The Perfect Phone Apps for Blogging!

I’ve got a few apps on my phone that make blogging and using social media to promote my blog a lot easier and I wanted to share them so maybe some of you out there could try these apps. These apps would also work very well for people blogging from their phone.

The WordPress App

Of course, this is only useful if you’re running your blog on WordPress but I really recommend this. I use this to easily access my blog from my phone to edit my drafts and upload pictures. I mostly use my computer to write my posts but if I have to do some work on my phone this app makes it a lot easier.img_4707


Instagram is an app everyone needs but if you’re trying to promote your blog, this is a great way to gain attention. I always love looking on Instagram for pretty pictures and inspiration. It’s always a very happy community and you get to connect with people who share the same interests as you. Don’t forget to follow mine here! Ximg_4704img_4694


This is another great app to promote your blog, however, I mostly use it for inspiration and good ideas. This is a great way to get some blog ideas and picture inspo. I love looking at the outfit, makeup and room decor pictures too. Follow my Pinterest as I try to grow it.img_4706img_4696

SneakPeek and Prime

Sneak peek and Prime are great apps to assist you with Instagram. Sneak Peek allows you to add and remove pictures from another version of your feed so you can see how it is going to look and if your picture fits in with your theme. There are lots of different apps that do this but Sneak Peek is just the one I like to use. Prime gives you the best times to post your Instagrams so you can get the most traffic. I’m never sure how reliable this is but it seems to work and I have been using it for a while now. I would still recommend playing around with your times and seeing what works best for you.img_4722img_4721

Face Tune

This is not essential but I find face tune a good app for photos where you want remove a blemish or something like that. There are also some cool effects like whitening, giving different light effects to a picture which can look really good. I would be careful not to overdo your face tuning because you still want your pictures to be authentic and natural.img_4711


An example of when I had a little spot by my nose but smoothed it out on Face Tune.


Pic Collage and Square Fit

I’ve always loved having pic collage to play around with photos and put them into different grids and positions but I mostly use it for creating my featured image on my blog posts. Square fit is perfect if you are creating an Instagram with photos on a white background like I used to do and it can also edit pictures.img_4708img_4709img_4719

Snap Seed

This is one of my very recently found apps. It’s so amazing for editing your photos as it has loads of different abilities. One of my favourite things is how you can pick one thing in a picture to brighten or contrast and so on but I really need to do some more exploring on this app as there is so much available.img_4714img_4718img_4717

Kira Kira

Again this is definitely not an essential blogging app but it’s a really cool one that I discovered not long ago. Kira Kira makes videos or photos look really sparkly with special effects. You do have to pay for Kira Kira but there are so many free versions like ‘Brillar’ and ‘Sparkle App Glitter effect ‘ which are just as good.img_4710


An example of how it makes my earrings look really sparkly (videos look better)


I’m really not an expert at this so if there are any more great apps that I’m missing out on please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Thanks for reading as always and a like or follow would be highly appreciated,

Love Jasmine xx

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