Single Ladies Valentines Night In Guide!

This is for all the girls who aren’t going to a fancy dinner or doing something romantic with their Prince Charming. Who cares when we can have the best chill night in and here’s how…img_4198

Get into your comfiest pj’s and put your hair up into the messiest bun. All those girls in tight, pinching dresses will envy you – trust me. This is the best way to relax and if you want to, invite over another single bestie to hang out with and have fun.4489567792_img_2562img_5046_facetune_14-02-2018-17-43-49

Order all the food in the world and stuff yourself out. My personal go-to is Pizza but Chinese, Indian, Fish & Chips etc. are all the perfect way to spend a night in. Maybe you’ll be daring and order some from all of them!4321974800_img_2477

Pamper yourself pretty, you’re already pretty but a bit of pampering always makes me feel good about myself, so you should feel the same. I recommend a good facemask, manicure and whatever else you feel like doing.img_5029

Binge watch the best tv shows. Does it matter that you’ve watched them twice over before? No, I suggest Gilmore Girls, it may not be your taste but I absolutely loved it and I’ve watched it all over about four times so give it a try. Another one, I’m gripped by at the moment: Gossip Girls – It’s amazinggg and perfect for binging!

Lastly, tuck yourself up, blow out the candles and take the last sip of your sugary hot chocolate and when you wake up in the morning you’ll know you have another whole year to try and find someone for the next valentines.

Love Jasmine xx

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