Back to School Haul!

This year, I’m going into year 11 (which in the uk is the last year of secondary education which means lots of exams!). I’m going to be taking my GCSEs this year which means lots of revising. But one thing that makes this all better is that I will need lots of… stationery!! I don’t know about you but I love stationery and it makes going back to school so much more fun. Going back to school also means that I have a new school bag, new shoes and basically lots of nice new back to school things which is the bit I always look forward too😂 So keep reading for my Back to School Haul…

Starting with the bag, I ordered this white tote with gold hardware from Dorothy Perkins. I chose this one because it looks pretty and more importantly, nice and spacious!

Everyone in my school wears loafers for some reason and I’m tagging along with these ones from Next. I already own the the nude version and I love those so I knew the black version would be a great choice, they’re reliable and the mixed material makes them quite cute. They also have a slight heel which gives me the perfect amount of elevation (which I need being only 5 feet tall!).


I’m most excited about the Zebra Mildliners that I’ve ordered. They come from China so they won’t get here for another couple of weeks but over the holidays I’ve been watching lots of revision YouTubers that use these pens to make their revision look so cute! They are double ended too which means they have a thicker end and thinner end.

Sticking with the theme of highlighters, I bought these chunky pastel Stabilo highlighters which are super cute!

Let’s skip through the boring pens quite quickly! I got some V-Ball pens because I love writing in black ink and I find these write so smoothly as well as dry quite quickly so I can highlight over them. I bought a pack of mechanical pencils because I find them much cleaner to keep in my pencil case and they don’t need sharpening which is a major bonus!


I hate when sheets get screwed up in my school bag so I bought a sparkly display folder which has lots of pockets that I can slide sheets into. In Home Bargains I found this card board desk file which has a really cute pattern on, however, I’ve already filled mine up with revision books so I think I’ll have to buy another one of those! To keep all of my revision nicely organised, I bought this ring binder file in Sainsbury’s and I’ve already made lots of use out of it, I love the print on it and the fact it’s all pink on the inside.

Bits and Bobs

One of my favourite ways to revise are by using revision cards, hence why I have bought a lot of them. I aim to buy the cute ones because it always encourages me to make them so I always like to pick up a pack of the pretty pink ones from Home Bargains. The other day I found these adorable purple ones that say “Absolute Babe” on them, in Poundland and you gets lots of them in the pack! I also picked up some in Wilkos that I liked because they had a mixture of lined cards and dotted cards. Lastly I got some boring mini ones which are useful for writing equations on and a pack of multicoloured ones.

In Flying Tiger, I got some pink tape. I have some ideas of how I want to use it but I mostly got them because I thought they were great colours. I got a mini stationary set which contains lots of useful things like a stapler, correction tape, sticky tape, a highlighter and a binder clip. I thought that was very good for £1.50! In ASDA I bought a bog standard glue stick because most of the ones at school are gross so I thought it would be easier to have my own.

My Favourite Things

Because I’m going into a very important year I thought it would be nice to start the year with some treats! So I bought this gorgeous Ted Baker Makeup bag that I will be using as a pencil case. I already have a little Ted Baker pencil case but it only fits the essentials in it so I thought I could buy this and put the rest of my pens in it, that usually spend their time swimming around the bottom of my bag. I bought this at an outlet store so it was reduced to £19 (and it matches my water bottle which I’m very pleased about!).

This is a bit random but while I was at the V&A, I got this cute Dior pencil as they are showcasing Dior right now. I definitely did not need this but it was just too adorable to leave behind! So here we are… I have the pink Dior pencil and I think it will look very cute with the Ted Baker pencil case.

Finally, to finish up this haul, I got some Bluetooth earphones to use on the bus. I didn’t invest in the proper AirPods because I’m not an avid earphone user, I purely use them for the bus journeys so I thought these should hopefully do the job!

Sorry if this blogpost got a bit long, I’ve been accumulating these bits since the start of the holiday and it seems I’ve ended up with quite a lot! I hope you enjoyed anyway, who else shares my love for anything stationery related? (Please tell me I’m not the only one!)

Love Jasmine Xx

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