What’s in my Overnight Christmas Market Bag!

I’m so excited that I’m going to the Bruges Christmas markets in a few days. I love doing ‘what’s inside my bag’ posts and so I thought this was the perfect chance to do another. This doesn’t include my clothes, I’m just going to talk about random bits and bobs that I’ll be taking.

I’m packing my laptop and its charger so I can keep writing my blogmasses and keep updated on my blog. I’ll also take my camera and some batteries because I expect I’ll be taking lots of pictures! Of course, I’ll take my phone and a charger too and I mustn’t forget my Polaroid in case I get a chance to take a cute one.IMG_2902

I’ll take a pared down version of my makeup with all my basics. I also take a toiletry bag with some perfume, makeup remover, some skincare, a hairbrush and usually pack my jewellery in with this too. I like to take a couple of facemasks to do with my sister.IMG_2888IMG_2867

I’ll be taking a small purse and bag that won’t get too heavy to walk around with all day.IMG_2945

I know I said I won’t mention clothes, but I will throw in a hat, scarf, gloves etc. into this bag as well so I can grab them easily. I’ll also put a pair of fluffy socks in to put on in the car.IMG_2934

I packed the boxes of the days in my calendar so I wouldn’t miss out.


I just picked out random boxes for this picture.

Lastly, I’ll take a pen and my blogging notebook so I can plan future posts. I’ll also take my favourite book to enjoy during the journey.IMG_2915

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Love Jasmine xx

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