My 16th Birthday Wishlist!

Sooo, my birthday’s coming up soon and I always love making a little birthday wishlist so I thought I’d share a few things from my list this year. I’m not going to make any long disclaimer today (because it’s just boring!😂), of course, if I receive anything at all, I’ll be super grateful!

The first thing on my list is the beautiful Ted Baker Frill trainers. I’ve been eyeing these up for so long and I think they’re just so gorgeous but they are quite expensive trainers so I’m not expecting these at all. To match the Ted Baker theme, I found a really cute purse in my local outlet because I’m currently lacking a good purse and this one is so pretty!

I spotted these stunning heart earrings in Warren James and I thought they were a perfect list item. I love anything sparkly and to do with hearts so these caught my eye immediately. I also put a heart belly bar on my list, I’m not joking when I say I love anything sparkly and hearts!

Another one of my more far-fetched birthday list items is this gorgeous Chanel compact. One of my favourite parts of makeup is bronzing so I would get a darker shade and use it as a bronzer. Doesn’t it look so luxe?😍 This Boots exclusive one has really cute swirly writing on the compact but I also love the original one too with the CC logo. I also put the Too Faced White peach eyeshadow palette on my list because I think it is such a pretty palette and the colours are all ones I would get lots of use out of.

Me, my mum and my sister love to do gel nails at home with a gel nail lamp. I love how glossy they look and how much longer they last so I’ve put a Gel Nail Polish set on my birthday list because it has lots of really pretty colours in it! I thought this was a great present idea because we can all use the colours and add to our collection of gel polishes.

Lastly, I added some random bits that I like including some stationery from Home Bargains (they have such good stationery in there!), some Polaroid film and a new Polaroid album, some fake eyelashes and perfume. I also asked for some white ankle boots because I think they are so cute but I didn’t ask for any specific ones because they seem to be selling them in lots of places and online.

Well, I’ll probably see you again for my annual ‘What I got for my Birthday”😂 I can’t believe I’m going to turn 16 this year, when did I get so old?! Thanks so much for reading,

Love Jasmine xx

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