Pink Glam Valentines Look!

Hello again everyone, I did a Makeup Look Blog post at Christmas and here I am again with a Valentine’s look. I’m mainly focusing on my eyes because for most of my face, I used the same products as in my Christmas Look so check it out for details.img_5012

A couple of different things I used on my face would be this Freederm serum which I used as a moisturiser before I put on my makeup but it ended up acting as a primer because of course when I’m trying to do a Makeup Look for my blog I managed to completely forget primer. I also used this contour palette and I experimented using the more pinky toned colour as a blush – not sure if this was a mistake, hmmm.4318448896_img_2161IMG_2498

For the eyes, I tried out this Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette called  ‘Flawless 3 Resurrection’. It’s actually my sisters but I saw some beautiful red toned colours that I really wanted to create a Valentine’s look with. I decided to go with a half cut crease and put some sparkly eyeshadow in the middle. I pretty much only used the four shades in the middle by the brush. Before all this, I filled in my brows using the Freedom brow pomade.IMG_2520IMG_2499

To make my eyes look fluttery and flirty, I added some false lashes by My City Girl and mascara. I love using this ‘Absolute Lashes’ mascara by W7 with false lashes because it isn’t too thick or clumpy.IMG_2513

Lastly, to finish off I added my go-to Rosie By Autograph Lipstick in the shade ‘Silk Cami’ because it has a lovely pinky red tone that matched the eye look. IMG_251720180212_133014000_iOS

This was the final look and I was pretty happy with it. What do you think? Thanks for reading and keep an eye out on Valentine’s day as I’ve got a really fun blog post ready.

Love Jasmine xx

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