Tips for Pre-Decorating Tidy Up!

Some of you may have your Christmas decs up already but in my family, we like to put them up around the middle of December. Anyway, you have to do a little bit of tidying before putting everything up so here are a few tips…

Put away some ornaments just over the Christmas holidays so your Christmas things are the centre of attention. This also makes it a lot less cluttery looking. You may have some mail piling up (like we do), sort through it and find places for it where it won’t be out and also looking too busy.IMG_2199

Vacuum out really well because once you have trees up and lots of ornaments you’re not going to be able to properly hoover in every little corner. I always end up having to vacuum after we put the Christmas tree up too as pine needles get everywhere when you’re dragging the tree through the house! You can Dust windowsills and surfaces that will be hard to reach when decorations are on them or a tree is in front of them.IMG_2210

As you might be having family and visitors over, I would suggest making a good first impression by doing small jobs that make a lot of difference like cleaning all the windows, sweeping leaves off the front and back garden.IMG_2217

If you have coats or clothes out, give them a home and you could donate a day to doing lots of washing and ironing so you don’t have anything unwashed, or clean laundry piles laying around.IMG_2203

My sister and I always help, so get all the family involved and split the jobs between you. To make it a bit more fun you could turn up some music – maybe some Christmas songs?!IMG_2227

Thanks for reading and if this gave you any good ideas, I’m so glad! Don’t forget to like and follow x Also keep checking in as I’m posting every day leading up to Christmas!

Love Jasmine xx

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