May Favourites!

This month has actually gone quite slowly but not in a bad way. I’ve had some end of term exams but nothing major till the big ones next term😬 Let’s distract us from the exam thoughts…


My fab mum rocking a vintage tea dress xx


Ok, the first thing I’ve been loving is the Vespa Sensazione body spritz. It smells really fruity and puts me in a summery mood.img_9788
I have also been using my Ritual of Sakura body cream loads and loving it. This is what inspired me to do my favourite Body Creams blogpost.IMG_9619
When I was about three, my family and I went to Sharm el Sheikh and my Mum and Dad got me this gorgeous Cartouche. It says my name in hieroglyphics and it’s been stored away in my drawer for the last 10 years so I finally got it out and started wearing it.img_9779

This month I’ve watched and caught up on a lot of Netflix. This did mean I have been a bit distracted from reading as many books, but Netflix just had me gripped. I’ve had to wait every Wednesday for another episode of Pretty Little Liars and I managed to binge watch all of Riverdale in two nights. Lastly, I watched the new episodes of Jane the Virgin which is actually quite a funny series and I’ve been watching random movies then and now.img_9769-1

I’ve re-discovered filling in my eyebrows. I got bored for a while and didn’t do them and now I’ve started doing them again! Anyway, to keep them in place I love using this Pixi by Petra Brow Tamer. Although after using it few times it turns brown and gross which is sad (first world problems).img_9747

The last May favourite is this Collection contour kit. I had it hidden in my makeup drawer for a while and then recently dug it back out. It’s just simple and I like it – not much more I can say.img_9759

It’s so lovely to end this May with a half term so I can relax and hopefully write up some good blog posts. Hope you’ve all had a good May x

Love Jasmine xx



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