Wrapping Tips!

Wrapping can be a bit tricky but hopefully, some of these tips will make it slightly easier this year.

One of my personal favourite things to do to make my presents look neat, mysterious and easy to wrap is putting the gifts in a box. It’s much harder to guess presents in a box and it’s an even object that looks nice under your tree.  Cubes and cuboids are the easiest shapes to wrap.IMG_2637

Choose the correct size of paper for your gift – this avoids chunky edges or corners where you have too much excess paper to fold in.IMG_2663

Smooth your fingers along the edges and folds of the paper on hard-edged gifts to make a crisp, clean line.IMG_2648

Don’t use too much sellotape to keep the gifts looking tidy. If you really want a great finish, consider double-sided tape for a hidden seal.IMG_2649

If you have lots of presents to wrap and label consider buying sticker style stick on gift tags – these are tidy and easy to use.IMG_2643

If you are wrapping a larger item and realise you are running low on wrapping paper – try folding opposite diagonal corners, this often covers more of the present than folding edge to edge.IMG_2674

These are some of my handy tips so I hope this makes it easier. Don’t forget to follow and Like,

Love Jasmine xx

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Winter Essentials!


Winter Essentials!

I’m I have loved reading other peoples Winter Essentials and seeing which different things they rely on this season. It has inspired me to do one myself so keep reading…

I would definitely say lip products are something I always need during the cold months as my lips get really dry. I like using this lip scrub from TonyMoly and a Burts Bees lip balm.IMG_2602

I use exfoliating gloves or a body scrub to make sure that my skin also doesn’t get dry. I don’t currently have any body scrub left but I really liked the Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life.2293424

Hot chocolate is one of my favourite things so cosy up with in winter and I wrote a blog post on how to create the perfect, festive hot chocolate.IMG_2428Find a good book to get into as the weather is a bit miserable sometimes. I can’t wait to start my new book called THUG. I’ve been a bit busy recently keeping up with blogmas and school work,  but as soon as I find some time I intend to get into it. The Christmas holidays should give me some time to catch up.IMG_2595

My face often gets aggravated and spotty in the cold so I’ve been using this Freederm gel which has really helped shrink any breakouts.IMG_2607

What are your essentials this winter? I hope you enjoyed as always and don’t forget to like and follow,

Love Jasmine xx

Calendar Weekly Round Up​ (Week 2)

If you read my last Calendar Weekly Round Up you’d know I’m going to be posting every 7 days what’s in my Marks & Spencer beauty calendar.

Day 8 – Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara

This mascara is very waterproof which makes it last for ages. The brush is slightly curled so it catches all your lashes. I really like this as it’s very black and gives a nice, dramatic effect.IMG_2384.jpg

Day 9 – NailsInc Gel One Coat (shade: Molten Star)

I love NailsInc nail polish and this is a gorgeous gold colour which is perfect for this festive season but can be worn all year round. You get a full sized product which is really generous.IMG_2434.jpg

Day 10 – Formula Innovate Radiance Reveal Peel

This product should give your skin a lift when it feels dull. I tried some out and was really surprised. It comes out as a translucent, smooth liquid and when you apply it to your skin it starts to almost exfoliate your dry skin. It feels really moisturising and smells really fresh. I actually like how it leaves your skin feeling so smooth after.IMG_2485.jpg

Day 11 – Look Good Feel Better Sculpting Sponge

This is a lovely brand and they are the only global cancer charity supporting women with the visible side effects of cancer treatment. I love the sponge as the flat sides mean I can get into the small crevices of my face and it leaves my foundation looking flawless.IMG_2515.jpg

Day 12 – Alphah Liquid Gold Rose (Limited Edition)

I love the original Liquid Gold and was really intrigued to see this in my calendar. It smells absolutely delicious and it’s supposed to offer you instant hydration while still resurfacing and smoothing like the original Liquid Gold.IMG_2569.jpg

Day 13 – Shay & Blue Boutique Perfumery ( Scent: Blood Orange)

I was over the moon to see this as I loved the one they put in the M&S calendar last year and it was really exciting to see a different scent. This smells exactly as it’s named, it has a lovely strong scent of oranges. I haven’t smelt a perfume similar to this and I really like it.IMG_2571.jpg

Day 14 – Emma Hardie Moringa Balm

This was in the calendar last year and I don’t mind seeing it again because I really like this product. You put it on your face and leave it on for a while, it hydrates your face and gives it a better appearance then you rinse it off. It smells lovely really does the job.

I’ve loved this week as I did find the week before was a lot of creams but this is a nice mixture of products. Whi calendar have you got this Christmas? Like, share and follow,

Love Jasmine xx

Christmas Fireplace Tour!

Every year we decorate our fireplace to make our living room feel really festive. I thought I would share it with you for some inspiration.IMG_2562.jpg

The first thing you see are the garlands along the top. There are actually two, one is quite realistic looking and the other has gold-edged holly and decorations on it. The green and red theme is really festive and goes really well with the other decorations.IMG_2539IMG_2540

I love the bunting my mum puts on the fireplace. It almost looks as if could be homemade but was a Next find a few years ago. The bright red lettering just looks so classic.IMG_2561

There are four long red candles in pretty candle holders. They look very perfectly even on each side and give the mantelpiece some height.IMG_2547.jpg

We always put out these novelty Santa candles around our glass clock which we keep on the fireplace all year round. We also have a little ceramic house that you can put a candle in and light up.IMG_2546.jpgIMG_2543.jpg

Along the bottom of the fireplace, we have some candles. I love the Candycane Lane one and the Peppermint Martini one because they remind me of Christmas. There is also a little candle dish from CathKidston and a Tealight holder from Disneyland Paris.IMG_2550IMG_2553

That’s the end of this blogmas for today but tomorrow I’m posting my Calendar Weekly Round-Up so keep an eye out. Remember to like and follow,

Love Jasmine xx

How to Keep Warm On Cold Mornings!

Now the weather is a bit more chilly, I thought it might be nice to make a list of good ways to keep cosy.img_3649

You need some nice, warm pyjamas! Primark sells some really lovely ones and don’t forget some really fluffy socks. I absolutely love fluffy socks on cold mornings or evenings. If this isn’t enough put on a snug dressing gown and that should do it.IMG_2489IMG_2502

In winter, I love fur blankets. Any blankets will do but I really love fur ones because they remind me of the warm and they’re usually really thick. I also recommend a hot water bottle but you may find that you don’t need it if you’re wrapped up in pyjamas, fluffy socks, dressing gowns and a furry throw!IMG_2529

A hot breakfast is a perfect way to keep warm in the mornings and it’s also delicious! Porridge is a great, hearty meal but you can also have warm waffles, pancakes or a full English breakfast if you’re feeling quite hungry.


Only picture of warm food I have xx


A hot bath always satisfies me when it’s cold and I wrote a blog post on how to create the perfect, festive bath.IMG_2357

How do you keep warm on these frosty mornings? Tell me in the comments and leave a like and Follow,

Love Jasmine xx

Come Ice Skating With Me!

My mum booked a lovely trip to go ice skating and I thought I could do a similar post to my Follow Me Around Shopping blog post.

What I Wore-

I wanted a nice outfit that looked wintery so I opted for my ice blue tartan skirt with my cream long sleeved top. The ice rink was outside so I also wore a puffer jacket, white fluffy scarf, Primark earmuffs and cream leather gloves. On my feet, I wore my knee high boots and underneath I had some fluffy socks so my ice skates felt comfortable.

We went to the Calverley Gardens in Tunbridge Wells. The rink was outside and all real ice so it felt very festive. It was really chilly but it added to the fun – I did end up with cold hands though even in my gloves!

It was really beautiful as it had a row of lit up Christmas market style huts that sold gifts, food and the most adorable baby clothes. One of them was a cafe that was really reasonable, we had toasted sandwiches and my sister got soup.

Once we had been to the box office and got our tickets, we headed over to where you collect your ice skates. Tip: get half a size bigger to make sure they are comfortable and remember you can get them swapped for a different size if it doesn’t feel right.img_3610

The ice rink was quite big but still got very busy once everyone was on. It took me about 20 minutes to get back into the rhythm. It was so pretty to see everyone skating around and have Christmas songs playing loudly in the background.img_3588

We were pleasantly tired after a session of skating, so we looked at all the Christmas lights in the town and then set off home after this, just stopping off to get a warm drink and a snack on the way back. I hope you enjoyed the blogpost and don’t forget to like and follow,

Love Jasmine xx

Christmas Room Tour!

I’ve pretty much decorated my room for Christmas (I’ll probably add some things as we get closer to Christmas Day). I went for a cool tone theme but I got a few festive red things out because red is Christmassy!img_3597

On my door, I hung up a snowman decoration. I got this at a little Christmas pop up shop a few years back and I thinks it’s so wintery.IMG_2476

Currently, I have put some winter bedding on my bed which matches the walls of my room. I’ll change this for something more festive before Christmas Day. On my bedside table, I still have my drawing in a frame but I placed a musical nutcracker on one side and on the other side I have a Christmas dome light from a German Christmas market last year.IMG_2445IMG_2454IMG_2452

I have a love of nutcrackers and placed them behind my beautiful M&S calendar which I think looks super festive! I also have my Ted Baker bag displayed with a little gold tree and a Pandora bag with my pink glass pot and candle.IMG_2460IMG_2472IMG_2473

In the centre of my window, I have my gorgeous Christmas tree. I bought this from Argos last year and bought rose gold baubles to decorate. I have tips on how to decorate a white tree in one of my previous blog posts.img_3587

I decided to hang three baubles from my light just to look pretty. I saw that they did this in the hairdressers I go to and I’ve also seen people do it on Instagram.IMG_2388

Lastly, I have a couple of small things out like a mini Father Christmas at the end of my bed, two little fluffy baubles that are just cute to hang by my window and a gorgeous Belle ornament from the Disneyland Paris on my dressing table.IMG_2475IMG_2471IMG_2438

If I add anything I’ll probably put them on my Instagram story so make sure you keep updated on my Instagram too! Hope you enjoyed this festive room tour,

Love Jasmine xx

The Perfect Festive Hot Chocolate!

There is something about this time of year that makes me want to switch up my drinks choices to something a little more Christmassy, plus it’s been so cold that a warming drink when you get home is a great idea.IMG_2428

Here’s my quick list to making the perfect hot chocolate:

M&S Christmas hot chocolate-

I just discovered this this year and it’s REALLY good! You basically get a packet of fast melting flakes that you stir into hot milk and bring to the boil. It’s rich, velvety and delicious!IMG_2411

Christmas mugs-

We can never resist a Christmas mug in our house, these are a few of my favourites and I love saving them for a special hot chocolate treat.IMG_2417

Whipped cream and marshmallows-

Who doesn’t love whipped cream and marshmallows? It finishes a hot chocolate wonderfully. Also, sometimes I add a few sprinkles to make it a bit more fun.IMG_9967

Candy canes-

I don’t do this myself as I don’t like the taste of mint but all my family love stirring candy canes into their drink to give it a festive feel. It completely creates a new drink rather than the ordinary hot chocolate.IMG_2421

I could go on for a while about festive drinks but it has to come to an end at some point. What’s your favourite recipe? Also, don’t forget to like and share!! X

Love Jasmine xx

A Relaxing, Festive Bath!

During the Christmas period, you really have to cosy up sometimes and pamper yourself a little. I like to have a hot bubble bath and feel super festive.img_3521

Candles around the bath really set the mood with the orange glow and flickering. I like to place these around the bathroom and bath.IMG_2363

Add some really bubbly bubble bath while it’s running because who doesn’t love a bath with bubbles? For a sweet-smelling bath, I love to add some of the Lush snow fairy shower gel.IMG_2357

I would definitely recommend a trip to Lush where you’ll find some amazing festive products. Grab yourself a bath bomb which will make your bath the most amazing scent! My favourites are the Candy Mountain and The Magic of Christmas for a festive bath.img_3496img_3498-1

You could do a quick face mask while in the tub which I like to do sometimes and it’s much easier because you worry less about making a mess.IMG_2369

I like to put Netflix on and watch a movie. You could watch something Christmassy or just a series you’re currently loving.

I hope you try this and have a really lovely bath. Like and Follow x

Love Jasmine xx

Beauty Advent Calendar Weekly Round Up! (Week 1)

Every 7 days I will post a weekly round-up of the products I have received in my advent calendar. I thought this was a fun way to show you what’s inside the M&S beauty calendar and it’s also a fun blogmas post to write.

Day 1- Rosie for Autograph ‘Amazing Radiance Body Glow

This is a lightly tinted body lotion which will enhance your natural glow. It smells lush and is slightly sparkly. The size of the product is great and I think it will look amazing in summer.IMG_2257

Day 2- Filogra Meso-Mask

This is a face mask that you leave on for 15-30mins and it is supposed to reduce wrinkles and fatigue. It smells fresh and feels very hydrating on the skin.IMG_2270

Day 3- Nuxe Prodigieux Huile De Douche

This is a scented shower oil with golden shimmer. It looks really beautiful as it is very sparkly gold but it doesn’t make you shimmer at all. It definitely leaves you soft after a shower and it’s a product you’ll get lots of use from.IMG_2278 (1)

Day 4- Gatineau Melatogenine AOX Probiotics plus

This cream is supposed to get rid of wrinkles, make your skin feel firmer and make your skin look more radiant. I put this on and it felt really lovely on my face. It kind of reminded me of my Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream from the last calendar with its smooth consistency and making your skin look very dewy and healthy.IMG_2305

Day 5- Rodial Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel

First of all, I love the name of this – it sounds so cool! It smells really lovely, slightly like citrus. It’s a translucent gel and a little bit goes a long way. I like to put it under my makeup as it leaves your skin feeling very smooth like a primer.IMG_2338.jpg

Day 6- Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

I was so excited when I saw this as I’ve been desperate to try a Stila product for a while now. You get a travel sized liquid lipstick in a pinky plum colour (shade: Perla) which drys matte. It’s quite drying so use lip balm but I love it and think it’s a great one to take travelling because it’s only small.IMG_2350.jpg

Day 7- Korres Wild Rose Advanced Sleeping Gel

This is like an overnight facial which is supposed to even out skin tone, repair fine lines, moisturize, heal, and soften skin. It also has vitamin C in it which helps to lessen the appearance of skin discolourations and black spots. It feels really hydrating on the skin and smells quite citrusy.IMG_2380

Hope you enjoyed reading about the first seven products in the M&S calendar. Keep updated on my blog for blogmas! (Like and Follow x)

Love Jasmine xx