Photo Diary of Christmas In Paris!♡

If you’ve been following my Instagram you may have noticed from my endless Instagram stories that I’ve been to Paris recently. I went for a couple of nights to go to some Christmas markets and get that festive feel. Last year, we went to Brugge and the year before that it was Germany. Me and my family love going away just for a night or two before Christmas because it boosts the excitement for Christmas and we really enjoy going to all the markets as well as doing a bit of sightseeing and ultimately taking a rest from the business that is the festive season. Let’s stop the talking and roll on the photos…

I hope you liked seeing some of the things we did in Paris, I already want to go back! There are so many more things I want to do there😍 Anyway, if you want to see the more princessy pictures from Paris then you’ll have to check out my Instagram because I’ve got lots to post! These were more realistic, family shots of our trip because it’s nice to look at these kinds of photos rather than a staged Instagram photo (although I do enjoy looking at those too😂). Thanks so much for reading,

Love Jasmine xx

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