February Favourites! 2018

Hello, we are already through the second month of 2018 and I think pretty much everyone has admitted they are more than ready for Spring to arrive as we bundle up and shiver in the cold. Well here are my favourites this month which are becoming slightly more springy.

This Gucci-esque belt from Primark has been paired with pretty much all of my outfits since I bought it. It makes all my outfits look more stylish and it helped refresh my wardrobe as the outfits I started to get bored of suddenly looked brand new just by adding this belt.4315691776_img_2837

I found this pretty bunch of fake roses in B&M bargains. It’s a great prop in my photos as well as an attractive piece for my bedroom.4315691776_img_2840

I absolutely love my newest Pandora Charm. It has pink enamel bows on that resemble the bows on the Pandora bags which appeal to me because they are delicate and girly.4315691776_img_2857

My mum bought me this necklace on the lead up to Chinese New Year which featured in my Chinese New Year: OOTD. It has a sheep on it as I am Year of the sheep but I like this necklace because it is simple and easy to wear like most of my jewellery (I think I’ve just realised I really like simple but pretty jewellery 😂) and I love when I find something that goes with every outfit.

Ahhh, I am literally in love with my little pink leather Ted Baker bag. I mean how gorgeous?! It has rose gold detailing like the bow and chain strap and a zip section and card spaces inside so you don’t have to carry a purse around.  However, there is a design fault; when you open the bag, if you are not very very careful, the leather will rip so it’s not great if you are someone who is constantly in and out of their bag.

I started writing this Blogpost when I was fed up with cold and ready for Spring but I’m finishing this Post a few days later and it has snowed which has made me very very happy. Suddenly, I don’t mind the winter again, in fact, I’d love it if it just kept snowing and I can carry on sitting at home with the fire on, sipping hot chocolate – haha that’s a lie you’ll find me sledging down snowy hills. I’m beginning to ramble now so I’m going to go but I hope you enjoyed.

Love Jasmine xx

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