Christmas Brugge Trip!

If you read my Brugge Hotel Tour you would probably know I went to Brugge for a little Christmas Trip. It was very beautiful and I’m so glad we were able to go and see some of the sights. I do however think that Germany is a lot better for their markets and the wide range of things to do, but Brugge was perfect for a one night away to somewhere pretty.img_3180

On the first arrival, we spent some time in the hotel then went out and explored the markets and shops. They definitely do their Christmas lights and decorations well! In one of the very Christmassy shops we bought some gorgeous little bears, I just love their detail. As we got a bit tired and hungry, we ate in a little restaurant and headed back to the hotel. It was a little rainy so it was hard to take good pictures.IMG_3171IMG_3130IMG_3128


The cute bears we bought ^^^


After stuffing ourselves on hotel breakfast, we wandered back to the little square. We checked out the ice rink and it wasn’t busy so we decided to go on it. It was so lovely, the ice was smooth and I had a fantastic time skating about with all the pretty buildings around. We took another look around the shops and markets in the daylight then went back to the car.img_3832img_3843img_3882-1img_3861

We stopped at City Europe for a shop around. I popped into Sephora but the prices are a lot more expensive than buying the products from UK stores. I ended buying a hanging plant pot in Maison Du… My sister bought an adorable cat mug.img_4069

What I Wore:

Day 1- I left home in my comfy black wrap dress and tights. I wore my black knee-high boots with all my outfits. Once I reached the hotel, I changed into a tartan skirt and long sleeved top with red and white details on the neck and sleeves. I also wore a Burberry style scarf, cream leather gloves and a fluffy bobble hat.img_3071img_3933

Day 2- Wrapping Up Warm, I Wore a Christmas jumper, jeans, then I added my white fluffy scarf, Primark earmuffs and grey knit gloves. My fluffy cuffs were from a little shop in Brugge, they can be worn with boots as well.img_3978IMG_3178

That was all of our little trip. Hope you enjoyed and are starting to get excited about Christmas! Like and Follow,

Love Jasmine xx

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