Things To Do Before Christmas!♡

There are so many Christmas activities that are so fun during the festive season so it’s fun to try and tick off as many as you possibly can! I’ve made a list my favourite things to do or things that I would like to do, may that be baking cookies or travelling to somewhere snowy, let’s see…

  1. Decorate a tree – This is super obvious but in case you haven’t, it’s even fun to decorate a mini tree so pull out those baubles!
  2. Decorate a gingerbread house – For the first year ever my sister and I made one that actually stayed up and looks pretty cute! (Search the insta stories if you want to see!)
  3. Bake something festive – I love to bake some yummy cupcakes, cookies or a cake for Christmas, it’s so fun and you get a delicious snack at the end!
  4. Go to a Christmas Market – Christmas markets are the best, especially for finding gorgeous,  ornate decorations.
  5. Watch some ballet – I haven’t done this but I’m longing to see The Nutcracker live.
  6. Have a/ go to a party – Parties at Christmas are so fun and a great chance to dress up, chat and eat good food!
  7. Go Ice Skating – Ahhh, I love ice skating! There’s something so enjoyable about skating around especially when there’s Christmas music playing and you’re with some friends or family.
  8. Christmas movie marathon – If you don’t know the channel ‘Christmas 24’ then you’re missing out big time! It’s time to gather some snacks and blankets then prepare to watch some great Christmas classics all day!
  9. Drink hot chocolate – It’s not quite Christmas without some good hot chocolate. My mum and sister love to stir a candy cane into theirs to make it feel extra festive.
  10. Travel to somewhere wintery – I’d love to go on a ski holiday or somewhere really snowy. I recently saw on @lydiamillens Instagram that she went to Finland and there were cute huskies, big snowy trees and cosy log cabins which has made me really envy a trip to somewhere snowy!

That was my Christmas to do list, what’s on yours? I love all of the fun Christmas activities so much and I can’t believe there are only less than 9 days till Christmas – it’s crazy! Thank you so much for reading,

Love Jasmine xx

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