My Christmas Wishlist!

Hey everyone! It’s blogmas day 13 and I thought I’d share a few bits from my Christmas list with you. Of course, I don’t ever expect everything I’ve asked for, in fact, if I could, I would much rather do a haul of the presents I’ve got for people (but then that would spoil things) because my favourite part about Christmas is giving rather than receiving. Let’s move on from all the cheesiness and get on with the wishlist!img_5495

  1. This year I’ve asked for a phone because mine is worn out, slow, unresponsive and to be honest I’m done with it! I would be grateful for any upgrade but I’d really like something along the lines of the iPhone 8+ or maybe the XR.
  2. I really like the look of the Too Faced ‘The Sweet Smell of Christmas’ liquid lipstick set. I think they look so adorable and apparently they smell lush. I think ‘Hot Butter Rum’ and ‘Pumpkin Spice’ look so pretty!
  3. I put the Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum Spray on my list during Black Friday because it was on a really good deal. I think all of the Ariana Grande perfumes are so cute!
  4. I saw the cute pink top with fur cuffs on River Island. It’s actually from the girl’s section but I just thought it looked adorable which is why I added it to my list.
  5. I’ve been coveting some gorgeous Chanel inspired heels in NewLook for ages and when I went int the store and saw them on sale, I quickly added them to the list! The ones that I’ve put in the photo aren’t actually the ones but I couldn’t find a picture online for the life of me! The Newlook shoes are suede and the black toe is a bit smaller.
  6. I would like some nice plain, pink bedding because I always think some plain bedding, dressed up with a few pillows looks so nice and makes my room feel fresh and airy. I put ones from Dunelm on my list because I thought they looked pretty good.
  7. You may have read or heard that silk pillowcases are supposed to be better for your skin. I really like how they look anyway so I’ve asked for one for Christmas. I have the feeling I probably won’t get this because my family think I don’t need to prevent wrinkles because I’m only young (it’s all with good intention!).
  8. Every birthday and Christmas I ask for some black velvet hangers because I want all the hangers in my wardrobe to be coordinated and I like that clothes don’t slip off of velvet hangers.
  9. This year I’ve asked for the Mario Badescu spray because I’d really like a good toner and I know this is highly rated.
  10. I feel like I’m missing a good loose powder in my makeup collection so I put the Too Faced ‘Peach Perfect’ mattifying loose setting powder on my list because I think it will smell amazing and honestly the packaging was very enticing.
  11. I still don’t own a tweed skirt even though I’ve been envying them for ages so I put a red one on my list from PrettyLittleThing. The skirt looks so flattering on the model and I love the button detail!
  12. Lastly, to make sure I get the most luxurious sleep (after asking for the bedding and pillowcase), I also asked for a pink personalised sleep mask. I think they are so cute and having your name it makes it feel so personal and glam.

This rounds up today’s post! What are you hoping for this Christmas? Tell me in the comments and leave a like, see you tomorrow…

Love Jasmine xx 

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