Spring/Summer Wishlist!

Fun fact: My favourite seasons are spring and summer, what are yours? I adore the flowers in spring, the atmosphere in summer and in my personal opinion, they are the seasons with the best fashion. I’ve compiled a list of gorgeous things that have caught my eye, some are way out of my reach (nothing I could afford now, but there’s nothing wrong with making goals!) and some that are quite affordable. In conclusion, it’s just a list of things I like!๐Ÿ˜‚

This year, I’ve been eyeing up everything pastel; don’t you just love pastel pink, powder blue, subtle lavender and a bright lemon in spring/summer? Personally, I am all for things mini because I’m pretty short and I think the style complements my frame nicely so here are some dresses and skirts that I like the look of. I adore everything broderie anglaise and frills just make everything better. I’ve also really got into the vibe of pretty floral patterns which look fab in spring.

Currently, the milk maid style is in and I  love it- I think it’s so cute and girly! As you can see, I also like the square neck style and puffy sleeves. In addition with the skirts and dresses, I think pastel tops look so pretty and they fit the spring, summer vibe so well. My personal fave is the blue broderie anglaise top, I’m just in love with that colour currently!

My choice of swimwear seems to have gone in a different direction compared to my usual style. I’ve always absolutely loved the Dolce&Gabbana print and recently Lydia Millen was wearing one of their beautiful dresses and swimming costume which really got me into it again! I found the most gorgeous D&G dupes on River Island and Shein which I kind of love more than the real one. But don’t worry, I’ve still got some stunning pastel swimwear I have my eye on!

Now buckle in, there’s lots to talk about when it comes to the accessories! You’ll probably spot all my dream designer bags first; the Chanel top handle is definitely my favourite, it’s absolutely stunning! The Lady Dior has been on my wishlist for ages and I still absolutely adore it. Errrm, how cute is the patent pink Louis Vuitton Alma?! I could go on forever about the bags I hope to have one day! The Chanel shoes are something I spotted on Pinterest ages ago, I have no idea where you could get them but they are so so beautiful (and they match the Chanel belt!). Pearl clips have been a trend for a while and I still haven’t got onto it, I really love the little pearl bow clip! The thing that looks like a bracelet is actually a waist belt (it’s kind of a Chanel style dupe). I’m loving all of the Chanel 90s style with the chain belts and I think it would look so cool. I’m going to stop here and let you have a look at all with your own eyes๐Ÿ˜‚.

Wow, that ended up being a pretty long blogpost! As well as eyeing up things, I also bought a few things and wondered wether you’d like a spring/summer haul? Anyway thanks so much for reading,

Love Jasmine xx

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