Current Favourite Homeware Items!

I don’t talk about homeware items much and there’s so much out there that I love. I like to find pretty items for my room so I hope you’re interested in my current favourite decor pieces in my bedroom.

First, is these really luscious fur pillows from House of Fraser. I got them for Christmas and I was so excited when I saw these – I would recommend checking out House of Fraser to see if they still stock them! One is pretty, blush pink colour and the other has all different shades of browny-grey with animal style print all over.  My bed looked really boring before but these have just made it look so much better. They’re also very comfy 😉IMG_4425.jpg

In Asda, I found this cute little pillow for £2.50 on sale. I thought it looked really vintage and pretty and would match well with the pink accents of my room.IMG_1918.jpg

Another Christmas present was these candles. The first one I received was the Primark one which has an appealing rose gold lid with a little Christmas tree on. The tree is quite subtle though so I think I can get away with it throughout the year. The scent isn’t that strong, I mostly like it for decoration! The other candle is this gold and white one. On the front, it has my initial in gold and the pot is a ceramic material. Not only does it does it look amazing, it smells it too! The scent is grapefruit and ginger – it smells so warm and cosy unlike most of my fresh scented candles.IMG_1788IMG_1802

This glass is so beautiful and is from the same range as the candle before. It’s nice and large so I used it for storing some of my lipglosses and liquid lipsticks. What I love about it matching my candle is that it helps all my room tie in together. If you’re looking to find the candle and glass, check out Marks and Spencers to see if they are still in stock.IMG_1809.jpg

I found this bargain in Poundland of all places. It’s this pack of marble coasters. I’ve been looking for some cheap but nice coasters for a while and these are perfect as they come in a pack of 4 and they’re really cheap so I don’t have worry about them getting spoiled. They also look quite good in flatlays!IMG_1910.jpg

How charming is this retro style clock? It’s actually my mums but she said I can have it on extended borrow. It works perfectly on my bedside table and it’s the loveliest pastel pink colour.IMG_1906.jpg

I hope you liked this lifestyle blog post. Which homeware items have you been loving lately? Anyway, comment below and leave a like,

Love Jasmine xx



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