Doing my Sister’s Birthday Makeup!

I love making up my sister and her birthday was a perfect excuse to indulge in a girly makeover. Her face makes up very nicely and she is a very patient model so I’ve created a fun look and I’m here to share it with you guys.

I started by applying a thin base of foundation on top of some Max Factor primer. She doesn’t need much as her skin is quite clear since she became vegetarian. I also put some lighter concealer under her eyes and some concealer on a couple of spots. I finished her face off with the basics: powder, blusher and bronzer. As it was her birthday, I decided a bright highlighter was needed because you need to be a GLOWING princess on your birthday.

A few of the products I used x


Subtly, I filled in her brows until they were a natural defined shape. Then it was time to start on the eyes which are the best part! I attempted a browny, glittery cut crease. It went as neatly as possible seeing as my sister began to get a bit squirmy by then. Any look you do with my sister always ends up looking glam especially when you add the false lashes! Big fluttery lashes suit her so much and she looks like she just stepped out of the 60s. Don’t forget the big wings to add to the retro glamour effect.

Most of the products used x


To complete the look, I dabbed some Makeup Revolution lipstick in the shade ‘Chauffeur’. It’s a gorgeous pink, nude colour. I also added some Pixie by Petra plumping gloss to give the lips a girly, glossy appearance.

Does anyone else have siblings they use as their models?😂 I hope this was a pleasurable read for you. Please like, comment and follow.

Love Jasmine xx



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