly Moisturizing Aloe Vera masks, Tony Moly Moisturizing Shea butter masks and finally some pomegranate sheet masks. IMG_0038.jpg
To add to our pamper products we have some eye warmers that are like hot pads that soothe your eyes and some Panda’s Dream eye patch which help dark circles. IMG_0040.jpg
My lovely auntie bought lots of different Tony Moly products which are all so amazing.

Lips- We have two pocket lip balms which are really cute and handy to carry about. We have a lip scrub in a really cute lip shaped container. There’s also a Magic lip tint which looks green but adapts to your perfect natural colour depending on your skin type. Lastly, there are some sample lipsticks. IMG_0088.jpg

Face- There’s a cute sleeping pack which is banana scented and presented like a banana then we have a cool eye stick to help soothe dry skin under your eyes and brighten up your skin. IMG_0063.jpg

The last Tony Moly product is this Mango Hand Butter – It smells lush! Everything of Tony Moly is always presented so well and the product is always so nice – I love it! IMG_0067.jpg
Now moving on from the cosmetics our Nan got us these funny chickens 😂 IMG_0106.jpg
My aunt also restocked my Polaroid films. I have 40 plain ones which are such a Polaroid staple and some novelty ones such as a pack of shiny star ones and some really cool Mono Chrome ones. IMG_0125.jpg
We got some gorgeously soft fluffy bunny key-rings. I love stroking mine so much it’s softer than a real bunny! IMG_0110.jpg
I got a silk kimono in a pale blue with a pretty flower design all over. It’s so much nicer to have in the summer and my sister got a Totoro dressing gown – it’s really soft. It’s a bit big for her but she loves it! IMG_0091.jpg

She also got a Totoro light ornament which is really cool and a Totoro shopping bag as a novelty. If you didn’t guess already my sister likes Totoro stuff, I’m not really into it myself. IMG_0109.jpg

Our aunt also collected a lot of foodie goodies but we couldn’t keep our hands off them and have eaten some already😂 I hope this was interesting for you and you enjoyed reading. I’m so thankful to my Auntie who spoils us too much!

Love Jasmine xx


June Favourites…

Ahhh. This had been a lovely (mostly) sunny month. I always love celebrating the end of the month with a favourites blog post so… enjoy! img_9070-1

This pineapple cup from John Lewis put me in a perfect summery mood and just looks so adorable. I love drinking Robinson’s strawberry and kiwi squash from it – it’s my absolute fave squash!img_9076
Staying with the pineapple trend I’ve been wearing these cute pineapple flip-flops as a comfy slip on alternative to sandals for really hot days. The pineapples are a gold foil material and the straps have gold glitter all over them. These were only £2 in Primark! img_9990

You may have seen on my Instagram or in my How I Care For My Long Hair blog post that I was wearing a tankini. I love it! It’s pale pink with tropical leaves and it’s slightly frilly which was actually the first thing that attracted me☺️This was also another Primark steal! img_9988

I have been needing a new powder for ages and I finally got one. I got the Elf: beautifully bare Sheer Tint Finishing Powder in Fair/Light. I bought fair because the other colours in the shop were slightly too dark and because it’s only a sheer powder it doesn’t make me look pale. It also has a little compartment with a sponge.img_9084img_9093img_9089

That’s it for this one. I didn’t have many different favourite products this month but I hope you still enjoyed.
Love Jasmine xx

How I Care For My Long Hair!

So, if you haven’t realised I’ve got quite long hair – ever since I was little I’ve had quite a lot of hair. Not only is it long, it’s also very thick but I love it. I thought I would share how I look after it and you could always add some ideas in the comments! img_8618
To start, obviously I shampoo and condition it and I do this in either the bath or shower. I mostly use The brand Aussie which I love, especially the conditioner that leaves it feeling so smooth. I wash my hair every 2-3 days to stop it drying out too much at the ends. I try to avoid using too much shampoo, just a 50p sized blob. I wash the roots and rinse it through to the ends, then condition the mid-lengths and ends. 20170619_171442602_iOS

Some extra products I like to use before and after washing are the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm. The Elasticizer makes your hair shiny and healthy looking whilst the Wonder Balm makes it bliss to style and also gives it a healthy sheen.img_8878img_8877
I like to minimise the amount of heat I put on my hair but when I want to smooth out any annoying kinks, I use the GHD Platinum hair straighteners. I can do my hair in 5-10 minutes and it will look and feel so gorgeously straight. Sometimes I use the Mark Hill Give It To Me Straight styling spray to protect my hair from the heat and keep it straighter for longer.IMG_9478
My all time fave hair product has to be the Josh Wood Hair Oil as it repairs, smooths and makes my hair feel lovely every time I use it. It also smells amazing and doesn’t leave residue in your hands – in fact, it feels good rubbing it into your hands as well!20161228_134537000_iOS

Another much-loved product is my Elnett hair spray which keeps everything in pin perfect shape but brushes out easily at the end of a day.20170624_083750609_iOS
I like using soft brushes in my hair (mostly because they hurt less!) and my favourite is probably my Denman brush. I have a small one to take around in my bag for out and about tidying, but I also have a full-sized one which does the job somewhat better. I also use a plain wooden one which is soft but more effective if I get any bad knots – I have absolutely no idea where it came from as I’ve had it since I was about 3.20170624_083914853_iOS
There’s not much more I do except I blow dry it sometimes if I want to put the effort in, and if I brush it with my Denman brush at the same time I can dry it really quickly (like 10mins!) and it leaves me with completely straight and smooth hair. I use the GHD hairdryer on hot, then finish with the cool setting for shine.20161112_145225000_iOS
If you have long hair I hope you can relate to this, or get some ideas but most of all enjoy having healthy gorgeous hair! 💆👸🏼

Love Jasmine xx

My Most Reached For Sunglasses!

The sun is finally shining and I’m getting ready for it with all my favourite sunglasses at hand. I just bought a really fab pair which inspired me to do this blog post. I don’t tend to spend loads on really fancy sunglasses, in fact, all ones that I love are actually under £10.img_8484-1

First, let’s begin with my two pairs of optical sunglasses. I’m not a massive fan of the shape of them or style but they’re the best I could get at the time from the opticians and are comfy. I just reach for these lots because I can see everything so nice and clear. I like to leave a pair in my Mum’s car as in summer she often likes to drive around with the roof down and I like to see the clear views.


My newer pair.



My older pair.



These are just some old, comfy sunglasses from Debenham’s about 5 years ago. I keep them around just because they’re handy and go with nearly every outfit. My sister ends up wearing these a lot as well when she can’t find her sunglasses.img_7908

This pair is a bit funky but I got them from Accessorize in a sale once. I like the RayBan style shape of them and the black on white pattern reminds me of a Dalmatian.img_7905img_8485Oh,  now these ones are just lush. They might even be my favourite pair. They have big circle shades wide with a matte nude plastic frame and rose gold metal. Not only do they look fab on but they’re really comfy too. (They were from New Look – last year’s.)img_7887img_7895

My last pair are my newest pair and they are so trendy. I’ve seen these on different pictures and I was looking online to buy some but I stumbled across them for only £3 in Primark – I was so happy. I love them so much but they can slip off of your face quite easily … or maybe I’ve just got a small head?!img_8045img_8486

I’m really getting into the summer vibe now and everything is so colourful and happy. I’ve made my mind up that summer is my favourite time of the year!

Love Jasmine xx



Primark Haul!

I’ve combined what My Sister, my Mum and I bought to give a wider range of things to show. I absolutely love Primark hauls and I hope to do more different haul blogposts.  Let’s get straight into what we’re interested in…

In stock this time were these gorgeous cold shoulder striped tops. One blue with little flamingos on and the other a peachy colour with little pineapples on. I went for the peach one although I did absolutely love the blue one too! I wanted both! This top was £10. IMG_9692IMG_9693

My mum also got a couple of cold shoulder tops – the first being a cute flowery one that is stunning for only £6. It’s got a small crochet detailing on the arms and it’s black with vibrant flowers all over.IMG_9724

The other is this yellow and white gingham one. It reminds me of a picnic which I like. It has also got a small crochet detailing on arms in yellow.IMG_9727

The last cold shoulder top I bought for myself was only £3 which I thought was a great bargain! It’s a bright orangey red colour and its ruffled all over. It’s quite a body hugging and it’s perfect to slip on with some jeans. Also, they sell the exact same one in New Look for £8.99!img_7722

For my sister (who wasn’t with me and my mum when we were in Primark) we picked up an adorable playsuit. It’s black with little pink flowers all over and has an elastic waistband. She loves how comfy it is to lounge about in.IMG_9678

We also got my sister some beautiful little sandals with cute charms going up the middle. She loves them, however be aware that they come up slightly big.IMG_9684
Lastly, I bought this candle for only 80p! I picked it up because not only does it have a lovely fresh scent but it reminded me of the Dipytique candles which are so cute.IMG_9661
I could have bought everything in Primark but obviously, my bank card doesn’t quite cover that😂 Hope you enjoyed.

Love Jasmine xx

Top 5 Spring Nail polishes!

I’m not great at doing my nails, in fact, I’m awful but I gave it my best try for this blog post. I picked out a couple of my favorite shades that I would wear in Spring so enjoy…

I really love a simple French manicure and I think it suits the spring vibe. I got a Boutique nail polish french manicure set in Sainsbury’s however I don’t think they sell this one anymore, but there are loads of sets if you look around (for example this kit from boots: http://www.boots.com/sally-hansen-french-manicure-kit-10068598). If you want it to look super neat then I would reccomend fake nails. IMG_9536IMG_9541


I found this beautiful coral colour and I’m actually really digging it. It’s a subtle colour and I think I could probably even get away with it at school but don’t hold me to that 🙂 I got this from a big technic set of 16 polishes and some other bits included.IMG_9571IMG_9560


I absolutely love this pop of pink which looks so cute with the spring blossoms. I also like to add a gel top coat to finish it with a glossy look. This is probably my favourite becuase it applies nicely and looks really pretty, especially with some pink accesessories.



If you’re not really into all the light colours but still want something springy, this is a nice blue colour that looks really cool with a sparkly ring and some flowers. This nail polish was only 99p and it’s so adorable, don’t you think? I can’t find it on online so I asume it’s not being sold anymore which is a shame but there are some similar colours like this in stores such as Boots and Superdrug.IMG_9573

Last, but not least, is a pretty pale blue. Like before this was a bargain at £1 from Poundland. This was made for spring and looks so dainty. Out of all my nail polishes this is my favourite blue colour.IMG_9592

I hope this puts you in the mood to do your nails or find some new pretty polishes. I would also really like to invest in some Essie nail polishes as they have some really lovely colours and I can’t help taking some interest when seeing them all over Instagram! Any good suggestions? x

That’s all from me xx



My Pandora wishlist!

Pandora has really been a hit lately. I’ve had a Pandora bangle and ring since September. I really love them but my bangle is looking slightly bare. So I have a few charms I’ve got my eye on.20170418_190737787_iOS

The one I really like is the Midnight Blue Radiant Hearts Charm. I love how classy it looks and it would match my September heart charm.20170414_201312000_iOS

I spotted the Shimmering sentiments Charm in rose gold online the other day and I love it because it would match my rose gold bow ring!20170414_201459000_iOS

Another beauty is the Filled with Romance Charm in rose gold. My mum has it in silver and I love hers but then I saw it in rose gold and loved it even more!20170414_201151000_iOS

I have had a couple of incidents where my bangle has got caught and come undone. I want to keep my charms safer with a safety chain and I really like the Pandora logo safety chain. There are other safety chains I like as this is a bit pricey but this is probably my favourite.20170418_185632000_iOS

Also to keep my charms in place, I was looking at the clips and this Shining elegance clip is stunning in rose gold.20170418_185613000_iOS

Last off and a bit plain is this Pandora logo clip in rose gold. It’s not very detailed but I was drawn to its simple elegance.20170418_185702000_iOS

Do you have a Pandora bracelet? I’d love to know which things you like in Pandora. As always,

That’s all from me xx