Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review!

If you read my ‘What I got for my Birthday’ blogpost, I mentioned that I got the Too Faced chocolate bar palette and I’ve saved it until now to try it out.

My thoughts on the palette:

I absolutely love it! To start, the packaging is so cute, I think they’ve designed it perfectly. Also, as soon as you open the palette, a huge waft of chocolate scent comes out which is so delicious. In fact, my sister was begging to taste some😂.

The shades in the palette are gorgeous. I love that all my usual warm browns are in there and that they have got some really pretty purples and pinks that I wouldn’t usually go for but I really like the combo!The eyeshadows are well pigmented and there isn’t much fall-out which is fab! I also love how they put the shades that run out the quickest in a bigger pan.

It doesn’t come with a brush, however I don’t usually end up using the brushes that come with palettes anyway. Also, I would say the mirror is quite small and could probably do with a slightly bigger one but other than that I am obsessed with this palette.

The Look:

I used the little examples they put with the palette which showed you how to create three different looks. I did the Semi-Sweet look and followed these simple instructions.

The look turned out really pretty and I loved using the pink and purple shades for a subtle glam look. I added some of the champagne truffle shade to my lid for a bit of extra sparkle to add to the look. I also added some eyeliner, lashes and mascara to complete my eye look.

Overall, I really recommend this palette! I hope this gave you some insight into what this palette is like and whether Too Faced palettes are good, which they are! Thanks for reading,

Love Jasmine xx

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