Come Ice Skating With Me!

My mum booked a lovely trip to go ice skating and I thought I could do a similar post to my Follow Me Around Shopping blog post.

What I Wore-

I wanted a nice outfit that looked wintery so I opted for my ice blue tartan skirt with my cream long sleeved top. The ice rink was outside so I also wore a puffer jacket, white fluffy scarf, Primark earmuffs and cream leather gloves. On my feet, I wore my knee high boots and underneath I had some fluffy socks so my ice skates felt comfortable.

We went to the Calverley Gardens in Tunbridge Wells. The rink was outside and all real ice so it felt very festive. It was really chilly but it added to the fun – I did end up with cold hands though even in my gloves!

It was really beautiful as it had a row of lit up Christmas market style huts that sold gifts, food and the most adorable baby clothes. One of them was a cafe that was really reasonable, we had toasted sandwiches and my sister got soup.

Once we had been to the box office and got our tickets, we headed over to where you collect your ice skates. Tip: get half a size bigger to make sure they are comfortable and remember you can get them swapped for a different size if it doesn’t feel right.img_3610

The ice rink was quite big but still got very busy once everyone was on. It took me about 20 minutes to get back into the rhythm. It was so pretty to see everyone skating around and have Christmas songs playing loudly in the background.img_3588

We were pleasantly tired after a session of skating, so we looked at all the Christmas lights in the town and then set off home after this, just stopping off to get a warm drink and a snack on the way back. I hope you enjoyed the blogpost and don’t forget to like and follow,

Love Jasmine xx

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