Travelling Comfy but Arriving Stylishly!♡

I value comfort a lot when it comes to travelling but I hate turning up to the destination looking scruffy so today I’m sharing some of my top tips on how to travel comfortably but arrive stylishly!

First it starts with the outfit. I was going on a long car journey so I chose my super comfy pearl embellished jumper with some basic leggings. It’s a really cozy outfit but it also looks pretty cute too. Sometimes, I like to change out my leggings with some nice jeans or a skirt if I have a chance but this time, we didn’t stop and we were going straight to the hotel anyway. I wore my pink boots but this was mostly because I always wear my bulkiest shoes to save packing space (however I always slip them off at first chance and spend the journey in my cosy socks!). Also, I always like to put on all of my jewellery as well as spritz some perfume when I’m reaching the place because it makes my look feel complete and properly put together.

When I’m travelling, I find my hair can look so messy if I leave it loose so I like to clip up my hair into a bun then give it a quick brush through at the other end which quickly puts it back into a slick, lovely style. As for makeup, I never start the journey with a full face on because I sleep for the majority of the journey and I’ll probably ruin it in my sleep. Instead, I like to cleanse my face with a face wipe and apply my makeup when I’m not too long away from the destination. This works better if you’re travelling in a car or train because of the liquid limits on planes. If you are travelling by plane, you could probably take enough to achieve a good basic look which still looks pretty and makes you feel good to start a new adventure.

If you have the chance, get some sleep. It’s good to turn up looking refreshed and awake rather than tired. I’m one of those people who can sleep anywhere, anytime so this might be easy for me to say, if you can’t sleep anywhere, just try and relax instead.

This last one is totally not necessary but if you like you can get a really pretty suitcase which always helps make your outfit look stylish. This adorable pink one was pretty cheap from amazon. It’s so lovely and amazing quality which shows you don’t have to spend loads if you want a pretty suitcase! Link to suitcase – here.

What is your top tip for arriving looking your best? Thanks so much for reading and make sure to follow my Instagram to see where I went!

Love Jasmine xx

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