Using up the last Easter Eggs! (Chocolate Nest Recipe)

Easter is that amazing day when you finally have too much chocolate! Too much you say? I never thought I could have enough chocolate but I’m starting to feel a bit sick when I see that shiny, round egg of chocolate. This is when it’s time to pull out the recipe we all know and love which uses up some of that Easter chocolate as well as tasting absolutely delicious. It has to be chocolate nests!


•200g Chocolate

•85g Rice Krispies / cornflakes/ shredded wheat (I went for shredded wheat as that’s what I prefer. I also like that they look more realistic.)

•Mini eggs (optional)

•You also need cupcake cases

You’ll need to start by melting the chocolate. It’s sensible to do this in a glass bowl placed over a simmering pan of water and to break up the chocolate into small pieces.

Enter a caption


While it’s melting crush your shredded wheat in a bowl until you have nice small pieces that will combine easily with the chocolate. If you’re not using shredded wheat you can ignore this step (but do put it into a bowl).

Tip: Crush it in the packet first


Once all of your chocolate is melted, pour it into your bowl which contains your chosen cereal and mix it all together. You should completely envelop the cereal in chocolate and that’s how you know you have mixed it well.

Lastly, spoon it into the cake cases and decorate with mini eggs. Then to get a cold crunchy taste, pop them in the fridge for an hour or two. If you’re not planning on sharing, sprinkle the mixture with eggs and dip in😉

I hope you all enjoyed this fun little post. Chocolate nests are the best Easter/spring cakes and they are so easy to make. Please like, comment or follow.

Love Jasmine xx

12 thoughts on “Using up the last Easter Eggs! (Chocolate Nest Recipe)

  1. rafstheticallypleasing says:

    yum these look great! just found your blog today and am having a sneaky binge read! i love it already : ) i always half my easter eggs, then use one half as a bowl and the other half, i melt. then i put ice cream in the ‘bowl’ and add sprinkles, sauces etc. i will say: its a lil’ bit sickly, but mostly great aha


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