5 LBD Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

Boo! It’s Halloween season and if you were a bit like me and didn’t realise that Halloween is actually very close (2 days close?!), this blog post is for you. I used a little black dress as a base for all of my outfits and things I already had in my house to accessorise.


This is so cute and such a classic costume. Firstly, you need some ears, I love these ones because they stand up really well but unfortunately, I don’t know where they’re from. I added a white furry cape and some white gloves to tie in with the white ears and I think they complement the look well. I did some quick bunny makeup to give you an idea of how it would look. I also chose to bundle my hair into a low bun which I think looks best with this outfit. As for the shoes, these little Primark heels with feathers, pearls and sparkles matched perfectly. This fancy bunny costume makes you stand out amongst the other general rabbit costumes.


I re-used the same makeup from the look before to show you how easily you can swap out the ears and necklace to get the feline look. I also swapped out my heels for some sparkly gold ones to kind of match the yellow colours in the bow. Also, I took away the cape in this but if I wanted it, the cape would still work a treat.

Minnie Mouse-

I feel like I’ve done every typical animal to dress up as for Halloween but Minnie gives it a twist. Who doesn’t love a bit of Disney? I simply added some Minnie ears, a red belt and a red bag. I did some quick red makeup but I’m sure you could find some better looks to copy on Pinterest or check out xmakeupbymolsx on Instagram for her amazing Minnie Mouse makeup! On my feet, I’m wearing some New Look, little black heels. Personally, I think some cute red shoes would look better but I don’t have any to show you.

Audrey Hepburn-

The film star, fashion icon, best known for her Breakfast at Tiffany’s role. How can you not indulge in her elegance and beauty? I tried to do a fancy-ish bun but I am really terrible at hair, however, once you add a little sparkly crown, clip, whatever you’ve got, it seems to look a million times better! Of course, you’ll need a ‘cigarette holder’ (I used a long black makeup brush but you could always roll up some black paper) and some gorgeous pearls around your neck. Unfortunately, I don’t own any black evening gloves so I popped on my little white ones as a substitute but if you have some black gloves, they are perfect. Also, if you happen to have a Tiffany’s bag, that would be a great accessory. Now you can live a day/night as a famous fashion icon!


What doesn’t scream Halloween like a vampire?! I threw on a webbed cape that I got cheaply on Amazon last year and did some vampire makeup. Also, a tip for those who can’t use fake fangs (if like me you have braces or if you have other dental work to take care of) then just draw some onto your lip with a white eyeliner pencil and black eyeliner. On my feet, I have my knee high boots which will keep your legs a bit warmer too! And I left my hair loose and I think that fits the vampire look well.

What was your favourite? Thanks so much for reading and have a happy Halloween! Stay safe,

Love Jasmine xx

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