My Christmas Room Tour!

This is how my room currently looks, all decorated for Christmas! I feel like I’ve decorated quite subtly this year (If you ignore the fact there’s a big Christmas tree in the middle of the room😂) but I am tempted to put up a few more fairy lights though!

I love putting up my little Christmas tree because it makes me feel so happy when It’s all lit up! I decorated it with a nice jumble of pink, creamy, sparkly, rose gold baubles and there are a few bigger statement decorations too. Underneath, I put some pretty bags and boxes on one side and my advent calendar on the other until I’ve wrapped my presents to put under. To make it feel cosy and snowy, I put my fur rug under the tree with all of that on top.

You may start to notice that I have quite a few nutcrackers and that’s because I absolutely love them – I think they’re so beautiful and festive and I’m currently on the lookout for a pink one! The little house set up thing is a gorgeous little advent calendar (I slid the contents out of the side as they’re gifts instead of butchering the cuteness by opening all the doors) and it makes an adorable Christmas scene on the top of my drawers. I also have some Christmassy candles like my ‘Snowflake Cookie’ one from Yankee Candle which smells delicious! If you’re wondering what the little dome thing is, it’s tealight holder and the dome has a lovely image of Father Christmas etc. which glows up when it’s lit. I bought mine at a Christmas Market in Germany but if you look up ceramic dome tealight holder, loads come up.

There wasn’t loads to say for this blog post, it’s mostly about the photos. Did you like my Christmas room tour? If you want to see what else I do with my room then check out my Instagram because I’m sure it will be on my stories! Thanks so much for reading,

Love Jasmine xx

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