Testing SheIn!♡

Welcome back! Today I’m super excited to share my experience with SheIn! I’ve wanted to try this online brand for ages but I’ve always been scared about how the clothes would fit and if I’d even get what’s in the picture but I finally bit the bullet and ordered some pieces, so carry on reading to see what I got and how I found it…

Usually, I would save the best outfit till last however I’m just too excited to keep this one from you. I’d been searching for a tweed dress like this after seeing someone wearing a Storets one which was far too expensive for me and when I saw this I just had to get it. The reviews on the app are so good because you can get a great feel of how it will fit and if other people had a good experience. I also ordered this beautiful blouse to go under the dress. The tweed dress is really lovely, the material is soft and quite thick plus it fits very well. The top is a slightly cheaper material but it was a bargain item of clothing so I’m not surprised, it looks stunning and I love it.

After ordering those two items, I realised I quite liked the clothing so I bought a few more bits. Some of them are for my sister as her birthday is coming up soon and a couple of them are for me. One of them being, this really cute tweed skirt because Shein does tweed cheaply and well. The skirt is slightly too big for my waist (nothing a safety pin can’t fix) but it fits well on the hips. I recommend holding off for a few days if you’re planning to make an order because they often do free shipping days (normally Sundays) which you can also use a discount code on top of (which are very easy to find on the internet).

I found this beautiful blouse in the kids section and it reminded me so much of something that you would see in Ted Baker. It’s stunning and the material is quite nice for the price.

I got this adorable cherry two piece set for my sister and it is so cute! I’ll probably end up borrowing it in the summer! The top is beautiful and fits really well, the shorts are quite see through so you have to be careful with your choice of underwear. I personally think they are a little long however I have quite short legs so I find that with a lot of things.

My sister really suits the slightly sporty look so I got her this bodycon mini skirt that has red and white panels on the side. It’s really figure hugging which is nice however the material is a bit sheer (another one to watch out on the underwear choice). To go with it, I bought this scallop top. It’s quite a cheap material but it was only about £3. It looks cute and will be great in the spring/summer.

Lastly, I got her this little check print mini skirt. It’s a bit big on the waist which is annoying but it fits on the hips. The material is like a scuba texture which feels very thick and it’s not see through which is a plus.

Overall, I think SheIn do really affordable clothes well. I would probably stick to buying more blouses and tweed on there as that’s what I love and they do so well. I recently bought a bag on Shein that should come soon, I’m sure it will be on my Instagram if it’s any good! Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed,

Love Jasmine xx




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