Holiday Essentials!

If you follow my Instagram you may have seen that I’m on holiday. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share some great products to have on a swim, sun, sand and beach type of holiday.FullSizeRender

I have talked about Aussie in my “How I Care For My Long Hair” blog post and they just brought out a range called Beach Mate. This is perfect for hair that’s been in the sea, sand and pools. It completely rejuvenates your hair.img_0090

On a market stall in Lanzarote, we found some gorgeous micro fibre towels. These are great because they are light weight to pack but also dry you very fast. I found some lovely designs on Amazon in a circular shape.IMG_0118

If you’re  a blogger or you just prefer using a laptop but you can’t take it because it’s too heavy, you can get keyboards for your iPad. It’s light weight and easy to connect and use. If you don’t have an iPad this probably still doesn’t help you.IMG_0104

Often on hols, you find you are constantly in and out of the pool or sea, a grabber clip is perfect for you. You can easily clip your hair into a bun or quick up-do. These are really cheap and you can find them anywhere.IMG_0108

The Malibu Dry Oil Spray is so nice at not leaving you with sticky, uncomfortable skin. It feels lovely and moisturising but if you burn very easily it may not be for you because it only has medium protection.IMG_0079

Travel size versions of your favourite products are so good for weight limits and liquid limits. You can always buy a set of travel containers and put smaller amounts of product into them.FullSizeRender

A multi port plug is a saving grace on holidays where you have a restricted amount of travel plugs. You can charge multiple things at once and not have to worry about there not being enough plug sockets or travel plugs.IMG_0157

Well, that’s everything I can think of. Thank you for reading x I hope you enjoyed this holiday special!


Love Jasmine xx

June Favourites…

Ahhh. This had been a lovely (mostly) sunny month. I always love celebrating the end of the month with a favourites blog post so… enjoy! img_9070-1

This pineapple cup from John Lewis put me in a perfect summery mood and just looks so adorable. I love drinking Robinson’s strawberry and kiwi squash from it – it’s my absolute fave squash!img_9076
Staying with the pineapple trend I’ve been wearing these cute pineapple flip-flops as a comfy slip on alternative to sandals for really hot days. The pineapples are a gold foil material and the straps have gold glitter all over them. These were only £2 in Primark! img_9990

You may have seen on my Instagram or in my How I Care For My Long Hair blog post that I was wearing a tankini. I love it! It’s pale pink with tropical leaves and it’s slightly frilly which was actually the first thing that attracted me☺️This was also another Primark steal! img_9988

I have been needing a new powder for ages and I finally got one. I got the Elf: beautifully bare Sheer Tint Finishing Powder in Fair/Light. I bought fair because the other colours in the shop were slightly too dark and because it’s only a sheer powder it doesn’t make me look pale. It also has a little compartment with a sponge.img_9084img_9093img_9089

That’s it for this one. I didn’t have many different favourite products this month but I hope you still enjoyed.
Love Jasmine xx

How To Add a Spring/Summer Touch To Your Room!

I have been making little tweaks to my room to adjust it to the season and really wanted to share some things that you could do in your room to add a springy/summery vibe.20170522_203349246_iOS

Picture Frames/Wall Art.

I put up a nice white picture frame with bright photos and I think it added a really lovely touch. I also think the white frame makes it feel very fresh.IMG_9642


The bedding in your room pretty much sets the whole mood so bright coloured bedding can make it just as springy or summery as you want. I’ve gone very summery with crazy, bright coloured pineapple sheets that bring the room to life. I keep my walls plain so I can change my bedding style easily and change the feel of the room.IMG_9645

A Splash of Colour.

A splash of colour could be something vibrant or something pastel. I’ve gone for a mix of vibrant colours to match my bed but on a little shelf I have a Pandora bag with a gorgeous pastel bow and around my room, I have some other little pink bits too to pick up the pastel accent.IMG_9650IMG_9646


A set of fresh smelling candles or a flowery reed diffuser can really make a difference. It makes your room feel a lot airier and if you can get some that look cute too, it definitely adds something to your room.IMG_9656


Something green or colourful is a deffo spring summer must have. I did have a little plant in my room but it turns out I’m not very good at looking after real plants so I recommend fake flowers if you are like me and don’t have green fingers. Fake will last forever and stay looking gorgeous. A hand tied bouquet of fresh flowers can also look amazing in a pretty vase, they smell great too.IMG_9654

I hope you have fun Springing/Summering up your room with all these ideas in mind. Also ‘That’s all from me’ is getting tiring so i’ve decided to change it up a bit and my new ending will be…

Love Jasmine xx

Spring clean tips! (for a bedroom)

It is the perfect time to get spring cleaning and so I thought I’d share how I am spring cleaning and my tips and tricks for keeping a tidy room.IMG_0262.JPG (1)

  • A charity shop or selling unwanted items.

A charity shop is a great way to clean out the things you don’t want anymore but can’t bear just binning them off. Another good way to get shot of things you don’t need anymore but are still in really good condition is to sell it. I like to use a site called Gumtree as it is all free to use, eBay is obviously also a good one to try, but beware the fees!

  • Store things away.

If you have some wintery or Christmas stuff lying about or filling up your wardrobe it’s always handy to put it in a bag and store it in a loft or an out of sight place where it won’t get in the way. I often like to put away big winter jackets that take up lots of room on my hanging rail.

  • Open the window.

Ok, I know this sound completely obvious, but I find sometimes after winter you forget to let in some fresh air. Just opening the window wide can make the room feel a whole lot cleaner and airier.

  • Change the bedding.

I can’t explain the joy I get from climbing into new fresh sheets. This is a great thing to do during your spring clean to make the room feel fresh. Perhaps invest in a pretty new duvet set to welcome in Spring.

  • The basic cleaning.

Last of all, the basic things like hoovering, dusting, cleaning the windows etc.  I would suggest doing all of this when your room is completely decluttered and tidy – it makes it much easier.

So there are my spring cleaning tips/how I spring clean. I hope this gave you some ideas and Happy spring cleaning!

That’s all from me xx




My favourite things in Paris!

I was lucky enough to visit Paris quite recently and started writing a blog post about each day there but I was finding it quite a boring way to write about such an amazing place, so I thought why not do a ‘My Favourite Things In Paris’ blog post instead. I hope you enjoy…

  1. The Eiffel Tower. This seems a very obvious one but I loved it! Every time we got near it or it was in sight I couldn’t put my camera down.IMG_9388
  2. The old streets. I loved the little streets with cute bakeries and bread shops. It was very traditional and wonderful to look at. There was some beautiful detail on some of the buildings.20170415_161921000_iOS
  3. The Arc de Triomphe. Even though I couldn’t take a decent polaroid up there due to the dazzling sunlight I still loved the view from the Arc de Triomphe. It was beautiful – you could see out over everything!20170406_170749188_iOSIMG_9395
  4. I know I’ve mentioned it already but the Eiffel Tower at night! It was a completely different feel than in the day time. Everyone sat on the grass while the tower was lit up and people came and sold wine and souvenirs. Once every hour the tower sparkled with fairy lights too. There was also a band playing which added to the party atmosphere.IMG_6627

The patisseries. On every street, there seemed to be a beautiful, ornate patisserie. They all offered the most amazing cakes – I got a huge bubblegum meringue which was scrumptious. My Mum sampled a Parisian praline millefeuille which was also gorgeous.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. The Notre Dame. It was a marvelous Cathedral on its own little island yet in the city center. All over it had beautiful carvings of cherubs and angels. I couldn’t help but remember the story of the hunch back of Notre dame as I looked around inside and admired the stunning glass stained window.


There was so much more to see but these were the highlights of my trip. We packed as much as possible into the few days we stayed. I’d recommend doing an open top ‘hop on and off’ bus tour as we did – It was a great way to see all the sights and learn more about this amazing city.

That’s all from me xx

What I Bought My Sister for Her 11th Birthday!

I love when it’s my sisters’ birthday because I get to enjoy picking cute things for her. I’m one of those people who enjoys buying presents as much as I do receiving them.

Firstly I found these stunning heels from New Look. They are just little ones but I think she’ll love some grown up shoes to prance about in now and then. I was worried that she might grow out of these fast but I decided to still get them as they were the only pair and were reduced right down to £5. I would have loved these at her age!20170403_171317000_iOS

Next, I found this little fountain in B and M bargains. It’s a bit of an odd present but I think my sister will enjoy the novelty of having a mini fountain in her room (and the cats should too!). This was another little bargain at only £4.99.20170403_171926000_iOS

In Asda, I found the perfect little succulent in a rose gold pot which was on my sisters’ list. I’m slightly jealous and I think I might go back and get myself one because it’s just so cute and only £4.20170403_171739000_iOS

Lastly, I got her a tiara ring from Amazon that looks very much like the one from Pandora. My mum found this and I think it’s a good idea because my sister can wear it happily without having to be really worried about losing an expensive ring. (She is known for losing things.)  The one I got was £11.99 but there are cheaper ones and they are sterling silver in the ‘style of’ Pandora.20170403_165419000_iOS

I hope this gives you some good ideas if you’ve got a sister, niece, daughter etc. to buy for and I hope you enjoyed reading.

That’s all from me xx

My relaxed morning routine…​

Who loves a lazy lie in sometimes on a Saturday morning? I know I do and that’s what this post is all about, well actually not the lie in but what I get up to when I finally emerge from the cosy clutches of my duvet! This is about those occasional relaxed days when you can take your time getting ready and enjoy it…..img_9894

9.00: I start off by brushing my hair – I always hate the feeling that my hair is a bit knotty from lying on it overnight and a good brush through always makes me feel instantly refreshed and leaves me with my with scalp tingling.img_9106

9.40: After brushing my hair and browsing on my phone, I’ll hop in the shower. Oddly although I might seem like the type of person who could spend all day in the shower, I only spend about 10-15mins in there unless I’m washing my hair – then it can take up to 30 minutes. A squirt of my favourite Lush products is a must.IMG_4022

10.05: While wrapped in my dressing gown and my hair twisted in a towel, I make my bed or at least try to with Archie (the cat) lying around.img_9124

10.15: Once I’ve fully dried off and made my bed, I get dressed for the day. I don’t take too long to get dressed because if I see a top/jeans etc,  ideas of what could go with it start filling my head. I try to buy clothes that ‘go’ together to make outfits.20170222_125135000_iOS

10.30: I eat something for a late brunch/ breakfast. I am trying to be healthy but if we’re being honest it will probably involve a pain au chocolat or some Nutella toast!img_9198

10.50: I do the usual brushing of my teeth and style my hair to suit my outfit or mood. I will also follow my skin care routine, helping my skin feel fresh and healthy. img_8607

11.15: If I’m in the mood, I’ll put on some make-up which is actually really relaxing. I’ll do this while watching YouTube (probably Sacconejolys as they’re my faveee!) and on chill days I like to experiment with different looks.img_9155

11.45: To finish up my morning routine I put on my jewellery and perfume, grab my phone and head out for some fresh air…20170222_125750000_iOS

I put some rough timings to give you a vague idea but it depends on the day really.This is a very relaxed weekend example, it’s a lot different in the week or on a day I have plans and want an early start! I hope you liked this.

That’s all from me xx

February favourites…

It doesn’t feel that long ago since I wrote my January favourites but here we are again. Not much has changed from January but I have noticed a few things I have been reaching for frequently, or enjoying lots this month, so read on and find out more…20170214_105336693_ios
First my white bedding. I’ve been lusting over pictures of things displayed on crisp, hotel style bedding and so I bought myself some. I love how the fresh cotton reflects the light in my room and yet feels so cosy at the same time. I have already used my new sheets as a background on my ‘What’s in My Sleepover Bag?’ blog post.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been wearing my thinner, cropped, long-sleeved tops from Newlook a lot. I like that they still fit in with a winter look but also feel a little lighter as we are nearing Spring.(Ever hopeful…!)20170506_065513620_iOS

Lately, I have started using a BB cream as I had been suffering from drier skin and slight redness in the drier weather. My face feels a lot healthier but it also has a gentle coverage so I’ve been using it as a light foundation.20170506_065748308_iOS

A new book this month – ‘Flawed’ by Cecilia Ahern. I can’t recommend this enough. It’s a brilliant read and one that put a lump in my throat and made me tear up slightly. I can’t wait for the next one in the series, as this book had me gripped.20160119_183331000_iOS 1

I didn’t use my honey queen blusher much in January but I have been loving it as a highlighter this month. I like how it gives a lovely golden glow under the light.20170506_062624000_iOS

These are the most noticeable changes in what I’ve been loving or using more this month. What have you been using more this February? As per usual…

That’s all from me xx

How I organise my life with lists…

This feels a little bit out of the ordinary but I’ve been using lists and a couple of diagrams to help myself to feel more organised day to day. Let me take you through the lists and charts I  like to make it easier to remember things and ensure life flows smoothly.IMG_8968

List 1. I make a ‘Daily Stick to Plan’. I actually type this up on my notes (on my phone) so I can take it round all day to tick off. I usually add things like: have porridge for breakfast, do some reading, start a blog post, do 15mins of exercise etc. Little, easily achievable goals for the day.IMG_8989

List 2. A blogpost ideas list. This is good for when I’m like “Oh! I need to write a blogpost but what should I do it about?” If I get time I can write them in advance and get them scheduled for the week.20170506_071849020_iOS

Diagram 1. A water chart – I am guiltily aware of needing to be better at hydrating myself and this is a good way to remember to note down if I drank enough!


Diagram 2. A five a day diagram. I colour in how many fruits I’ve had a day and I definitely need to get healthier.20170212_120252000_iOS

Mindmaps. Just an extra sometimes I’ll draw a mind map saying all the things I want to or could include in a certain blog post.20170212_121120000_iOS
I don’t do all of these everyday (who has time?!) but they are the ways I organise myself generally.Tell me in the comments if you do any of these and if you are going to, but as always,

That’s all from me xx

Canterbury with bezzie + mini haul!👭💗

Saturday 4th February. Hey so on Saturday I went to Canterbury with my ultimate best friend. We did a little shopping, made time for delicious food, and then the best bit… we were off to the Marlowe theatre for Pride and Prejudice. The shopping part happily included a little time in PRIMARK where we bought some matching pjs – totally feeling a sleepover coming on soon👭!! There is something about a trip out with good friends that leaves a smile on your face as well as giving you a chance to make new memories.img_5815

We loved Pride and Prejudice in the theatre and got swept away by Mr Darcy. Not going to lie another fave part of the day was our hasty run into Poundland beforehand to pick up what felt like every confectionary in sight – we stopped at the Easter eggs. This is a top tip for avoiding pricey theatre snacks! The show was great throughout and we managed to shuffle into some better  (empty!) seats with an even better view of the stage. We took a lot of selfies over the course of the day – I must have a million photos with my bestie as we never stop snapping them.20170205_105808000_iOS

On a random note anyone else realised how many Deliveraroo people there are around Canterbury? We always shout “hashtag Deliveroo !” and today I asked one “hey, where do you get your backpack ?- I really want one” he gave me the most puzzled look. I think it would be useful to have one!

We had dinner at Wagamamas – yum! I always order the chicken katsu without the curry. We all did our best with the chopsticks , no worries if it goes wrong, just go with the ones that look like tweezers. Food out is always more fun with friends.



Anyway time for the mini haul. I really didn’t get much but here goes…

I have been seeing all the blue stripe pyjamas on the internet and I loved them! In Primark I got my hands on a long night shirt in blue stripes with pale pink piping. It also has a little pocket which has ‘love’ in cursive writing  on it. Gorgeous!img_9106

I also snaffled some cutesy blue stripe shorts PJ’s and a little vest top to wear with it. These are the ones me and my bezzie got matching.img_8858

I’ve been wanting a new cosy hoodie for ages and I found a good one today. It’s a nice creamish colour and perfect to snuggle in . Unfortunately It’s in the wash so I couldn’t get a picture.

Random one but I got these hairbands for thick hair – hoping they won’t break as soon as it touches my hair!20170205_111403000_iOS

Well like I said it really was a mini haul although I have decided to add a pic of the sweets as that was really funny – we were running around picking up stuff like sugar starved maniacs! It’s fair to say we lived up to the old saying of ‘eyes bigger than belly’!20170205_000608000_iOS

That’s all from me xx