Christmas Room Tour!

I’ve pretty much decorated my room for Christmas (I’ll probably add some things as we get closer to Christmas Day). I went for a cool tone theme but I got a few festive red things out because red is Christmassy!img_3597

On my door, I hung up a snowman decoration. I got this at a little Christmas pop up shop a few years back and I thinks it’s so wintery.IMG_2476

Currently, I have put some winter bedding on my bed which matches the walls of my room. I’ll change this for something more festive before Christmas Day. On my bedside table, I still have my drawing in a frame but I placed a musical nutcracker on one side and on the other side I have a Christmas dome light from a German Christmas market last year.IMG_2445IMG_2454IMG_2452

I have a love of nutcrackers and placed them behind my beautiful M&S calendar which I think looks super festive! I also have my Ted Baker bag displayed with a little gold tree and a Pandora bag with my pink glass pot and candle.IMG_2460IMG_2472IMG_2473

In the centre of my window, I have my gorgeous Christmas tree. I bought this from Argos last year and bought rose gold baubles to decorate. I have tips on how to decorate a white tree in one of my previous blog posts.img_3587

I decided to hang three baubles from my light just to look pretty. I saw that they did this in the hairdressers I go to and I’ve also seen people do it on Instagram.IMG_2388

Lastly, I have a couple of small things out like a mini Father Christmas at the end of my bed, two little fluffy baubles that are just cute to hang by my window and a gorgeous Belle ornament from the Disneyland Paris on my dressing table.IMG_2475IMG_2471IMG_2438

If I add anything I’ll probably put them on my Instagram story so make sure you keep updated on my Instagram too! Hope you enjoyed this festive room tour,

Love Jasmine xx

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