DIY Beauty: Spring Nails!

For most us the non-essential businesses like hairdressers and nail salons have closed which means we are going to have to start improvising if we want to keep up our beauty routines! I have always done my own nails but these are some faux and easy to create acrylic style nails, prettily painted for Spring.

Step 1:
I stuck on some £1 fake nails I still had left from Primark, but any will do, and trimmed and filed them until they were all a shape I liked. I then filed the whole surface of the nail (almost as if I was sanding it down) so that when I started painting I had a good base for the paint to grip onto.

( Btw, Mine were mismatched nails that I had leftover which is why they have different designs)

Step 2:
I used gel nail polish because it lasts much longer and it helps create the ‘faux acrylic look’ a bit more by building up some slight thickness. So, I started with the base coat and I found a design online that I really liked and aimed to re create.

Step 3:
I went for a pastels design with pastel flowers on the index finger and I love how it turned out. I didn’t have a dotting tool so I used a round headed sewing pin to create the flowers and stuck small diamanté’s onto the middle of the flowers. I finished them all with the gel top coat so they look glossy and smooth.

Overall, I was very happy with how this turned out. You could definitely do this without the fake nails step, using your natural nails and it would still look fabulous. I hope you enjoyed my quick DIY nails. What DIY beauty hacks have you been resorting to? I hope you’re all keeping safe,

Love Jasmine xx

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3 thoughts on “DIY Beauty: Spring Nails!

  1. Emily M says:

    Aw your nails are so pretty! The pastels and floral design is perfect for Spring! I love painting my nails, and I was actually really into nail art years ago ☺️ Your post has really inspired me, I might give nail art another go next time I paint my nails 💅🏻💛

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