Beauty and Skincare Empties!

I’ve never done an empties blog post so this should be interesting. I don’t run out of things quickly so I probably won’t do these blog posts on a regular basis, but I’d still like to do more of them.

First, I’d used up my Studio 10 primer. I loved this as I could see a difference in my skin whilst I was using it, as well as a difference in how nicely my foundation was applying.IMG_1730

The second primer I used up was this PÜR correcting one. It made my skin so much smoother when it was on and it made my foundation go on a lot more flawlessly.IMG_1717

As part of my New Years Resolutions, I’ve used up this travel-sized Audrey Hepburn body lotion when we went to Yorkshire in the Christmas holidays.IMG_1684

I used up the last few squirts I had left in this Simple face moisturiser. This was really hydrating and made my skin feel lovely.IMG_1700

I will be re-purchasing this Freederm gel as it really helped my skin when it became quite spotty. It takes a couple of weeks to kick in but if you keep at it every night you’ll see a big difference in your skin.IMG_1725

I am so glad that I have a new one of these from my most recent calendar as I absolutely loved this Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream. It does exactly what it claims which is making you look fresh and gorgeous like you’ve had a long sleep even if you haven’t.IMG_1715

I’ve completely used up my Garnier Micellar water. I really like this because it’s very reasonable and amazing at taking off your makeup. The thing I love most is that it doesn’t leave a greasy residue and your face feels really fresh after using it. It’s also great that this is just the ‘on the go’ size yet it’s lasted me ages.IMG_1697

Lastly, I am very sad to say I’ve used up this Body Shop Blemish Fade Night Lotion. I’ve been using it on little marks where I’ve had previous blemishes but I now need a new product. I think it’s slightly improved the appearance of my skin, however, I do feel like there are probably more effective products out there.5522033856_img_1831

This blog post meant I could review some of the products I’ve recently used and I can share them with you. So, I hoped you liked it and as always don’t forget to like, comment and follow,

Love Jasmine xx


Boxing Day/January Sales Haul!

I love the January sales because it’s a good chance to treat yourself after doing Christmas shopping for other people. I also think some of the deals are really good and it’s a great opportunity to get things at a good price.

The first thing I managed to find was in TK Maxx and it was these Ardell Wispies. I wanted to try these fake eyelashes anyway but to find them for £3 was a good bonus.4475475696_img_1515

I’ve been really wanting an Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade but it’s quite expensive and because I can only get it online I don’t know what the right colour is.  I’ve heard that the Freedom pro brow pomade is an amazing dupe so I decided to try it. I didn’t get this at any special price but I thought I’d include it as I bought it during my January sales shopping.4475475696_img_1525

In Primark, I picked up some really comfy, cotton leggings. I wanted these before Christmas but I didn’t get time to get any. I just wanted some to lounge about the house in and when I saw they were half price I thought it was the perfect chance to get some.IMG_1742

In Debenhams, I found this lovely contour palette reduced from £8 to £4. It’s got lovely shades in and I thought it was a really good find.

I wanted to include this lovely Jack Wills weekend bag, my mum bought when she was shopping in the sales at Boots. This was reduced from £50 to £25 and you get lots of really lovely products in it. Also, my mum got some Jack Wills celebration crackers with gorgeous mini treats like hairbands, clips, nail polishes and body care things inside. For all the products you get, it’s a great deal at half price for £8.


Picture above from Jack Wills website.


Another Jack Wills find, was this stunning cable knit jumper made out of real lambswool which I ended up getting for £17.50. It was originally £40 but they sale priced it at £22 then took 20% off as a special that day which made it an awesome result and a bargain.IMG_1773

Did you get anything in the Boxing day/January sales? I love hearing what other people managed to find as it’s always very interesting so comment! X Like always, remember to like and follow,

Love Jasmine xx

December Favourites!

Can you believe I’ve been doing blogging for a year now – it was my Blogiversary on the 27th. Anyway, I hope this next year is going to be really good so let’s get into what I’ve been loving this month.

If you read my Weekly Calendar Round-Up blog post you would’ve seen this Diego Dalla Palma Ciglione mascara. I love it because it adds so much length to my lashes like a false lash effect. The only criticism is that it’s slightly clumpy so I use a different mascara to separate and volumize my lashes.

Before school finished I received this Fruity body scrub as a Christmas present from my friend and I’ve been really in need of a good body scrub so I was very happy to get this. It smells delicious and leaves you feeling silky, however, if you use it in the bath beware seeds/bits are left behind. (I’ve forgotten to take a picture but here’s a link to the gift set you can get it in – link)

This Barry M foundation is a perfect light-medium foundation for me to wear on a daily basis. It doesn’t go very matte but I don’t mind. I’ve also been using this Look Good Feel Better makeup sponge that I received in my calendar. The flat sides are perfect for getting into crevices and it’s a very bouncy sponge that applies the foundation flawlessly.

My mum found this straightening cream when she was clearing up and I’ve been using what’s left over before I straighten my hair. It definitely keeps my hair straighter for longer and protects it from the heat.

Lastly, of course, I’ve been loving my M&S beauty calendar. It’s such a steal for what it’s worth and the variety of brands lets me try out lots of new things as well as giving some perfect items for travelling with. If you want to see what was inside all the check my Weekly Calendar Round-Ups. Click here for: (Week 1)  (Week 2)   (Week 3)   (Week 4)

Hope you enjoyed and had a lovely Christmas. Remember to follow and like,

Love Jasmine xx

MERRY CHRISTMAS! +weekly calendar round up! (week 4)

I hope you are all having the best day. Don’t spend too long reading this as it’s time to spend time with your family! I’ll do one last round up to finish off what I got in my Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar.

Day 22 – Autograph Hydrating Confidence Boost Primer

I’m nearly at the end of my current primer so this was greatly appreciated. This is a really hydrating primer which gives your makeup a flawless finish.IMG_3218.jpg

Day 23 – Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream

This was in the calendar last year and I really liked this so I was pleased to see it again. It makes your skin look fresh and rejuvenated even if you haven’t had a decent nights sleep.IMG_3231.jpg

Day 24 – Pür Correcting Primer

I love the Pür primer that M&S put in the calendar last year so I can’t wait to try this out properly. It’s a more watery product but I think it’s going to be very hydrating. It also has a slight sparkle to it that will look pretty under your makeup.IMG_3227

Day 25 – Makeup Bag

A complete surprise! a gorgeous makeup bag with a cute slogan on the side, perfect for stashing my new products in. I love it and the materials perfect for keeping it clean.

Have a very Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed blogmas as much as I have. See you soon,

Love Jasmine xx

The Mystery Blogger Award!

I was nominated by Morgiereacts and I’m very grateful that she nominated me as this is my first blogger award or anything like this so thank you.

This award was probably created by Okoto Enigma’s Blog and you can check out her lovely blog here –

There are the rules of the award:

1 Put the award logo/image on your blog

  1. List the rules.
  2. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  3. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  4. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  5. You have to nominate 10 – 20 people
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  7. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
  8. Share a link to your best post(s)

Three Facts About Me:

  1. I am currently in year 9 which means in two years I’ll be taking my GCSE’s. For my subjects, I chose to study German, French, History and Photography. A lot of my friends think I’m crazy because I took two languages but I wanted to learn them to help me with future jobs and travelling.
  2. One of my go-to facts about me is that I am half Chinese. If you already follow my blog or Instagram you may have just noticed anyway. My dad is from HongKong/China and my mum is English.
  3. Lastly, I have two kitties. One is getting really very old and it’s a bit sad but I love her so much even if she acts like she hates everyone. She’s a little black cat and is actually my mum’s cat, I have grown up with her being there all my life. Our other cat is a big, fluffy black and white boy. He is super cuddly and the cutest furry thing that comes onto my beevery nightht for some attention.

Five Questions I Have To Answer:

1. What is your favourite thing to blog about?

I love to blog about different products I’ve bought or tried out especially beauty things. I just love trying out things and sharing them with you. Not only do I like to write these but I also love to read these type of blogs. And, I absolutely love doing hauls because new things are just very exciting!

2. How do you want to develop your blog in the future?

I would love to upgrade my blog so there aren’t any WordPress ads and I have a custom domain name. I would also love to work with brands and do more collaboration posts. My ultimate goal is to make it look and feel quite professional and possibly earn a few pennies or products from it too!

3. What convinced you to start blogging?

I really wanted to start something like a youtube channel but I wasn’t confident enough yet to start one so the idea of a blog came about. I already liked reading people like Zoella’s blog which definitely inspired me. What pushed me into actually starting one was embarrassingly because I got lots of really cute stuff for Christmas and I wanted a place where I could take photos and write about or review these things without feeling like I was showing off.

4. Is there anything you would do differently if you were to re-start a blog?

I thought about this but I couldn’t think of anything I would do differently as I think part of building a blog that you love is progressing from where you started from and learning as you go along.

5. A weird one – do you have any weird combinations of food like marmite and chips? Tell us!

I really tried hard to think of a weird combination of food I like but I think I was the wrong person to ask because I really eat pretty basic stuff. I used to be really picky but I’ve got a lot better however that doesn’t mean I’m going to be trying marmite and chips anytime soon. I do have a love of Italian food and am probably guilty of adding cheese to dishes where other people wouldn’t because let’s face it.. cheese is always a good idea!

My Five Questions To You:

1. What goals are you aiming to achieve for your blog?

2. What country do you desperately want to visit?

3. Name one moment you would change if you were to re-live it.

4. Whats your favourite piece of clothing that you own/owned?

5. Weird one: What would you never name your child and why?

My Favourite Posts:

  1. What I Wore In Paris…
  2. My weekly Calendar Round Up! (Week 1)
  3. Buying a Halloween Costume on a Budget!

I nominate –


Once again, I’m very thankful to be nominated for this award. I hope I didn’t leave it too late to write. Remember to like and follow!

Love Jasmine xx

Advent Calendar Weekly Round-Up! (Week 3)

It’s nearly the end of the calendar! On Christmas day I will be posting the last Round-Up. Anyway, enjoy the third Advent calendar round up of the Marks and Spencer beauty calendar…

Day 15 –  Ciglione Lash Booster Mascara

I’ve already mentioned this in my Christmas Party Makeup blog post as I really love this mascara. It’s perfect for every day as it’s not waterproof and it comes off really nicely with soap and water. The bobbly shape of the brush catches all the lashes. The mascara makes your lashes look really long and volumised as well as very black.20171215_080904000_iOS

Day 16 – Percy & Reed Session Hold Hairspray

I love this brand for hair products and this is a lovely hairspray. The size is perfect for travelling and the packaging is so cute. It’s a really great hairspray that keeps your hair in place the whole day and gives your hair texture and volume.20171216_103317000_iOS

Day 17- Ren Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Shot.

I put this on before doing my makeup and my foundation glided on over and stayed put for a lot longer. My skin felt really nice and it felt like it was tightening it straight away.20171217_191202000_iOS

Day 18 – Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion

I was glad to open this as I’ve been a wanting a really good body lotion. I tried this and it felt lovely, I like that it didn’t leave me with sticky skin. It claims to have a natural exfoliating process that gently removes dead skin. I cant tell how well it worked but I definitely think it did something to help my skin.20171218_181538000_iOS

Day 19 – Leighton Denny Nail Polish (Colour: Stardust)

I absolutely love this polish. It puts a gorgeous sparkle on your nails and it’s great used alone or on top of another colour. The packaging is so lovely and you get a nice full sized nail polish. It also dries quickly which makes it perfect for on the go.20171219_082556000_iOS

Day 20 – Pixi by Petra Lip Lift Max (Shade: Honey Sheen)

This is a sheer gloss which supposed to plump, hydrate and firm your lips. I didn’t notice much plumping and I’ve read a lot of reviews that say the same but it’s a gorgeous shade and I loved how it looked over my lipstick. It’s long lasting and doesn’t leave your lips with a tacky feeling. It smells very strongly of mint which I think helped hydrate my lips while I wore it. IMG_3004

Day 21 – Balanceme Rose Otto Face Oil

I’ve never used a face oil before so this is exciting. This is supposed to strengthen, hydrate and help sensitive skin so I can’t wait to try it and see the results. It has a roller ball for an easy application. I love the packaging, it’s so sleek and it’s such a nice travel size.  I’m not keen on the smell but once it’s on your face you don’t really smell it after that.img_3909

What did you get in your calendar this week? Hope you liked this and if you did don’t forget to like and follow,

Love Jasmine xx

Have you read my last Blogmasses-

What’s in my Overnight Christmas Market Bag!

I’m so excited that I’m going to the Bruges Christmas markets in a few days. I love doing ‘what’s inside my bag’ posts and so I thought this was the perfect chance to do another. This doesn’t include my clothes, I’m just going to talk about random bits and bobs that I’ll be taking.

I’m packing my laptop and its charger so I can keep writing my blogmasses and keep updated on my blog. I’ll also take my camera and some batteries because I expect I’ll be taking lots of pictures! Of course, I’ll take my phone and a charger too and I mustn’t forget my Polaroid in case I get a chance to take a cute one.IMG_2902

I’ll take a pared down version of my makeup with all my basics. I also take a toiletry bag with some perfume, makeup remover, some skincare, a hairbrush and usually pack my jewellery in with this too. I like to take a couple of facemasks to do with my sister.IMG_2888IMG_2867

I’ll be taking a small purse and bag that won’t get too heavy to walk around with all day.IMG_2945

I know I said I won’t mention clothes, but I will throw in a hat, scarf, gloves etc. into this bag as well so I can grab them easily. I’ll also put a pair of fluffy socks in to put on in the car.IMG_2934

I packed the boxes of the days in my calendar so I wouldn’t miss out.


I just picked out random boxes for this picture.

Lastly, I’ll take a pen and my blogging notebook so I can plan future posts. I’ll also take my favourite book to enjoy during the journey.IMG_2915

Are you going anywhere this Christmas? Like and follow if you enjoyed this post,

Love Jasmine xx

Have you read my last Blogmasses-

Christmas Party Makeup!

I’ve never done a post like this so bear with me but here goes…

I started with PÜR correcting primer and then used the Barry M matte finish foundation. This foundation doesn’t leave a very matte finish but it covers well and isn’t too cakey, it’s a good everyday one. I then mattified my face with my E.L.F pressed powder to hold my makeup in place.img_3822

I usually go straight into doing my eyes and I used my Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. This time I put Sauced gently onto the outer and inner lid leaving a gap in the middle. I then went into the same spots and blended in He Devil. Next, I added a dab of the colour Ashes. Lastly, I used a black from another pallet to add a hint of smokiness. To make the halo effect I used a Next loose glitter in a white shade. I applied a touch of concealer first to make it stand out and stay for longer. I then put a sprinkle of gold glitter into the corner of my eye and brushed a little through my eyebrows for some fun. I nearly forgot to mention that I also did winged eyeliner with my Makeup Revolution eyeliner. img_3809img_3728_facetune_16-12-2017-21-37-01

Don’t judge my rather tatty brow product but I use this Primark brow palette. I really need something better but this does for now as I don’t fill in my eyebrows every day. I then keep them in place by using my Pixi by Petra brow gel or the Benefit ready, set, brow.img_3806

I curled my eyelashes with my Vintage Cosmetics Company eyelash curlers. (I always heat them up with a hairdryer for a better and longer lasting effect) I then coated my lashes in Ciglione lash booster mascara.img_3797

I finally put a little touch of my W7 Honolulu bronzer along my cheekbones to act as a subtle contour.  I also used my Makeup Revolution highlight palette above my cheekbones for a pretty glow.b66d1616-fde9-4fc4-a715-9041460c64b7-3661-0000013aaecf76bb_file

To complete the look I went for a daring red lip but you if you don’t want to go so bright you can always wear a lovely nude shade.img_3657img_3824

I finished with a spritz of this Barry M setting spray and then I was ready to party the night away.img_3740_facetune_16-12-2017-21-40-19

I hope this was alright as my first makeup look post and maybe in the future, I’ll try a tutorial?! If you enjoyed, don’t forget to like and follow,

Love Jasmine xx

Have you read my last Blogmasses-

Winter Essentials!

I’m I have loved reading other peoples Winter Essentials and seeing which different things they rely on this season. It has inspired me to do one myself so keep reading…

I would definitely say lip products are something I always need during the cold months as my lips get really dry. I like using this lip scrub from TonyMoly and a Burts Bees lip balm.IMG_2602

I use exfoliating gloves or a body scrub to make sure that my skin also doesn’t get dry. I don’t currently have any body scrub left but I really liked the Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life.2293424

Hot chocolate is one of my favourite things so cosy up with in winter and I wrote a blog post on how to create the perfect, festive hot chocolate.IMG_2428Find a good book to get into as the weather is a bit miserable sometimes. I can’t wait to start my new book called THUG. I’ve been a bit busy recently keeping up with blogmas and school work,  but as soon as I find some time I intend to get into it. The Christmas holidays should give me some time to catch up.IMG_2595

My face often gets aggravated and spotty in the cold so I’ve been using this Freederm gel which has really helped shrink any breakouts.IMG_2607

What are your essentials this winter? I hope you enjoyed as always and don’t forget to like and follow,

Love Jasmine xx

Calendar Weekly Round Up​ (Week 2)

If you read my last Calendar Weekly Round Up you’d know I’m going to be posting every 7 days what’s in my Marks & Spencer beauty calendar.

Day 8 – Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara

This mascara is very waterproof which makes it last for ages. The brush is slightly curled so it catches all your lashes. I really like this as it’s very black and gives a nice, dramatic effect.IMG_2384.jpg

Day 9 – NailsInc Gel One Coat (shade: Molten Star)

I love NailsInc nail polish and this is a gorgeous gold colour which is perfect for this festive season but can be worn all year round. You get a full sized product which is really generous.IMG_2434.jpg

Day 10 – Formula Innovate Radiance Reveal Peel

This product should give your skin a lift when it feels dull. I tried some out and was really surprised. It comes out as a translucent, smooth liquid and when you apply it to your skin it starts to almost exfoliate your dry skin. It feels really moisturising and smells really fresh. I actually like how it leaves your skin feeling so smooth after.IMG_2485.jpg

Day 11 – Look Good Feel Better Sculpting Sponge

This is a lovely brand and they are the only global cancer charity supporting women with the visible side effects of cancer treatment. I love the sponge as the flat sides mean I can get into the small crevices of my face and it leaves my foundation looking flawless.IMG_2515.jpg

Day 12 – Alphah Liquid Gold Rose (Limited Edition)

I love the original Liquid Gold and was really intrigued to see this in my calendar. It smells absolutely delicious and it’s supposed to offer you instant hydration while still resurfacing and smoothing like the original Liquid Gold.IMG_2569.jpg

Day 13 – Shay & Blue Boutique Perfumery ( Scent: Blood Orange)

I was over the moon to see this as I loved the one they put in the M&S calendar last year and it was really exciting to see a different scent. This smells exactly as it’s named, it has a lovely strong scent of oranges. I haven’t smelt a perfume similar to this and I really like it.IMG_2571.jpg

Day 14 – Emma Hardie Moringa Balm

This was in the calendar last year and I don’t mind seeing it again because I really like this product. You put it on your face and leave it on for a while, it hydrates your face and gives it a better appearance then you rinse it off. It smells lovely really does the job.

I’ve loved this week as I did find the week before was a lot of creams but this is a nice mixture of products. Whi calendar have you got this Christmas? Like, share and follow,

Love Jasmine xx