5 Amazing Beauty Advent Calendars!

I love Advent because it’s the final countdown to Christmas and choosing an advent calendar is so exciting now, they have moved on a lot from a basic door with a tiny piece of chocolate that I used to have. It’s so much fun receiving a little gift each day! I’ve put together a little list of the 5 beauty advent calendars that look amazing. I’m not going to talk too specifically about things inside because the exciting part of a calendar is being surprised each day!img_2972

First is the Marks and Spencer advent calendar. This pops up on multiple ‘best advent calendar’ lists I’ve read. I was lucky enough to get this because my mum did the offer where you spend £35 to get the £250 calendar for £35. This deal is amazing because the calendar has so many luxury items from various brands. I had the Marks & Spencer calendar last year and it was great! Price: £35/£250

The Fenwick beauty calendar also has a huge range of beauty products featuring brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, M·A·C, Bobbi Brown, NARS, Giorgio Armani, OUAI and Estée Lauder. It’s such a gorgeous calendar. Price:£150 exclusive to stores onlyImage result for fenwicks calendar

The Soap & Glory advent calendar is a beautiful bright pink one. Inside it has a lot of their amazing products from lip plumping products to hand creams and body scrubs. I personally love Soap & Glory products and this looks like a great calendar. Price: £40Image result for soap and glory advent calendar

I’ve seen the Amazon beauty advent calendar features a lot. Brands include Barry M, Biore, Bourjois, Crabtree & Evelyn, Laura Geller, Maybelline, Rimmel, Wunder2 and more. This is another great way to try out a new variety of brands and products. Price: £50Image result for amazon advent calendar
Charlotte Tilbury has a gorgeous beauty calendar. It only has 12 days but the products are stunning. It includes some lovely red lip products, perfect for over the festive season. This will add some luxury products to your makeup bag. Price: £150Image result for charlotte tilbury calendar

There were so many more calendars I wanted to include but they were sold out. Benefit, Selfridges, John Lewis, Asos and more all had stunning calendars with incredible products. I hope you enjoyed this blogmas post. Like and Follow x

Love Jasmine xx






Dressing Table Tour!

When I wrote my ‘Room Makeover’ Blogpost I mentioned that I’d love to do a more in-depth blog post about my dressing table so here it is! I’ll try and be brief as we don’t want this getting boring.

I bought my dressing table from Ikea and it’s the ‘Hemnes dressing table with mirror’ I bought the matching stool and to make it feel a bit luxurious I bought a sheepskin rug to lay over or under my stool. IMG_1682IMG_1677

I separated all my makeup brushes into cute pots and displayed them on top of one of the mini drawers. This makes it super easy when I’m doing my makeup to see all my brushes. IMG_1660

On top of the other little drawer, I put this organiser with a few staple lip products in and some other products that I like to have handy. My Pandora boxes fit neatly along the side of the drawer which I keep all of my everyday jewellery in. IMG_1659

Beneath my mirror, I keep some pretty perfume bottles and my favourite body spray on a wooden tray lined with gold. I will probably switch up what I put on the tray every so often.IMG_1663

In one little drawer, I keep some cotton buds and pads. I also have some hair accessories like elastics, a comb, hairband, some bobby pins and safety pins. In the other drawer, I keep all my mascaras and eyeliners.

A neat drawer comes out from underneath which contains my main makeup that I use on a more regular basis. This is currently split up into 3 sections but I’ve also put in a couple of trays to help organise it a little better. I’d like to get some additional dividers now as this system works and keeps everything neatly from getting mixed up. IMG_1669

That’s pretty much everything except that I keep a long pink pot underneath my dressing table to put my plugs and wires into so it stays neat and pretty. IMG_1673

I hope you enjoyed touring around my dressing table! Please follow and like X

Love Jasmine xx

Naked Heat Palette​ Review​!

I am so happy, I was finally able to get my hands on the Naked heat palette. I bought it in Debenhams while there was an offer of 15% off of beauty items and it was only £33.57.  I have wanted this palette for a while but as I don’t have a job or anything and have to use pocket money etc it took me longer to save up. Anyway, read on to find out more of what I think…

The packaging-

The packaging is the best yet. I love the box it comes in with the pictures of burnt matches on the inside. The actual palette itself has a kind of 3D effect as it has an illusion of 2 layers. It’s magnetic when it opens and shuts which I always love as it gives it a smooth shutting feeling. The inside is sparkly which looks fabulous and has a beautiful shiny finish.IMG_1827IMG_1819The eyeshadow-

I personally love the range of colours as I often use browny orangy colours. All the tones are very warm and pretty. The eyeshadow is kind of creamy which is lovely and really pigmented. They are perfectly blendable and buildable so you can create so many different looks. They last all day and stay looking beautiful.

The brush-

The brush is really pretty and has a sparkly bit in the middle. I wouldn’t use it for blending as it can feel a little stiff, however, for applying a colour more precisely, it is great. The brush really completes the palette.IMG_1820IMG_1825IMG_1826

My favourite shades-

I love Sauced and Low Blow to create a lovely crease. Lumbre and Dirty talk are stunning rosy brown shimmer eyeshadows and I love adding a sparkly colour to my lid. The shade En Fuego really stands out for me and it’s just a gorgeous colour. The name is also lovely too. It has an undertone of purple while being a lovely brown and it stands out because there are no similar colours in the palette.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Overall, I completely recommend this beautiful Heat Palette. Don’t forget to like and follow x

Love Jasmine x

October Favourites!

This month has been full of busy fun and having the half term break gave me some time to relax and recharge. Let’s get right into what I’ve been enjoying this month.

This perfume from ‘Next’ smells lush and it’s been perfect as an everyday scent. It lasts for ages and is really strong. The perfume is in the scent ‘Eau Nude’.IMG_1694

I re-discovered how amazing this ‘PUR Correcting Primer’ is. I only have a small size from my calendar last year but I love how it makes your foundation so easy to apply and keeps it lasting so much longer.

I haven’t had it for long but my new navel piercing! I’m in love with it and I’m happy I got it done. It didn’t hurt, at least I didn’t think it did. It was a spur of the moment decision as we were in a piercing shop where my friend was getting her ear cartilage pierced and my mum said I could get it done.

In a beauty outlet shop that I live near, my mum found these great cotton buds. They have one pointy end and one flat end. These are perfect for being precise when fixing up your makeup and they also work well when I have to clean around my belly piercing.IMG_1707

I read the book called Finding Audrey’ by Sophie Kinsella at the start of October and I loved what an easy read it was. It was also a lovely book to sit back and relax with. I’m currently reading Lauren Graham’s book: ‘Talking as Fast as I Can from Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls and everything in between’ This is very interesting to me who’s a bit of fan after watching Gilmore Girls.IMG_1712

Well, that’s it for today’s blog post. I hope you enjoyed it as I always like writing my favourites blog posts and don’t forget to like and follow x

Love Jasmine xx


Buying a Halloween Costume on a Budget!

This year for Halloween I wanted a costume that would look kind of pretty rather than scary. I know that seems silly but if you’re a girly girl you’ll get what I mean. Anyway, It’s hard to find cute Halloween costumes in the shops especially because they’re all for younger children. So, I bought mine online from websites like Amazon and eBay.

My Dress-

I’m being a vampire so I started looking on Amazon for black mini dresses. A lot of these are really cheap so if they have reviews make sure you check them out before you buy your item. I found the perfect dress but they sold out then I managed to find the exact same one on eBay. Mine, unfortunately, didn’t have any reviews so I was taking a little bit of a risk, but I ordered it so it would arrive at the start of the month giving me plenty of time to find something else if it didn’t work out.img_1557I was super happy with my dress. It arrived 2 days earlier than it was estimated which was such a bonus! It’s exactly as the picture portrays, however, it does look slightly more fitted on the model because of the way she’s posing. The dress is a crushed velvet material with a lace detail around the bottom and neckline.IMG_1730IMG_1733IMG_1725


The Cape-

Being a vampire I definitely needed a cape but I didn’t want to hide my dress completely so I bought a spiderweb lace cape. I found different versions of this cape and chose the cheapest one that would still be delivered quickly.img_1558

Overall, I’m really happy with the cape. The length is good and for the price, the quality is good too. There’s a couple of threads but for the price and material, I was completely expecting that. It’s nothing you can’t quickly snip off. It was also delivered on time and there were no problems.IMG_1753IMG_1751

Fangs and Fake Blood-

To add some detail to my costume, I really wanted fangs. On Amazon, they do lots of Dracula fang caps which look so realistic. My mum has used these in the past so I knew they were safe and looked really good. I decided to buy some that also came with a tube of fake blood as it was only pence more than buying the Dracula teeth alone.img_1559I haven’t actually tried on the teeth or used the blood yet because I want to keep them all packaged up until Halloween night. However, the package came on time and it was fast delivery. The fangs have good directions on the back and It all looks like it should work well.img_1545

As for shoes, I already have some gorgeous velvet heels that match the velvet of the dress. I also thought these were perfect because they’re burgundy which will add some colour to the outfit. If you’re looking for shoes I would recommend actually going to a shop to try some on as I don’t know how trust accurate sizes on Amazon and eBay will be. New Look often does some really good sale shoes.IMG_1739

I’m so happy if this gave anyone any inspiration or good ideas. That reminds me if you’re looking for a good Halloween costume inspo, Pinterest is a perfect help. I’ve been using Pinterest a lot for Halloween ideas. Make sure you like and follow x

Love Jasmine xx

My Room Makeover!

So I’ve just had my room changed up a little from children’s furniture to adult furniture. I now feel tiny in my room of giant furniture but I’m absolutely in love! Read along to see what changes were made and get some inspiration…img_2389

I had a bedside table and a set of five drawers which left a gap in the middle where I often stored some of my camera stuff. The set of drawers were starting to slightly fall apart but they’ve been going strong for a good amount of years considering I’ve had them since I was 2! img_2358-1

In the corner of my room, I had this tiny wooden desk. It was sturdy and fitted perfectly in that corner but it was too small and I needed something bigger. I also had a couple of shelves above it to display some things.img_2355-1

We ventured off to Ikea and found the perfect furniture that would fit in my room and that I would also love.


I replaced my bedside table with a ‘Hemnes 2 drawer chest’ I love that this still matches my bedside light and has a bigger space on top to display some things.                              We bought a huge ‘Hemnes chest of 6 drawers’. The drawers are so spacious and the really deep one is perfect for all my chunky knits. I did, however, find it’s very tall and its sudden largeness made everything look a bit lost at first when displayed on top. I’m getting used to it now though and love the extra storage.img_2373-2

My dressing table is probably my favourite new piece of furniture just because I’ve always envied people who have a proper traditional-style dressing table. It’s a huge jump up from my teeny tiny desk and chair and has a hidden drawer for all my makeup!  I’d really love to do a more in-depth blog post about how I’ve styled it. The telly needs to be moved up a tad away from the mirror (my Dad is on the case) but that’s another job for another day. Other than that I’m obsessed and  I haven’t stopped playing around with it.img_2367-1


The cat has also taken a liking to the new stool and sheepskin rug 🙂

I know this was a bit of a random blog post but I thought it was just a bit of fun and it was also interesting to see the changes. I am so unbelievably grateful for the new additions to my room and I love it so much! Please like and follow my blog Xx

Love Jasmine xx

DIY: Painted Pumpkin!

I don’t know if this is a bit silly because painting a pumpkin seems like quite an easy thing to do but I thought I’d share some tips or whatever. I had so much fun painting my little pumpkin and it turned out so cute! It’s way easier than carving it all out and it looks just as adorable.img_1634

You must remember a base coat (preferably white). This will make the colour you’re painting your pumpkin stand out better rather than not being opaque enough. I found some little tester pots of paints at Wilkinson’s. They were £1 each and there’s more than enough paint so we still have some leftover. I bought 3 colours which were a pastel pink, blue and obviously the base colour, white.img_2153

You have to be really patient while letting each layer dry. The paint doesn’t take too long to dry unless you’ve used a thick layer of it. Don’t try and paint on top of a wet layer – It’s headed for disaster. I painted mine all pink then once that had dried I painted ‘Boo!’ on the front to give it a better Halloween vibe.img_1583

The bottom of it will take ages to dry if you don’t find a way of propping the pumpkin on its side or any way that the bottom isn’t touching a surface. Once I had mine propped I fully painted the painted the underneath pink too, however you need to do this as long as you can’t see any pumpkin when it’s standing.img_1580

If you want ideas on colours, phrases, patterns etc. have a look on Pinterest and Instagram – that’s where I got the idea to do this from! Please give a like if you enjoyed x And follow…

Love Jasmine xx


Autumn Look Book!

I’ve had a couple of outfits this autumn that I’m completely obsessed with. AAnd basically this blog post is to share them with you, let’s go…

You may have seen this in my birthday haul but I’m in love with this blouse from ‘Lipsy’. It ties beautifully at the neck and has lovely frills on it. It’s quite sheer but once it’s on you can’t tell. I like to pair it with these bright blue jeans from ‘Next’. And my lovely nude/pink boots.

To carry on with the frill trend, I’ve been obsessed with this jumper from ‘Next’. It almost has an American Christmas vibe about it. I like its red piped edges and detail along the front. I wear it tucked into some dark blue jeans that have a lace-up detail at the side. from ‘Next’. And once again I pair this with my pink boots.

This is another ‘Lipsy’ blouse that I love. It feels really autumnal with its orange floral print. The sleeves are slightly puffy and it has a lovely high neck. I also put this blouse with my dark blue Next jeans with the lace up detail. To dress this up a bit I wore some heels from ‘New Look‘. They’re a burgundy velvet material which matches the autumn theme. I also paired it with A floral bag from ‘New Look’.

If you want to keep updated with my autumn look follow my Instagram xx I hope this inspires you to create a few new looks. Don’t forget to like (and follow).

Love Jasmine xx



September Favourites!

One of my favourite months of the year is over but autumn is here and I can’t wait for the huge piles of many coloured leaves and plenty of movie nights! Anyway, onto my September favourites… (some of these items may be things that I got for my birthday but I have used them so much already, so I’ve included them).
I have had many compliments on my new ‘Rosie for Autograph’ Lipstick in the shade Silk Cami. It’s the perfect slightly darker shade for autumn/winter.IMG_1449
I’ve dug this product out that used to be a bit harsh on my skin – It’s the ‘Witch Daily Primer & Clearing Serum’ I use this before putting on my makeup and it can treat my problem areas throughout the day. Now my skin is a little more prone to teen breakouts this product keeps it fresh.IMG_1459
I love my new unicorn brushes so much! I almost didn’t want to use them and get them spoiled but I couldn’t hold myself back and they’re so lovely and soft. IMG_1444
I always like to have a certain cup I take to bed and have around at home and now it’s my ‘Prosecco Princess’ cup. I just think it’s sooo pretty! IMG_1443

I’ve been craving Pop Tarts for a while and now I’ve got some! I wouldn’t recommend having these too often (they are so sugary!) but I’ve had a sneaky one for breakfast every now and then. These s’more ones taste delicious!😋IMG_1451

This felt like a short favourites blog post but I hope you still enjoyed reading. Also, who else likes Pop Tarts? I know it’s a random question but I’d still love to know!

Love Jasmine xx

What I Got For My Birthdayyyy!

A quick disclaimer: I am so very grateful for everything I received and I know how incredibly lucky I am. I personally just love watching and reading these type videos and blog posts and have always wanted to do one myself as seems like fun. I’m just skimming through and only including some things as I don’t want this to become boring, but I wanted to share a few of the gifts I am enjoying using.IMG_1457


I was so overjoyed to get three ‘Pandora’ things! I’ve been after the perfume charm and the cascading glamour spacer that I thought went so well together and I got them! Yay 🙂 My mum also got me a little surprise which was a gorgeous flower ring – It’s so sparkly!  Another surprise was my ‘Warren James’  silver pendant necklace. My mum noticed I needed a simple but pretty necklace and she found the perfect one!



I’m completely in love with my super soft dressing gown. I love the slogan on it: “I need room service please” It’s so pretty! Another fave is my ‘Lipsy’ blouse – It’s frilly and light and I see myself wearing this all the time. I also got a beautiful frilly, knit jumper and some comfy jeans. From Boux Avenue I received a brilliant pink jumper to lounge about in and some really plush pjs. My nan found me the perfect autumn pink boots and a very pretty scarf!  Lastly, I got some Jack Wills socks – this purchase may have been more to get the lovely bag they came packaged in!


I thought I’d lost my fave felt pen eyeliner so I put eyeliner on my birthday list. Long story short I found my eyeliner but still received some stunning eyeliners, one being the ‘Elf’ liner and the ‘Revolution’ Dual Eyeliner. My sister got me the ‘Revolution’ unicorn highlighter and it’s so stunning. I was also thrilled to get the ‘Rosie for Autograph’ Lipstick. It’s such a lush shade (silk cami) and suits me so well.IMG_1427

Homey/random stuff-

My sister treated me to this gold, white and grey swirly patterned pillow and I think it will look so pretty on some crisp white sheets. She also got me the cutest notebook.  For displaying my polaroids, I got this adorable frame to hang a few favourites in. Also the day before my birthday we went to the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells where my mum bought me a lovely olive colour, waffle blanket. My aunt gave me a stunning rose gold speaker that I have literally used all the time since I’ve had it.IMG_1438

From Friends:

I’m am lucky enough to have some amazing friends who also gave me lovely gifts.

My bestie boo, Eleni found me some marvellous new brushes. They’re unicorn brushes! She also got me a little album made for polaroids and it is so cute. I can’t wait to get into the new book she got me too called ‘Finding Audury’ by Sophie Kinsella.IMG_1368

My lovely friend Elise got me this chic cup and I adore it! (by the way, I don’t actually drink prosecco – I hate the taste of alcohol) She also got me this stunning nightgown that matches both the cup and my new dressing gown perfectly! Lastly, she got me a cute crop top and little cat figure she found whilst on holiday in Spain.

Another gorgeous friend also called Jasmine, got me some peg string lights. I think these will look especially good at Christmas with fave pics and cards displayed on them! I love a relaxing bath and Jasmine also got me some luscious bath salts. To keep my hands looking lovely, she got me a hand cream that smells scrumptious.IMG_1356

Lots of my friends at school also spoilt me with sweets and chocolate gifts but I’ve pretty much eaten it all so no pictures 😉

There are a few other lovely things that I’ve missed out but I didn’t want to make a list that might be boring to my readers! I really wasn’t trying to show off in any way, but hope this could be good inspiration for choosing teenage girl gifts. I LOVE everything I got soooo much!

Love Jasmine xx