My Hair Care Routine!

During the summer I did a blog post called ‘How I Care for My Long Hair’ and this is basically an updated version. I hope you enjoy,

I wash my hair every three days. I don’t like to wash it too often but I can’t leave it that long, so three days has been working perfectly for me. My scalp started to get a bit dry when we entered winter so I used Head and Shoulders which always completely cures it after a couple of uses. I am now using the Aussie shampoos and conditioners as my hair always likes this brand.IMG_2004IMG_1997

When I’ve finished washing it, I always put my hair into a hair towel for about 20mins while I busy myself with other things. Once it’s a bit more towel dried, I get out my gorgeous new Remmington Hairdryer. It’s really powerful and a great pink colour, I love it because it looks so vintage! To prevent my hair from getting too damaged, I use any heat protecting product I have around which is currently this Schwarzkopf pro styling heat protection spray. IMG_2013IMG_2021

I got a WetBrush for Christmas and I really recommend it. I use it all the time as it quickly gets out the tangles but it’s amazing with wet hair because it smoothes it out so quickly whereas it used to takes me ages to brush out my hair while it was wet.IMG_2034

To keep my hair silky and smooth I use a serum, however, I’m on the search for a good treatment one, as I was so sad to find out they don’t sell the Josh Wood hair treatment oil anymore which did my hair wonders. At the moment I’m using Lee Strafford Ubuntu oils Nourishing Oil which is supposed to help damaged hair but I’m not sure it’s doing that much to help if I’m honest.IMG_2035

Very recently, I bought this Aussie Conditioning Spray. It smells delicious and I think my hair looks and feels better every time I use this. I’m hoping if I carry on using this it may replace the need for the hair oil.  Also, I don’t always use the serum if I’m using this as I’m worried my hair may get greasy if I use both of them.IMG_2041

I’ll usually go to sleep with my hair like this and if I wake up in the morning with a kink in my hair, I will straighten it out using my lovely GHD Platinums, they just straighten my hair so quickly and easily.IMG_2052

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and also I’d love if you left a like and follow x,

Love Jasmine xx 

8 thoughts on “My Hair Care Routine!

  1. Sohel Alam says:

    Where I live they don’t have the Ubuntu nourishing oil, instead they have Ubuntu repair oil. Are their ingredients almost same ? I mean can I use that instead.

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