Sister Vs Sister Halloween Outfit Challenge!

Happy Halloween! I love dressing up in spooky or fun outfits at this time of year, especially as you get older because you get less and less opportunities to dress up as something fun, unlike when you’re young and have fancy dress parties all the time😂. Today my sister and I are taking on the … Continue reading Sister Vs Sister Halloween Outfit Challenge!

What I Got for My 16th Birthday!

My Birthday was on Wednesday last week, so this is getting a bit late but it’s been pretty hectic since my birthday so I haven’t had a chance to write this. Anyway, I’m officially 16 now, it’s very exciting but also quite scary how quickly life is passing by, next year I can drive! I’d … Continue reading What I Got for My 16th Birthday!

Dressing Table Tour!

When I wrote my ‘Room Makeover’ Blogpost I mentioned that I’d love to do a more in-depth blog post about my dressing table so here it is! I’ll try and be brief as we don’t want this getting boring. I bought my dressing table from Ikea and it’s the ‘Hemnes dressing table with mirror’ I … Continue reading Dressing Table Tour!