How to Keep Warm On Cold Mornings!

Now the weather is a bit more chilly, I thought it might be nice to make a list of good ways to keep cosy.img_3649

You need some nice, warm pyjamas! Primark sells some really lovely ones and don’t forget some really fluffy socks. I absolutely love fluffy socks on cold mornings or evenings. If this isn’t enough put on a snug dressing gown and that should do it.IMG_2489IMG_2502

In winter, I love fur blankets. Any blankets will do but I really love fur ones because they remind me of the warm and they’re usually really thick. I also recommend a hot water bottle but you may find that you don’t need it if you’re wrapped up in pyjamas, fluffy socks, dressing gowns and a furry throw!IMG_2529

A hot breakfast is a perfect way to keep warm in the mornings and it’s also delicious! Porridge is a great, hearty meal but you can also have warm waffles, pancakes or a full English breakfast if you’re feeling quite hungry.


Only picture of warm food I have xx


A hot bath always satisfies me when it’s cold and I wrote a blog post on how to create the perfect, festive bath.IMG_2357

How do you keep warm on these frosty mornings? Tell me in the comments and leave a like and Follow,

Love Jasmine xx

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