Chinese New Year: OOTD!

Happy Chinese New Year! Welcome to the year of the dog. I hope you had fun celebrating in some way. I went to see my Chinese family and we had a lovely meal together. Anyway, you’re here to see my outfit of the day so here…

At first, I struggled and wondered what I could wear until my mum pointed out an obvious option: My red floral wrap dress from Boohoo. It’s got an oriental vibe to it and it’s lucky to wear red on Chinese New Year so I just had to.

As it’s still quite cold outside so I paired it with black tights and black tall boots from Next. These kept me warm but still looked lovely with the dress.

As for accessories, I wore this gorgeous gold necklace from Primark. It has a little sheep on as I am the year of the sheep, this necklace was very appropriate for the occasion as well as very pretty too. I always wear my pandora bangles, they are my staple jewellery. I also wore my gorgeous diamond ring and rose gold Pandora bow ring. To make this dress a little more interesting I added my Primark belt which looks so trendy.

I was staying in a hotel at the time and only had my little pink Ted Baker bag which didn’t exactly match but my sister let me borrow this cute Harrods bag. Another perfect coincidence; it has a dog on it and it’s year of the dog so that was pretty cool. I wrapped the original belt from my dress around one handle as I was inspired when I walked into the Micheal Kors shop and saw that they had styled their bags like this.

How did you spend Chinese New Year? Either way, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading and please leave a comment and a like.

Love Jasmine xx

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