What to Wear on a Cold Valentines Day!♡

Tomorrow is Valentines and whether you’re spending it with your besties or partner, you may be stuck on what to wear in this current, chilly weather. I’ve picked out some really cute and Valentine appropriate items that will look lovely as well as keep you from freezing!

I don’t know about you but I keep seeing people popping up in ditsy polka dot or love heart tights on Instagram and I am all for it. The love heart tights would look so cute for Valentines while also keeping your legs warm! You can get some in Primark and Newlook, I found mine on eBay. They are a much more interesting option than plain, old black tights too!

If you’re wondering which jacket to top off your outfit with, I can’t help thinking that a fur coat would look so adorable. Nothing shouts cuddles, love and fun more than fur to me. It will help to keep you looking dressy and classy unlike a giant puffa jacket would and it will keep you snuggly too!

I’ve picked out a few “warmer” styles for if you’re planning on wearing a dress this Valentines. Somehow they mostly managed to be pink… oops! However, the main point is to show you that you can find gorgeous dresses with long sleeves or a longer skirt that still look flirty and fun but don’t keep you shivering the whole time.

As well as dresses, I’ve put together a collage of skirts too. Longer pleated skirts look so pretty with a light blouse or even a jumper (I recommend @lombardandfifth on Instagram if you want to see that kind of look demonstrated) and they would definitely help keep your legs toasty. Personally, I would go for a cute frilly mini skirt which would create the perfect flirty outfit with some heels. Or I’d wear an A-line skirt of some sort with the heart tights I mentioned earlier. When it comes to skirts and keeping warm, all I can say is… tights, tights, tights!

What are you wearing for Valentines? Thanks so much for reading, please leave a like if you enjoyed! I hope you all have a very lovely Valentines Day,

Love Jasmine xx





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