My Favourite Body Creams!

I have been forcing myself to use up some of my body creams before they go out of date and I’ve got a few that I grab more often than others. So I thought I’d just share which ones I’ve been using.20170515_150750195_iOS
First and probably my favourite at the moment is my Ritual of Sakura body cream. I have the 70ml version from my Christmas calendar but I’d love to get the full version. It’s rice milk & cherry blossom which smells gorgeous. I like that this body cream isn’t too sticky and the smell stays strong all day. Also my skin feels really smooth straight after I use it.IMG_9619
I recently bought this Simple clear skin oil balancing moisturiser. I have had a very dry face and this was great for not affecting my spots. I like that this doesn’t leave you looking greasy although I wish I could put my make up over the top.IMG_7414

The other moisturiser I use on my face is the Clinique moisturiser which I’ve mentioned a lot on my blog. I can use this under my makeup and it completely softens your skin. I even passed this onto my Dad who started getting a dry face and he uses it every morning 😂 I only stopped using this as much because I’ve had a few spots I didn’t want to irritate.IMG_9620
Another one that smells lush is literally my Body cream from Lush😂 It’s the Karma Kream which like the first one smells so strong which I love! When I use this one my skin feels so hydrated and soft.IMG_9626
Last one is the Body Shop body butter. I like nearly all of them but my favourite is the strawberry one. Not only is it a lovely shade of pink it smells sooo good! It feels really soft and it’s a nice thick texture.IMG_9631

I would like to have a schedule of posting every Tuesday but don’t hold me to it – I’ll give it a try! If you have anymore blog post ideas, please leave a comment xx I hope you enjoyed x
That’s all from me xx

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