March Favourites! 2018

So I actually thought it would warm up in March and I’ve been quite wrong. It was as rainy and cold as February (another month I was glad to see slip by weather wise). Anyway here’s some of my favourite things from March, the brighter side of the month.

I have been really loving this Esteé Lauder bronzer and highlight. It’s so perfect for everyday use, especially school because it’s subtle but beautiful.

I’m obsessed with my lace up jeans. Their cool detail dresses up an outfit in a really trendy way. They are something new and different for my wardrobe which I like. If you’re wondering they were from Boohoo and they were £22.

Currently, I have rediscovered porridge. It’s such a good breakfast that keeps me going for the whole morning right up until lunch. Also, because it’s quite plain you can add all different things so it doesn’t always taste the same.

Is this pot of Vaseline not the cutest? My mum managed to get me and my sister a personalised pot of Vaseline and it’s tinted rosy pink. I take it to school with me and it’s really handy to chuck in my bag or a pocket.

I bought these slippers because I needed some for the hospital (I had a small mouth operation) but they’re absolutely gorgeous and I adore them. They make me feel so luxurious, I’ve been wearing them around the house loads.

I hope you liked this, I always love writing favourites posts. Did you write a March Favourites? If so, leave a link to it the comments so I can check it out (and maybe leave like and comment too🙂)

Love Jasmine xx

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