October Favourites! 2018

November has begun which means it’s time to look back on my October favourites! I’m very excited to snuggle up with hot chocolate and movies and start thinking about Christmas, now it’s November! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and let’s get into last months favourites…

I am completely obsessed with my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. I haven’t stopped using it since I first tried it because I love all the colours and looks you can do with it. If you’d like to read my full review click here!

During October I travelled to Turkey and while I was there I just couldn’t resist this flattering copy of the Lady Dior bag. Whilst I’m still at school and therefore full-time jobless, I can’t quite afford the real thing, just yet. However, for now, this is the perfect little accessory to an outfit!

Often, I find something really good in Poundland and this time it’s these Ardell Adore Trios lashes. I know that they’re probably old stock that isn’t sold anymore but I thought £1 was a fab bargain and Ardell is a brand you can trust to do good lashes. I’ve never tried individual lashes before but I find them much easier than one strip lashes and these particular ones are so pretty. They’re quite natural but give your lashes lots of added length and volume plus they come with good glue so that’s a bonus!

Image result for Ardell adore triosThe picture is from eBay because mine look a bit gross now after several uses!😂

I found an absolute bargain buy on eBay with these gorgeous over the knee boots. I chose the grey colour because I’ve already got some tall black boots and I wanted something different. I am very pleased with these! Also is it stupid that I was quite impressed that they came in a dust bag?

What are you looking forward to this November? Tell me in the comments and leave a like while you’re there! Thanks for reading,

Love Jasmine xx

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