Amazing Perfumes for Under £10!

I’ve put together a collection of lovely perfumes that I wanted to share with you. All of these are priced under £10 which makes them perfect gifts or just a little treat for yourself.4836071C-FDF3-4269-AB2E-0556EB624E3D
First is this one from surprisingly, Lidl. It’s called ‘Suddenly Madame Glamour’ and it’s the perfect dupe for ‘Chanel Mademoiselle’. There is almost no difference between them. My mum recommended this to me as she’s had so many compliments on it. It smells really citrussy and floral which is lovely.IMG_2128
I love the packaging of this ‘Coleen Butterfly’ perfume as it’s so pretty with gold butterfly detailing. This smells very feminine and fresh with top notes of citrus. It also smells very similar to the Shay and Blue perfume.IMG_2133
One of my all-time favourites is the Vespa For Her perfume. This has such a lasting scent which has notes of vanilla and citrus. I absolutely love this and all the products in this range are amazing.img_3276
I’ve mentioned this in a couple of blog posts. It’s the ‘Next Eua Nude’ perfume. I love this as I can slip it in my bag and use it throughout the day. The smell is musky with a blend of vanilla which makes a change to all the citrus ones we’ve had so far.IMG_2139
Primark sells mini perfumes and they have some really lovely ones. I like giving these as presents because they’re so pretty and cute. Also, a small perfume is always handy to have in your bag. They do so many so I recommend going into Primark and finding your favourite. These ones are really sweet but very Christmassy.IMG_2181

I hope this Blogpost keeps you smelling great and maybe gives you some gift ideas.I really love all of these, so like and follow for more x

Love Jasmine xx

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