Brugge Christmas Hotel Tour!

The hotel I’m staying in is so gorgeous and I wanted to show you some of it. It’s called the Grand Hotel Casselbergh. It’s a very historic building and the festive decs are so pretty!

It has a lovely glass entrance. Everywhere has pretty glass chandeliers. Right next to the reception are some lounges. They are very traditional and beautiful, the big tree in one of them is exquisite. There are also some stairs that split into two at the top.IMG_3087IMG_3075IMG_3073

In the more modern part, there is a cool gym with palm trees and lots of equipment. I really want a gym mirror selfie!  IMG_3083.jpg

The hotel room is really cute. It’s slightly dark but it has a really cosy feel as the whole ceiling is wooden beams.

My sister and I are sleeping on an upstairs level in the room. It’s really awesome as it has a little staircase and it’s basically a large balcony.  It separates the room up and makes it feel more private. It has lovely, bouncy beds and a little chair and table. The only downside is that there is a beam that you have to duck under for the second bed however my sister finds it quite fun.IMG_3015IMG_3100IMG_3041.jpg

My Mum and Dad’s bed is huge and cosy. Downstairs they also have a desk, wardrobe, bathroom and two chairs and a table. The desk is perfect for me to write my blog posts at and the bathroom is all a lovely white marble, but the best part is that they give you L’occitaine products! The windows are also very nice with a pretty view of the cobbled streets and historic buildings.IMG_3007IMG_3010IMG_3086.jpg

We’ve only been here one day so there is probably more that we’ve missed as it’s a really big hotel. Keep updated on my Instagram and Insta Story for updates. If you enjoyed give this a like and follow. Also, watch out for when I upload some more about my Brugge trip.

Love Jasmine xx

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