My Christmas Eve Traditions!

It’s getting close the night before the big day so here are my family traditions to get you into the Christmas spirit. During the day we like to do some Christmas baking. We also start cooking our Christmas gammon and all have a few sneaky bits when it comes out hot and glazed.IMG_2828

We always begin the night by having a nice bath and making sure our rooms are clean and ready for Christmas day. I love this as I wind down a bit and get all ready for Christmas morning.IMG_2363

My favourite part of Christmas eve is going downstairs with the fire on, wrapped in a dressing gown. And wrapped up is a little present…Christmas eve pyjamas! My sister and I always get new Christmas Eve pyjamas and I get way too excited about this. Last year we had the cutest matching robin bird ones.img_3833-1

We still like to put out a plate of whatever we baked during the day and some milk for Father Christmas plus a carrot for the reindeer (you can never be too old to do this). This feels so festive and it’s so much fun – it’s really just a novelty and tradition that we still like to carry on with. In the morning it’s always been nibbled! img_3830-1img_3831-1

After that, we try to get to sleep a bit early because it’s a big day ahead but I can never get to sleep for ages because it’s Christmas and it’s so exciting! And if I’m still awake at midnight I like to take a screenshot of my Christmas countdown app and finally go to sleep thinking it’s actually Christmas day!img_3881

I really want to carry on these traditions when I’m older with a family of my own. I hope you enjoyed today’s Blogmas post, don’t forget to like and follow x

Love Jasmine xx

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