Winter Berry Inspired Eyelook using Naked Urban Decay Cherry!♡

Welcome to Blogmas day 12! Today I’ve delved into my makeup to create a festive look for today’s blog post. I’m no artist when it comes to makeup (you should follow my friend @xmakeupbymolsx on Instagram for some really amazing looks!) but this is a nice party/everyday kind of look so let’s get started…

I began by lightly using the shade ‘Feelz’ to create the shape I wanted which was a winged oval-ly shape. After that, I applied the pinky colour “Bing’ all over the lid with a big fluffy brush. On the outside of the eyelid, I blended some of the shade ‘Devilish’ to add a deeper colour to the look. Then I used some concealer to carve out the inner corner of my eyelid and I carved out to about the middle of my eyelid. I pressed some loose glitter onto where I had just put the concealer (and tip: hold something under your eyes like paper or a cotton pad because the glitter ended up all over my face!) to make it sparkly and festive. I used pink and red glitter, combined and went in with the sparkly shade ‘Turn On’ in the corner of my eye. Using some liquid eyeliner, I applied a slick line close to my lash line and somehow resisted from doing a wing. Then I blended ‘Privacy’ into the end of the line of the liner to make a slightly smudged effect but I decided I prefer it with the whole line so I went over the liner again😂  Lastly, I curled my lashes, applied some natural looking fake eyelashes to make them look a bit more voluminous and went in with a couple of coats of mascara. This was the finished result…

I’ve circled all the shades I used x

This was the look and I hope you liked it! I think I might do this look over Christmas but there are a few things I’d like to tweak in order to improve it so follow my Instagram to see those looks in case I post them on my story and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow for blogmas day 13!

Love Jasmine xx

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