Tips on Decorating a White Christmas Tree!

If you’ve just purchased a white Christmas tree and are a bit lost on how to decorate it then read ahead for some advice.img_3494 Last year when I bought my first white Christmas tree, I instantly imagined rose gold accents. Ideally, you should come up with a colour theme to stick to.  In an ideal world, your theme will complement the white tree rather than distract from it.


Piling up my baubles ready to put on the tree!

Carrying on with the theme, you could surround the underneath with presents wrapped in gift paper that matches your colour theme. For example, last year I bought rose gold wrapping paper to match the decorations.img_3495

This tip is for any kind of fake tree: if your tree is standing by a wall, pull most of the branches to the front to give it more volume. White trees especially start to look sparse when you don’t do this as you can see through the gaps more clearly.IMG_2294
Another tip which can be used for any kind of tree is putting a white fluffy rug underneath. This will look especially pretty with a white tree as it will create a really snowy look.IMG_2293

Using white or warm white lights prevents the tree from looking too yellow. You don’t want the bright white tree to look like its getting old and yellowing. Don’t forget to choose a set with a clear or white wire!IMG_2283
I hope you got some good ideas from this. Like and Follow x
Love Jasmine xx

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