Current Favourite Homeware Items!

I don’t talk about homeware items much and there’s so much out there that I love. I like to find pretty items for my room so I hope you’re interested in my current favourite decor pieces in my bedroom.

First, is these really luscious fur pillows from House of Fraser. I got them for Christmas and I was so excited when I saw these – I would recommend checking out House of Fraser to see if they still stock them! One is pretty, blush pink colour and the other has all different shades of browny-grey with animal style print all over.  My bed looked really boring before but these have just made it look so much better. They’re also very comfy 😉IMG_4425.jpg

In Asda, I found this cute little pillow for £2.50 on sale. I thought it looked really vintage and pretty and would match well with the pink accents of my room.IMG_1918.jpg

Another Christmas present was these candles. The first one I received was the Primark one which has an appealing rose gold lid with a little Christmas tree on. The tree is quite subtle though so I think I can get away with it throughout the year. The scent isn’t that strong, I mostly like it for decoration! The other candle is this gold and white one. On the front, it has my initial in gold and the pot is a ceramic material. Not only does it does it look amazing, it smells it too! The scent is grapefruit and ginger – it smells so warm and cosy unlike most of my fresh scented candles.IMG_1788IMG_1802

This glass is so beautiful and is from the same range as the candle before. It’s nice and large so I used it for storing some of my lipglosses and liquid lipsticks. What I love about it matching my candle is that it helps all my room tie in together. If you’re looking to find the candle and glass, check out Marks and Spencers to see if they are still in stock.IMG_1809.jpg

I found this bargain in Poundland of all places. It’s this pack of marble coasters. I’ve been looking for some cheap but nice coasters for a while and these are perfect as they come in a pack of 4 and they’re really cheap so I don’t have worry about them getting spoiled. They also look quite good in flatlays!IMG_1910.jpg

How charming is this retro style clock? It’s actually my mums but she said I can have it on extended borrow. It works perfectly on my bedside table and it’s the loveliest pastel pink colour.IMG_1906.jpg

I hope you liked this lifestyle blog post. Which homeware items have you been loving lately? Anyway, comment below and leave a like,

Love Jasmine xx




My New Years Resolutions!

A new year, a new me! I hope this year is going to be really good and I hope you had good New Years celebrations. Did you celebrate with a party? Anyway let’s not get distracted, I’m here to tell you my new year’s resolutions and I want to work hard to achieve them all.

Use up my body lotions and hand creams

I have a lot of lotions and hand creams that I need to use up. I always forget to use them so now I intend to use them every night and some mornings. This counts for all my toiletries actually.5699024224_img_1601

Do more exercise

I used to do a quick workout a lot but I’ve got lazy and stopped so I want to get into doing just a 5-15 minute workout each night.20180103_115652590_iOS

Plan ahead more blog posts

I want to post more on my blog and after doing blogmas I realised if I keep quite active on my blog I gain some more lovely followers. I can post more if I start planning and writing more posts a bit ahead of time.

Drink more water

I think this was one of my goals last year and I’m definitely drinking more than 2016 but I want to make sure that I’m taking a bottle of water to school every day and drinking a big glass before bed.20180103_115210980_iOS

Get to bed earlier

I need more sleep so I can really focus at school and I think it’s a lot healthier for me to get a good nights sleep.20180103_122644950_iOS

These are just a few because if I make too many, I’ll never achieve them. What are your New Years resolutions? Remember to follow, like and comment,

Love Jasmine xx

Christmas Morning Routine!

Everybody does Christmas Morning a little bit differently so I thought I’d talk through what my family and I do on Christmas Morning.

First, of course, you have to wake up but I always have a glimpse of my presents that ‘Father Christmas’ left in a sack bedside my bed. I’ll then get out and feel the ones on top, trying to guess what they might be.IMG_3246

Usually, I creep downstairs with my sister and we check the fireplace to see if Father Christmas has eaten his snack (whatever we baked him on Christmas Eve). Rudolph always nibbles his carrot too.😉img_4085-1

Mum and Dad like a bit more sleep (no 5am starts) so I’ll put the kettle on and my sister and I will exchange presents.IMG_3249

Taking up their tea, we go to my Mum and Dad’s room with our stockings and pile onto their bed to open them, the cats usually come on too to be nosy and see what’s happening. We like to all be together to open presents and we have a fancy tin of Christmas biscuits too.img_8919

Last year, we got dressed in our new Christmas clothes after doing our stockings because Christmas was at our house and it made preparing easier but sometimes we just stay in our pjs for a bit. Then we take our sack of main presents downstairs. We take a few pictures with the tree behind and us with our sacks. Then we get opening! It’s so much fun and we make a bit of a mess with the wrapping paper, but that’s all part of it.

img_4087-1img_4095That’s my Christmas Morning Routine and this is the last proper blogmas so I hope you enjoyed – I will still post a quick blogmas tomorrow to end properly. Also, what’s the first thing you do on Christmas morning? Like, comment and follow,

Love Jasmine xx
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The Mystery Blogger Award!

I was nominated by Morgiereacts and I’m very grateful that she nominated me as this is my first blogger award or anything like this so thank you.

This award was probably created by Okoto Enigma’s Blog and you can check out her lovely blog here –

There are the rules of the award:

1 Put the award logo/image on your blog

  1. List the rules.
  2. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  3. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  4. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  5. You have to nominate 10 – 20 people
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  7. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
  8. Share a link to your best post(s)

Three Facts About Me:

  1. I am currently in year 9 which means in two years I’ll be taking my GCSE’s. For my subjects, I chose to study German, French, History and Photography. A lot of my friends think I’m crazy because I took two languages but I wanted to learn them to help me with future jobs and travelling.
  2. One of my go-to facts about me is that I am half Chinese. If you already follow my blog or Instagram you may have just noticed anyway. My dad is from HongKong/China and my mum is English.
  3. Lastly, I have two kitties. One is getting really very old and it’s a bit sad but I love her so much even if she acts like she hates everyone. She’s a little black cat and is actually my mum’s cat, I have grown up with her being there all my life. Our other cat is a big, fluffy black and white boy. He is super cuddly and the cutest furry thing that comes onto my beevery nightht for some attention.

Five Questions I Have To Answer:

1. What is your favourite thing to blog about?

I love to blog about different products I’ve bought or tried out especially beauty things. I just love trying out things and sharing them with you. Not only do I like to write these but I also love to read these type of blogs. And, I absolutely love doing hauls because new things are just very exciting!

2. How do you want to develop your blog in the future?

I would love to upgrade my blog so there aren’t any WordPress ads and I have a custom domain name. I would also love to work with brands and do more collaboration posts. My ultimate goal is to make it look and feel quite professional and possibly earn a few pennies or products from it too!

3. What convinced you to start blogging?

I really wanted to start something like a youtube channel but I wasn’t confident enough yet to start one so the idea of a blog came about. I already liked reading people like Zoella’s blog which definitely inspired me. What pushed me into actually starting one was embarrassingly because I got lots of really cute stuff for Christmas and I wanted a place where I could take photos and write about or review these things without feeling like I was showing off.

4. Is there anything you would do differently if you were to re-start a blog?

I thought about this but I couldn’t think of anything I would do differently as I think part of building a blog that you love is progressing from where you started from and learning as you go along.

5. A weird one – do you have any weird combinations of food like marmite and chips? Tell us!

I really tried hard to think of a weird combination of food I like but I think I was the wrong person to ask because I really eat pretty basic stuff. I used to be really picky but I’ve got a lot better however that doesn’t mean I’m going to be trying marmite and chips anytime soon. I do have a love of Italian food and am probably guilty of adding cheese to dishes where other people wouldn’t because let’s face it.. cheese is always a good idea!

My Five Questions To You:

1. What goals are you aiming to achieve for your blog?

2. What country do you desperately want to visit?

3. Name one moment you would change if you were to re-live it.

4. Whats your favourite piece of clothing that you own/owned?

5. Weird one: What would you never name your child and why?

My Favourite Posts:

  1. What I Wore In Paris…
  2. My weekly Calendar Round Up! (Week 1)
  3. Buying a Halloween Costume on a Budget!

I nominate –


Once again, I’m very thankful to be nominated for this award. I hope I didn’t leave it too late to write. Remember to like and follow!

Love Jasmine xx

Christmas Brugge Trip!

If you read my Brugge Hotel Tour you would probably know I went to Brugge for a little Christmas Trip. It was very beautiful and I’m so glad we were able to go and see some of the sights. I do however think that Germany is a lot better for their markets and the wide range of things to do, but Brugge was perfect for a one night away to somewhere pretty.img_3180

On the first arrival, we spent some time in the hotel then went out and explored the markets and shops. They definitely do their Christmas lights and decorations well! In one of the very Christmassy shops we bought some gorgeous little bears, I just love their detail. As we got a bit tired and hungry, we ate in a little restaurant and headed back to the hotel. It was a little rainy so it was hard to take good pictures.IMG_3171IMG_3130IMG_3128


The cute bears we bought ^^^


After stuffing ourselves on hotel breakfast, we wandered back to the little square. We checked out the ice rink and it wasn’t busy so we decided to go on it. It was so lovely, the ice was smooth and I had a fantastic time skating about with all the pretty buildings around. We took another look around the shops and markets in the daylight then went back to the car.img_3832img_3843img_3882-1img_3861

We stopped at City Europe for a shop around. I popped into Sephora but the prices are a lot more expensive than buying the products from UK stores. I ended buying a hanging plant pot in Maison Du… My sister bought an adorable cat mug.img_4069

What I Wore:

Day 1- I left home in my comfy black wrap dress and tights. I wore my black knee-high boots with all my outfits. Once I reached the hotel, I changed into a tartan skirt and long sleeved top with red and white details on the neck and sleeves. I also wore a Burberry style scarf, cream leather gloves and a fluffy bobble hat.img_3071img_3933

Day 2- Wrapping Up Warm, I Wore a Christmas jumper, jeans, then I added my white fluffy scarf, Primark earmuffs and grey knit gloves. My fluffy cuffs were from a little shop in Brugge, they can be worn with boots as well.img_3978IMG_3178

That was all of our little trip. Hope you enjoyed and are starting to get excited about Christmas! Like and Follow,

Love Jasmine xx

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Brugge Christmas Hotel Tour!

The hotel I’m staying in is so gorgeous and I wanted to show you some of it. It’s called the Grand Hotel Casselbergh. It’s a very historic building and the festive decs are so pretty!

It has a lovely glass entrance. Everywhere has pretty glass chandeliers. Right next to the reception are some lounges. They are very traditional and beautiful, the big tree in one of them is exquisite. There are also some stairs that split into two at the top.IMG_3087IMG_3075IMG_3073

In the more modern part, there is a cool gym with palm trees and lots of equipment. I really want a gym mirror selfie!  IMG_3083.jpg

The hotel room is really cute. It’s slightly dark but it has a really cosy feel as the whole ceiling is wooden beams.

My sister and I are sleeping on an upstairs level in the room. It’s really awesome as it has a little staircase and it’s basically a large balcony.  It separates the room up and makes it feel more private. It has lovely, bouncy beds and a little chair and table. The only downside is that there is a beam that you have to duck under for the second bed however my sister finds it quite fun.IMG_3015IMG_3100IMG_3041.jpg

My Mum and Dad’s bed is huge and cosy. Downstairs they also have a desk, wardrobe, bathroom and two chairs and a table. The desk is perfect for me to write my blog posts at and the bathroom is all a lovely white marble, but the best part is that they give you L’occitaine products! The windows are also very nice with a pretty view of the cobbled streets and historic buildings.IMG_3007IMG_3010IMG_3086.jpg

We’ve only been here one day so there is probably more that we’ve missed as it’s a really big hotel. Keep updated on my Instagram and Insta Story for updates. If you enjoyed give this a like and follow. Also, watch out for when I upload some more about my Brugge trip.

Love Jasmine xx

What’s in my Overnight Christmas Market Bag!

I’m so excited that I’m going to the Bruges Christmas markets in a few days. I love doing ‘what’s inside my bag’ posts and so I thought this was the perfect chance to do another. This doesn’t include my clothes, I’m just going to talk about random bits and bobs that I’ll be taking.

I’m packing my laptop and its charger so I can keep writing my blogmasses and keep updated on my blog. I’ll also take my camera and some batteries because I expect I’ll be taking lots of pictures! Of course, I’ll take my phone and a charger too and I mustn’t forget my Polaroid in case I get a chance to take a cute one.IMG_2902

I’ll take a pared down version of my makeup with all my basics. I also take a toiletry bag with some perfume, makeup remover, some skincare, a hairbrush and usually pack my jewellery in with this too. I like to take a couple of facemasks to do with my sister.IMG_2888IMG_2867

I’ll be taking a small purse and bag that won’t get too heavy to walk around with all day.IMG_2945

I know I said I won’t mention clothes, but I will throw in a hat, scarf, gloves etc. into this bag as well so I can grab them easily. I’ll also put a pair of fluffy socks in to put on in the car.IMG_2934

I packed the boxes of the days in my calendar so I wouldn’t miss out.


I just picked out random boxes for this picture.

Lastly, I’ll take a pen and my blogging notebook so I can plan future posts. I’ll also take my favourite book to enjoy during the journey.IMG_2915

Are you going anywhere this Christmas? Like and follow if you enjoyed this post,

Love Jasmine xx

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My Christmas Eve Traditions!

It’s getting close the night before the big day so here are my family traditions to get you into the Christmas spirit. During the day we like to do some Christmas baking. We also start cooking our Christmas gammon and all have a few sneaky bits when it comes out hot and glazed.IMG_2828

We always begin the night by having a nice bath and making sure our rooms are clean and ready for Christmas day. I love this as I wind down a bit and get all ready for Christmas morning.IMG_2363

My favourite part of Christmas eve is going downstairs with the fire on, wrapped in a dressing gown. And wrapped up is a little present…Christmas eve pyjamas! My sister and I always get new Christmas Eve pyjamas and I get way too excited about this. Last year we had the cutest matching robin bird ones.img_3833-1

We still like to put out a plate of whatever we baked during the day and some milk for Father Christmas plus a carrot for the reindeer (you can never be too old to do this). This feels so festive and it’s so much fun – it’s really just a novelty and tradition that we still like to carry on with. In the morning it’s always been nibbled! img_3830-1img_3831-1

After that, we try to get to sleep a bit early because it’s a big day ahead but I can never get to sleep for ages because it’s Christmas and it’s so exciting! And if I’m still awake at midnight I like to take a screenshot of my Christmas countdown app and finally go to sleep thinking it’s actually Christmas day!img_3881

I really want to carry on these traditions when I’m older with a family of my own. I hope you enjoyed today’s Blogmas post, don’t forget to like and follow x

Love Jasmine xx

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Wrapping Tips!

Wrapping can be a bit tricky but hopefully, some of these tips will make it slightly easier this year.

One of my personal favourite things to do to make my presents look neat, mysterious and easy to wrap is putting the gifts in a box. It’s much harder to guess presents in a box and it’s an even object that looks nice under your tree.  Cubes and cuboids are the easiest shapes to wrap.IMG_2637

Choose the correct size of paper for your gift – this avoids chunky edges or corners where you have too much excess paper to fold in.IMG_2663

Smooth your fingers along the edges and folds of the paper on hard-edged gifts to make a crisp, clean line.IMG_2648

Don’t use too much sellotape to keep the gifts looking tidy. If you really want a great finish, consider double-sided tape for a hidden seal.IMG_2649

If you have lots of presents to wrap and label consider buying sticker style stick on gift tags – these are tidy and easy to use.IMG_2643

If you are wrapping a larger item and realise you are running low on wrapping paper – try folding opposite diagonal corners, this often covers more of the present than folding edge to edge.IMG_2674

These are some of my handy tips so I hope this makes it easier. Don’t forget to follow and Like,

Love Jasmine xx

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Christmas Fireplace Tour!

Every year we decorate our fireplace to make our living room feel really festive. I thought I would share it with you for some inspiration.IMG_2562.jpg

The first thing you see are the garlands along the top. There are actually two, one is quite realistic looking and the other has gold-edged holly and decorations on it. The green and red theme is really festive and goes really well with the other decorations.IMG_2539IMG_2540

I love the bunting my mum puts on the fireplace. It almost looks as if could be homemade but was a Next find a few years ago. The bright red lettering just looks so classic.IMG_2561

There are four long red candles in pretty candle holders. They look very perfectly even on each side and give the mantelpiece some height.IMG_2547.jpg

We always put out these novelty Santa candles around our glass clock which we keep on the fireplace all year round. We also have a little ceramic house that you can put a candle in and light up.IMG_2546.jpgIMG_2543.jpg

Along the bottom of the fireplace, we have some candles. I love the Candycane Lane one and the Peppermint Martini one because they remind me of Christmas. There is also a little candle dish from CathKidston and a Tealight holder from Disneyland Paris.IMG_2550IMG_2553

That’s the end of this blogmas for today but tomorrow I’m posting my Calendar Weekly Round-Up so keep an eye out. Remember to like and follow,

Love Jasmine xx